Welcome to the Revolution

The radicals have been trying to destroy the American experiment for over a century, using social justice as their rally cry. But in the last 10 years, it has become painfully apparent where the path of “social justice” leads. It was inevitable that freedom loving Americans would eventually rebel against the woke agenda. Is the counter rebellion beginning?

I usually start my mornings perusing the news of the day. Yesterday, in under 15 minutes, I came across three stories of anti-woke rebellion. Was it just a coincidence, or is the rebellion beginning?

First up, a white woman won a $25 million settlement from Starbucks, for racial discrimination. Let that sink in. She convinced a jury, that she was the victim of racism, for being white. But haven’t we been told that “white privilege” will always protect whites from the oppression of racism? Is society beginning to recognize that racism can go both ways? It’s not just whites oppressing people of color.

Just think about the Pandora’s box that decision opens. The affirmative action universe of admissions, hiring, and advancement is a target rich environment, once society opens its mind to the notion that judging people by their skin tone is wrong – even if they’re white. Good grief, we could end up valuing the content of a person’s character over the color of their skin. That’s going to put a lot of diversity consultants out of business.

As Paul Harvey would say: Page 2. In the Detroit suburb of Hamtramck City, the all-Muslim city council voted to prohibit pride flags from city property. It’s still legal to display them on private property. They’re not trying to stifle anyone’s freedom of expression. That’s Merrick Garland’s mission. The council also didn’t violate the Constitution. They didn’t endorse any religion. They just chose not to offend any either.

Justice “Wise Latina” Sotomayor is currently looking for the penumbra which requires municipalities to offend all religious beliefs as much as possible. If she fails, this could start a trend which must not be allowed – community leaders who think they should be sensitive to the values of their constituents. Why, if that were to catch on, it could lead to – gasp – civility.

Page 3. Middle Schoolers in Burlington Massachusetts were encouraged to observe Pride Month by wearing rainbow gear. Some instead chose to flip off the establishment. They showed up in red, white, and blue; chanted that their pronouns were “U,” “S,” and “A”; and began defiling the schools pride decorations. Granted it wasn’t all of the school’s students – just the cool ones, standing up to “the man.”

Kids are going to rebel against authority – the establishment. When the woke finished their long march through our institutions, they became the establishment. The radicals have gone from leading youthful rebellion, to being its target.

Despite claims to the contrary, Americans are a tolerant lot. But we do have our limits. The woke have gone beyond pleading for tolerance. They now demand:

  • National celebration of non-traditional lifestyles,
  • Reparations,
  • Denial of scientific facts, and
  • Dissolution of all moral boundaries.

Their demands have evolved from tolerance to compliance. Are Americans beginning to say, enough?

The radicals successfully conscripted our institutions. But they did it without winning the debate. They failed to change our values and beliefs. Now they’re on defense – trying to keep the ground they’ve taken. Based on recent polling, the institutions that the radicals took have lost our confidence – along with their influence over us. Their defense is losing ground.

As Sean Hannity is fond of saying, “Welcome to the revolution.”

Author Bio: John Green is a political refugee from Minnesota, now residing in Idaho. He has written for American Thinker, and American Free News Network. He can be followed on Facebook or reached at greenjeg@gmail.com.

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