Russo-American War? Possible, But Not In Ukraine

While we were all diverted by an abortive “coup in Russia and the son of the sitting US President likely leaving a bag full of high grade coccain in an anteroom in the West Wing of the Whitehouse, other events were unfolding. In a theater of conflict ignored by the press since our ignominious retreat/abandonment from/of Afghanistan, it appears that Russian fighters and American drones came close to occupying the same space in the skies over Syria.

From ABC7 News:

The U.S. military released dramatic video of a tense encounter on Wednesday over the skies of eastern Syria as Russian fighter jets were seen “harassing” three American military drones carrying out a mission against the Islamic State group, an official said.

In a statement, the U.S. Air Force general in the Middle East labeled the run-in “unsafe and unprofessional behavior” and called on Russia to stop what he called “reckless behavior” that has been carried out by pilots flying over eastern Syria where the U.S. still has 900 troops assisting in anti-terrorism efforts.

Here’s video:

Read: Dramatic video released of Russian fighter jets ‘harassing’ US drones over Syria

This isn’t the first time. Back in April of this year, CENTCOM, the U.S. military headquarters responsible for command and control of all operations in Southwest Asia said:

CNN  — Russian pilots tried to “dogfight” US jets over Syria, according to a spokesman for US Central Command, part of a recent pattern of more aggressive behavior.

The attempts have happened in several of the most recent instances of aggressive behavior from Russian pilots, Col. Joe Buccino said.

The Russian pilots do not appear to be trying to shoot down American jets, a US official told CNN, but they may be trying to “provoke” the US and “draw us into an international incident.”

In military aviation, dogfighting is engaging in aerial combat, often at relatively close ranges.

Read:Russian pilots tried to ‘dogfight’ US jets over Syria, US Central Command says

However, folks, this isn’t new news. We’ve been (illegally) conducting operations in Syria for quite some time now. Back in October of 2015(!) I wrote a piece in American Thinker, where I said,

President Obama has allowed President Putin to maneuver the United States into a no-win position.  He has made it more likely that a U.S. Air Force pilot or crew will be shot down and killed or captured by Russia – or worse, ISIS forces.  And it will be perfectly legal.  The United States won’t have a leg to stand on at the United Nations or anywhere else.  The alternative is that we will turn tail and run, by withdrawing U.S. advisors and their assistance to anti-ISIS forces.

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The same International conventions are in place today, that were extant back in 2015 (and before). In short, the Russians are in Syrian at the invitation of the of the current strongman, Bashar al-Assad. It stands to reason that President Assad has given the Russians (as his allies/in exchange for a warm-water port) authority to patrol his skies. Unless it’s a very closely held secret, President Assad has given no such permission to these United States. For those concerned about a shooting war between us and the Russians, it’s far more likely to take place in the skies over Syria than it is in the muddy fields of Ukraine.

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