Coming Class War or Culture War?

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The election of Donald John Trump over instead of the coronation of Hillary Clinton in 2016 could have been the makings of a new governing majority – if cheating, state-by-state, can be corrected. The people who work for wages or own small businesses in key Northern and Midwestern states are the new margin of victory.

They’re same people who helped Barry Soetero get his blowout of 69 million votes in 2008. They aren’t social Conservatives. They will vote for the candidate who fights for their economic interests. And, their personal freedom. It could be a massive voting shift of the middle class – from hourly wage-earners to prosperous small business owners – to vote consistently for a party that earns their votes. For candidates who fight truly for their lives and families.

On the surface it looks like a Class struggle between the middle class workers and the people above and below them economically. The upper class of globalism and government profiteers are aligned with the underclass dependent on government handouts.

But, it’s not really Class Warfare. Evolving economic realities create some big winners and many losers.  The policies of the Left reinforce those realities to destroy industrial production in the U.S. Consequently, as economics pushes wage earners and small business owners to support Conservative policies, they cozy up to the ideological Conservatives who want less government in every respect.

Look back to James Fallows’ piece from 1975, “What did you do in the Class War, Daddy?” He made the point that the college kids with privilege got out of the draft and the “working class” went to Vietnam. My Baby Boomer generation was split in two by the war. I believe the years have only papered over the divide.

I believe our division was ideological – based on worldview. The U.S. Culture War was a slowly simmering feud of opposing worldviews for decades. America had a consensus culture, despite the growing divisions, until the Supreme Court banned school prayer in 1962. The end of our Judeo-Christian, free market, individual rights-based consensus culture was made self-evident. The Vietnam War just blew it wide open.

Then, most who were on the Left kept going Left after 1968 and never looked back. Now, they are Human Secularist Totalitarians. I prefer the tiny url: “Commies.” Conservatives conserved their ideas – as their name indicates – while becoming more “Liberty-minded.”

Forward to 1990. In the “Army 21” Study, the Library of Congress’s economists predicted a squeeze on middle class Americans in the transition from the Industrial Era to the Information Era. More Americans would move up in wealth and many more would move down. Income inequality would increase. Middle management and administration would be gutted. Globalization would export manufacturing to the cheapest labor. Meanwhile, the ranks of the wealthy would increase significantly.

Consequently, the key to the future would be the political perception of economic changes.

And, so it is.

Thirty years later, hard-working people in swing states share a political perception that globalization exports good jobs overseas, imports illegal aliens, regulates energy to expensive scarcity and industry jobs out of existence, increases their taxes, and drives down their income. In the Wuhan Virus pandemic scare, bad became worse when state and local governments made dictatorial edicts in the name of “science” that robbed small business and non-government wage earners.

Enter “Make America Great Again.” Wage earners and small business owner-workers get it. They see President Trump as the only one on the national stage fighting for them and their families. They love America. They cherish their individual freedom.

It’s from their sense of individuality, not class, that they vote. They’ll vote against the people whose policies rob them and their children of economic opportunity. They’ll vote against the elites and underclass who see everything in terms of race, class, and gender(s) – and always find the ‘Deplorables’ at fault precisely because of their race, class, and gender. They’ll vote for men and women who will drain the D.C. swamp of pungent privilege, corruption, and abuse of power. They’ll vote for courageous candidates who’ll clean up voter fraud and corruption in their state governments.

The political perception of economic change brings wage earners and working business owners to the right side of the Great U.S. Culture War. They could be the new allies of the Social, Fiscal, Defense, and Constitutional Conservatives in a great Republican Party coalition.

We have a chance to regain what was stolen from us in 2020. Now, will brave and bold Americans run as Republicans in swing states and fight their fight? Or will Republican candidates run to serve the Republican Establishment – and watch the Republic die?

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