Impeach Biden Now!

What is Kevin McCarthy, Speaker of the House, waiting for?  Is he waiting for permission?  From whom?  For what purpose?  It makes no sense for him not to proceed.  There are more than enough sufficiently credible allegations, from sufficiently credible individuals, of serious wrongdoing by one Joseph Robinette Biden and his grifter-ridden family to begin impeachment hearings.  Anything less is dereliction of duty by McCarthy.


The Watergate timeline: On August 1, 1972, the Washington Post reported that a $25,000 check was deposited by the Nixon reelection campaign into the account of one of the Watergate burglars.  Twenty-two months later, on May 9, 1974 the House Judiciary Committee begins impeachment hearings against Nixon.  By contrast, in January 2018, word broke about a video of a speech Joe Biden gave to the CFR, in which he brags of threatening to withhold $1 billion in aid to Ukraine if the President of Ukraine didn’t fire his federal prosecutor who was then investigating Burisma, the corrupt company that was paying Hunter $183,000 per month for doing nothing.  That was sixty-five, not twenty-two months ago.  And the FBI has had the Hunter laptop from hell since November 2019.  That’s forty-two, not twenty-two months ago.


One big argument I hear siding against starting an impeachment investigation is that Kamala Harris will become President.  This is a non-starter argument.  Did Pence become President after Trump was impeached?  Harris will no more become articulate and intelligent than she will become President by impeaching her boss.  It doesn’t work that way.  Think of impeachment as the equivalent of indictment.  Impeachment hearings would be like a public grand jury investigation with the Republicans, in this case, acting as the DA’s.  After presenting the facts to the grand jury, the House of Representatives, the House would then vote to impeach (indict) or not. 


If the House votes to impeach, trial would be held in the Senate with all 100 Senators acting as jurors and the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court acting as trial judge.  A super majority would then have to vote to convict in order to impose the penalty of removal from office.  With Democrats in the majority led by Senator Schumer, conviction is not possible.  We would then be able to thank Schumer for sparing us from a Harris presidency.  Regardless, the House should not shirk its serious responsibilities under the Constitution based on who the current Vice President is.  It should do its duty to the Constitution and to the country.


We were told countless times during the Trump years that whistleblowers were sacrosanct. Their words were like gold, and they were heroes to be celebrated.  And boy were they.  Although Trump was never accused of anything that could legitimately be considered a high crime nor a misdemeanor, he was impeached twice by a vindictive Democrat Party avenging Hillary Clinton’s loss. 


By contrast, today’s “watchdog” press can’t even remember what whistleblowers are.  All the sexiness of reporting every utterance of said whistleblowers is lost on today’s media.  Whistleblowers are so passé, so yesterday.     


Hunter Biden’s own defense lawyer exposed himself as an unwitting “whistleblower” this week.  He proved in an interview on MSNBC that there was no serious Hunter Biden investigation by DOJ.  He admits that he was never even questioned about the infamous laptop from hell during this so-called “investigation”.  A 5-year long investigation of blatant tax cheating that shouldn’t have taken more than a year, if that, to complete.  Talk about “slow walking”.  You can see Hunter’s attorney, Chris Clark, admit, kind of surprisingly, to never having even been asked about the laptop here


The would-be investigators didn’t even ask the obvious questions about where the money came from that Hunter failed to pay millions of dollars in taxes on.  Duh.  All the self-implicating evidence on the laptop went right over their Sherlock Holmes heads.  Now two IRS whistleblowers have testified that the DOJ prevented the IRS from indicting Hunter on felony charges and poo-pooed any ideas of getting search warrants for any Biden properties.  These are serious allegations of wrongdoing, corruption, and cover-up by the Biden Administration and Justice Department.  The details of the below news conference is a must-listen-to for any American truly interested in justice in this country. 


Democrats and their media mouthpieces love to yell that no one is above the law, especially Donald Trump.  They scream this as every slimy, corrupt Dem slithers their way out of any legal accountability under the law.  Try to name one big wig Dem power broker that’s been convicted, much less even charged with anything lately?  On $17,300,000 of income from foreign sources, Hunter feloniously failed to pay over $2 million in taxes and gets slapped on the writst with the equivalent of a jaywalking plea deal.  You try that with your taxes and see what happens to you.


This Keystone Cop investigation didn’t happen in a vacuum.  The big 800-pound gorilla in the room is the “Big Guy” himself, Amtrak Joe.  The DOJ, FBI and media are dancing around pretending that the evidence doesn’t point directly to Joe.  All these corrupt roads lead directly to him and the House should be forcing everyone to realize this by highlighting very public and very loud impeachment hearings beginning next week.  Hearings that not even the Biden Press Corps can ignore.


The presidential spokesliar John Kirby was driven from the White House press briefing room podium yesterday, like a wet rat scurrying from the deck of the Titanic, rather than answer questions about Biden bribery charges stemming from an undisputed WhatsApp post of Hunter sitting next to his father speaking to a communist Chinese official about securing a bribe for him and the “Big Guy”:

Likewise, Brandon’s historic affirmative action spokespiece, KJP, was also left equally speechless, stumbling, stammering and bumbling indignantly to avoid answering corruption questions about her boss:

Has the lapdog, puppy press corps finally turned on Traitor Joe?  Maybe.  You decide:

However, the impeachment should not be limited to Joe Biden.  Merrick Garland is also implicated by these IRS whistleblowers.  Perhaps the first impeachment should be of Garland.  Maybe, though doubtful, he could turn states evidence against the Big Guy.  From reporter, Joel Pollack of Breitbart News:

“Republicans released transcripts of two whistleblowers, one of whom said he had seen evidence that Joe Biden was present when his son, Hunter, attempted to pressure a Chinese investor to send them millions of dollars. The whistleblower, IRS Criminal Supervisory Special Agent Gary A. Shapley Jr., also said that the Department of Justice had interfered in the effort to investigate Hunter Biden for tax crimes — contrary to Garland’s claims.”


If an innocent phone call to Zelensky reported by a whistleblower triggered an impeachment of Trump, surely this revelation warrants equal reaction from Congress and the public.  Only one broadcast network had the temerity to even allude to this news of political corruption in the highest office, when it first broke on Thursday.  Where were the rest?  If you get your “news” only from CBS or ABC, you are ignorant of these new explosive charges.  Ignorance is bliss in Democrat circles, but things may be changing.  Not everyone wants to go down with the ship.


Whistleblowers are coming out of the woodwork to Rep. Comer and Rep. Jordan and Sen. Grassley with very credible allegations of Biden corruption, yet Speaker McCarthy is hesitant to begin an impeachment inquiry.  The big question is, Why?  There is no good explanation for his unwillingness to act.  Justice delayed is justice denied.  When is he going to grow some gonads at least as large as those of Lauren Boebert or Marjorie Taylor Greene?  Maybe he should take some time off for appropriate gender mutilation surgery.  Impeach now, or step aside, McCarthy!




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