(Fill In The Blank) Justice is NO Justice

Modifying a noun limits that noun’s meaning.  “New car” eliminates old cars from consideration.  “Blue blanket” eliminates all other blankets from consideration, etc.  The same holds true for the concept of justice.  As our Pledge of Allegiance so eloquently ends, “with Liberty and Justice for all”, a modified justice is not just a limited justice, but is rather no justice or injustice for all. A modified justice is not just a limited justice, but is rather no justice or injustice.  Justice is for all, not just for some.  Justice must be applied equally across the board.  In order to accomplish that, justice must be blind.  More and more, that is no longer the case.


All the new “justices” in vogue these days (social, environmental, racial, gender, economic, etc.) are not justice at all.  They are not even selective justice.  They are selective equity, with equity being a fraudulent attempt at equal outcomes. Does anyone really think that those screaming for racial justice actually care about justice for whites?  If you truly care about justice for members of a minority community, you must also care about, and want, justice for others in other communities as well. 


As caring only for a “new car” eliminates any care for old cars, caring only for so-called “racial justice” eliminates any caring for justice other than for minority members.  That means whites are excluded from racial justice.  However, justice denied for one based on immutable characteristics is injustice.  A system that promotes that type of “justice” is no justice system at all.  Instead, it is a system of selective equity for desired results.  The desired result of a true justice system can only be “justice for all”, period.


The criminal legal system now in place in New York City under George Soros DA Alvin Bragg is an equity-based system, a system based on grievances of supposed past injustices.  According to those of Bragg’s ilk, too many minorities faced justice under the old system, and this was deemed unfair.  No proof was given for this stance, and none asked for. 


Just the fact that more minorities filled the city’s jail cells was all the “proof” Alvin Bragg needed.  To him, why those individuals were locked up was and is unimportant. The skin pigmentation of those locked up is all that really matters to radical liberal enforcers of the law like Bragg. Punishment (jail time) must be meted out by race, not by law-breaking measurements.  The result, prosecutions are down, and crime is up in NYC.


We have heard a lot about environmental justice recently.  What is it?  According to the leftwing, radical environmental whacko group Greenpeace, (emphasis mine)

Environmental Justice is a concept that was coined in the early 1960s during the Civil Rights movement and has increasingly picked up momentum as our social justice movements and environmental issues have grown. The issues of racism and socioeconomic justice are central to the issue of Environmental Justice.”

Notice the blending together of several popular buzzword “justices”?  In other words, not really justice at all.  If Greenpeace and its liberal supporters in the Democrat Party truly cared about a clean environment, would the streets of San Francisco look like they currently do?  How about Detroit?  Take a look at these decades long Dem ruled cities:

This is what environmental justice looks like, crappy environment for everyone.  The motto of liberalism, “spread the misery“. 


The Supreme Court this week finally acted to curtail government overreaching, power-grabbing environmental “justice” by curtailing the Environmental Protection Agency’s interpretation of “wetlands”.  Now, the EPA cannot deny your own land use because of a puddle in your back yard.  For decades, the EPA has been denying homeowners use of their own property by purposedly misinterpreting the Clean Water Act and defining pools of water on private property as “navigable waters of the United States”.  A commonsense SCOTUS put an end to that bureaucratic, environmentally tyrannical nonsense, in a 9-0 decision, yet the usual lib suspects are whining as if only conservative Justices voted for it.


Now the most radical, racially antagonistic members of Congress want to administer “racial justice”, through your wallet.  Rep. Cori Bush (D-MO) has introduced a reparations bill for black Americans that would cost white Americans $14 trillion!  In announcing the bill, she said,

“H.R. 40 is the pathway for the governmental framework that will help restore national balance and unity in terms of wealth, healthcare, education, housing, and the criminal justice system. By passing H.R. 40, Congress can start a movement toward the national reckoning we need to bridge racial divides,” 


Forget the trillion$ already spent since LBJ’s Great Society failed and wasteful social programs were first implemented in the 1960’s, we need even more big government failures to make amends for past government failures.  Insanity, anyone? 


In the midst of a debt ceiling debate between the Congress and a spend-hungry White House, and with the U.S. debt standing at a record $32,000,000,000,000, and counting, leftists like the race-baiting, white-hating Cori Bush want an in-debt federal government to borrow, print and spend another $14 trillion it doesn’t have to give to people who were never slaves from people who were never slave owners because “racial justice” or some such nonsense.  Racial “justice” is selective justice which is no justice at all, and this version will further bankrupt the country and take us all down the fiscal drain with it, just to please some violent, racial-grievance mongers, and assuage Democrat white-guilt.


Next time you hear someone yell “(fill in the blank)” justice, grab your wallet and run in the opposite direction.  These phony “justice” schemes are being pushed by leftists everywhere, including black-robed Dem hacks disguised as judges and George Soros DA’s who think DA stands for defense attorney.  Just as there is only biological sex and not fluid, multiple flavor-of-the-day genders, there is only one justice, equal justice, not multiple, hyphenated versions of justice. Any other justice is not justice at all.  Without the unifying, singular idea of what justice is, we become a lawless, unjust society.  No one should want to live in that type of dystopian society, not even those pushing for it.          




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