Hunter Biden: Some Pigs Are More Equal Than Others. 

Some are complaining Kodak Black is getting jailed for the same offense as Hunter Biden. Not true.

I must say I am not shocked that the First Baby Daddy, Hunter Biden, got a plea deal for his current legal problems. Good to have low friends (or family in this case) in high places. However, I’ve noticed how many people, especially Democrats, have screeched about Hunter Biden getting off with a “slap on the wrist”, while another notable person got actual jail time.

An associate of many of the writers on this site (retired Army, liberal Democrat, Trump hater) posted on his Facebook page on how rapper Kodak Black was actually sentenced to over three years in federal prison for the “same” crime. I put the scare quotes in because someone who is charged for a crime may have a record that justifies the increased penalty or a lack of a record warrants leniency. Therefore, to look at these two cases, we need to look at both men and their criminal records.In all honestly, Mr. Black, 26 years of age, has a quite extensive criminal record. From the Miami Times:

A Timeline of Kodak Black’s Legal Troubles

October 2015: Arrest for kidnapping, battery, and other charges

December 2015: Arrest for possession of over two pounds of marijuana.

February 2016: Arrest for sexual battery of a fan in his hotel room in South Carolina. The charge is dropped to criminal sexual misconduct.  

April 2016: Arrest for felon in possession of a weapon. 

May 2016: Black arrested for open warrants related to the October 2015 charges of false imprisonment and armed robbery. While in jail, he was also booked for warrants on the criminal sexual misconduct case in Florence and the marijuana possession charge from December 2015.

August 2016: After three months in jail, Black sentenced to one year of house arrest and five years of probation. Before release on these charges, he was arrested on warrants from St. Lucie County on the December 2015 drug charges, and his charge of criminal sexual misconduct in the Florence case were upgraded to sexual battery, which carries a penalty of up to 30 years in prison.

The Sexual Battery charge was likely dropped to Sexual Misconduct because of the plea deal. Speculation on my part, but it sounds like Mr. Black failed to appear in court, which would invalidate the plea agreement.  

September 2016: After pleading no contest, Black sentenced to 120 days for the St Lucie possession case.

November 28, 2016: Black released and extradited to South Carolina to face the sexual battery charge.

December 1, 2016: Black was freed from a South Carolina jail after posting a $100,000 bond for the sexual battery charge.

February 2017: Arrest for violating house arrest, assaulting a bartender.

April/May 2017:  On April 21, after causing a disturbance in an anger management class and grabbing the counselor, he was found guilty of violating his house arrest, sentenced to 364 days in prison and released after 97 days. 

January 2018: After a live feed on Black’s Instagram Feed showing drugs, weapons, and a child nearby, he was arrested for grand theft of a firearm, possession of a weapon by a felon, possession of cannabis, child neglect, and parole violation.

April 2018: Black sentenced to 364 days in prison for the remaining charges stemming from his January arrest. After credit, released in August 2018.

April/May 2019: Black arrested for weapons possession, trying to cross into Canada with a Glock 9mm. Less than a month later, he was arrested on federal weapons charges in Miami. The federal charge arose from an instance in which the rapper allegedly lied about the status of his criminal cases when he filled out official paperwork for a gun purchase.

Per the NY Times:

The sexual assault charge came up in a background check of Black when he attempted to buy guns in Florida in March. Customers are asked if they are currently under indictment for a felony or have been convicted of one in the past. Previously, in January, Black had transposed two digits of his social security number, allowing him to purchase three guns, but upon his second visit to the same store, he was found to be untruthful on the forms and denied a fourth firearm.

Sounds like he was trying to dodge the law.

November 2019: Black plead guilty to the federal weapons charge, admitting he gave false information in connection with a January 2019 gun purchase. In November 2019, he was sentenced to three years and ten months in prison. Of note, he could have faced ten years.

In the sentencing, Judge Federico Moreno told Mr. Black something his supporters seem to ignore, “Young people do stupid things. But the problem is that you’ve been doing stupid things since you were 15.”

January 2021: Then-President Donald Trump commuted Kodak Black’s prison sentence on January 20, 2021.

April 2021: Prosecutors in South Carolina argued Black had violated his bond terms for the 2016 Sexual Assault case and should face charges. Extradition was delayed due to Covid.  In April 2021, Black secured a plea deal resulting in a suspended 10-year sentence, and 18 months probation. 

January 2022: Black arrested in Pompano Beach FL on a trespassing charge, which was dropped.

July 2022: Black was pulled over for expired registration, during which troopers found 31 oxycodone pills and more than $74,000 in cash.

February 2023: In the Broward painkiller pill case, Black allegedly violated his bail terms by failing to show up to a drug-test and later testing positive for fentanyl. He participated in a drug-rehabilitation program under an arrangement with the court, and his pretrial detention terms were reinstated. And he just got another warrant issued in this matter 

Now Mr. Biden:

December 2020: Investigated for tax violations and money laundering.

March 2022: Violations of the Foreign Agents Registration Act:

October 2022: Tax violations and lying on a gun purchase form.

As an aside, I find it interesting that a man who is protected by the US Secret Service, and charges his detail thirty-thousand dollars a month for their space in his Malibu mansion, needs with a gun “For God’s sake!”

Back to the facts at hand, Hunter Biden pled to two counts of failure to pay taxes, in exchange for one count of lying on a federal form being dropped (and he has given up his right to own firearms). I can’t see how that is an issue to Mr. Black’s supporters. The rapper has had multiple plea agreements over the years, and he breaks them. Back to the claim the Biden and Black have done “the ‘same’ crime,” is that true? Looking at all the facts, the answer is no.

A first-time drunk driver gets brought to court, the penalty is often probation, community service and a fine in spite of potential jail time. Someone on his third (or forth, or fifth, or sixth, or tenth) DWI will likely serve time, as they are showing a pattern of violating the law. They just don’t get it.

Mr. Black is half the age of Hunter Biden, and in his life he’s accumulated a significant criminal record, largely violence against others, weapons charges and narcotics use and sales. Biden has evaded taxes (for some reason Democrats don’t like to pay their taxes…wait, did I say that?), and used narcotics and engaged in hiring a prostitute. But his record does not show assault, sexual assault, or kidnapping. Biden’s illegal dealing with foreign nations have yet to be fully investigated, and I don’t see that happening with his father occupying the White House.

Mr. Black made his bed, now he will have to sleep in it. This is not his first time in the rodeo. As much as I don’t know (I’m not a rap connoisseur) the man, I do hope he gets his act together.

Hunter Biden is getting a typical plea deal, guilty pleas on two misdemeanors and throwing away another charge. Agreements like that happen every day in the courts in the US, at every level. Mr. Biden should be investigated for much greater violations of the law (China, the Ukraine, “The Big Guy”), but I don’t see that with the Garland “Justice” Department right now. But Mr. Biden (and Mr. Black) should remember, the more you come to court, the less lenient and understanding Lady Justice will be.

Michael A. Thiac is a retired Army intelligence officer, with over 23 years experience, including serving in the Republic of Korea, Japan, and the Middle East. He is also a retired police patrol sergeant, with over 22 years’ service, and over ten year’s experience in field training of newly assigned officers. He has been published at The American Thinker,, and on his personal blog, A Cop’s Watch.

Opinions expressed are his alone and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of current or former employers.

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