How the Biden Administration is Destroying the 2nd Amendment and Targeting Law-Abiding Citizens, While Protecting Criminals With Guns

Staying solidly in character, on July 4, 2023, Joe Biden issued another call for the kind of gun control that King George III favored in his long-ago effort to squash American independence.

Jackboot Joe didn’t waste the opportunity of news reports of multiple shootings across the country this holiday weekend to reiterate his support for removing weapons from all the people who don’t commit crimes — and customarily failing to even attempt to explain why such an action would positively affect the people who do.

Citing recent shootouts in Philadelphia, Baltimore, Chicago and other such Democrat-led hellholes, Biden demanded support for more legislative attacks on law-abiding citizens and gun manufacturers, even as his regime continues to support the kinds of practices responsible for the increase in big city crime. For example:

Releasing Convicts Early

The Biden-Harris regime fully supports the practices of many of our Democrat governors and state-level commissions, granting early release, early parole, and other such programs in an effort to empty their prisons of proven, convicted criminals.

Our society has a criminal justice system to remove the known, proven villains from our midst and lock them away for decades; our Democratic Party uses its power to set these very criminals free, using such excuses as jail overcrowding, the cost of incarceration, or alleged good behavior. Many of those committing all these crimes, day in and day out, are only free to commit them because the Biden-Harris block is using their power to intentionally inflict these domestic terrorists on our communities.

Refusing to Prosecute

As if that wasn’t enough, we have a spate of jurisdictions now, primarily in the big cities, where the office of the chief prosecutor is occupied by a radical whose campaign was bankrolled by George Soros and his network of “progressive” political action committees.

This block of non-prosecutors publicly announces their disinterest in prosecuting whole categories of crimes, such as shoplifting and other robberies. These radicals don’t believe in property rights in the first place, so they don’t believe the state should be enforcing the rights of shops to their merchandise, or even the right of a homeowner to his possessions, or the right of a pedestrian to his or her wallet or purse.

As burglars, shoplifters and muggers learn that they won’t be prosecuted, their crimes naturally increase in severity and number. It’s human nature.

Disarming the Law-Abiding

Common sense would tell you that criminals are at their most unabashed when they are the only ones in the area armed with weapons — and that when their victims are armed, evening out the odds a little, criminals tend to be less daring in the commission of crimes, even to the point of perhaps choosing a new line of work.

As one would expect, such common sense is supported by the research, when honest research in the area is pursued. The seminal work done by John R Lott, Jr, for example, in his definitive book, “More Guns, Less Crime,” provides the modern numbers to support our Founding Fathers’ philosophical drive. It turns out, sure enough, when most victims are armed, and the criminals know it, there will be less crime.

But where does the modern Democrat Party stand, and what policies does the Biden-Harris regime promote in executive orders and departmental directives? They attack the law-abiding every day, attempting to deny the victims that necessary chance to dissuade and defeat the criminals, by trying to make it impossible for armed, honorable American citizens to provide that necessary societal counterbalance to the criminal element’s weapons and malevolence.

Restraining our Police

Among the modern Left’s favorite tools in recent decades is pushing the fantasy-based concept of “de-escalation in policing.” Instead of meeting deadly force with deadly force, instead of confronting an armed assailant with a well-trained police officer and his trusty sidearm, the Left has talked numerous cities into reducing the numbers of police, and instead padding their forces with social workers who theoretically arrive on the scene to try and talk thugs out of fighting, robbing, raping or killing. Worse than simply being useless, this new thrust takes valuable resources away from real police, making it ever more difficult to follow up on crime reports and actually catch and lock up the nation’s criminals.

This trend has caused city governments to stop supporting their own police forces; often punishing individual policemen for just doing their job, and making it harder and harder every year for each such metro areas to hire the additional police they so desperately need in this environment.

As a result, more criminals get away; more criminals never get caught or incarcerated at all; more criminals are encouraged to behave worse and worse, as the only lesson that’s ever reinforced is that no matter how badly you behave, you’ll never be made to pay for it.

Inviting Criminals In

Certainly the worse of all modern Democrat attacks on the social order is the concept of open borders.

Our nation of some 300 million is the most desirable place on earth for the vast majority of the planet’s residents. For the hardworking, America is the city on a hill, the land of opportunity. For the lazy, America has become the land of welfare, at least if they make it to the right blue states. And for the criminal element, America is the perfect piggy bank; we welcome them in, we have the most goods and cash to steal, and we have an emasculated policing system that closes its eyes to their arrival.

As a result, every day the borders remain open, among that influx of border-jumpers is some unknown percentage of hardened criminals who are coming specifically to rob, rape, and otherwise abuse the people of America. These millions of illegal entrants per year include either unconnected individuals on the lam from the law in their home countries, or violent criminals in their own right who look forward to the easy pickings of America’s cities, or members of international organized crime operations, from the pushers of the drug gangs to the human traffickers of the prostitution rings.

The Biden-Harris regime is therefore as responsible for the flow of drugs and gang violence as the criminals themselves, because the Biden-Harris regime’s programs intentionally invite these people into the country, knowing full well that a properly enforced border could keep most of them out (as the Trump years proved, even without a fully-completed border wall).

A Disingenuous Message

When we look at the policies of this regime — the support of its Department of Justice for the undermining of local police forces, the refusal to enforce our immigration laws among other things — we can only come to one conclusion: that speeches and proclamations are simply politics, that we cannot trust their words at all.

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris stand before reporters and cameras, and recite words their staffs write for them. They say they care about the dead and dying, and about their families and friends, because that’s just what you say, that’s all. They say they care about our youth, drawn in by gang recruiters and a culture of violence, because it polls well to pretend to be sympathetic.

But we must look beyond these platitudes, and study their actions instead of their words.

The Biden-Harris regime wants to violate the nation’s Constitution at every turn — banning the weapons that we, law-abiding citizens need for self-defense — in violation of our 2nd Amendment rights — even banning the pistol brace, a tool that many handicapped people must have to exercise those same rights.

The Biden-Harris regime responds to increased crime, not by putting more cops on the beat, but by putting more criminals on the street.

It responds to more murders by ensuring that more murderers go free.

It responds to a terrified, victimized urban population by ensuring that the terror will continue unabated.

When the Biden-Harris regime acts, only the criminal element has cause to rejoice.

Copyright 2023 John F. Di Leo

(originally published in Illinois Review; reprinted with permission)

John F. Di Leo is a Chicagoland-based trade compliance trainer and transportation manager, writer, and actor. A one-time county chairman of the Milwaukee County Republican Party, he has been writing regularly for Illinois Review since 2009. Follow John F. Di Leo on Facebook, Twitter, Gettr or TruthSocial.

A collection of John’s Illinois Review articles about vote fraud, The Tales of Little Pavel, and his 2021 political satires about current events, Evening Soup with Basement Joe, Volumes One and Two, are available, in either paperback or eBook, only on Amazon.

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