Sound of Freedom-I Know Why the Left Hates This Movie

As I write this, I have just walked back in the door to my house after seeing the Angel Studios (The Chosen series) production of, “Sound of Freedom.” I wanted to get these thoughts down before the impact of this fine movie fades. The film is based on a true story involving childhood sex trafficking.  Jim Caviezel (Passion of the Christ & Person of Interest) plays the lead as Homeland Security Special Agent Tim Ballard, who investigates cases of child pornography. Bottom line, I can see why the left is doing its best to marginalize this film—but more on that further down.

Sound of Freedom is a powerful story about the rescue of hundreds of children who have been sold into sex slavery. Unlike most Hollywood productions that insist on lurid sexual scenes, wanton violence and gratuitous profanity that would make a Special Forces Demo Sergeant blush, Angel Studios has put together an extremely compelling film without the need for all of that. Also unlike Hollywood, the film clearly comes down on the side of not sexualizing children.

One  wonderful aspect of the film, the screenwriters were able to communicate horrific acts about to take place on an innocent children at the hands of adults, with just a little imagination in their camera work. There was zero nudity and almost no violence. If there was any profanity, I don’t recall it.

The writers used inference to bring about audience understanding, without being graphic. In one example, they simply cut from the interior scene showing a man and a little girl fully clothed, to an outside view showing the adult drawing the curtains. The ugly, sordid detail is left to the viewers’ imagination.

As I said, the film is very well done—very compelling. There were a few times during the movie that I had some difficulty keeping it together. Bear in mind, nothing graphic was shown on the screen, but-the audience knew. The audience knew what exactly was going on. For most of the film, you could hear a pin drop in that theater—and more than a few sniffles. I strongly urge you to see it. Here is the trailer.

As the title indicates, I now know why the left hates this movie. I know why Disney refused to distribute this film when it acquired it as part of its purchase of 20th Century Fox. Word has it that it took Angel studios a few years to reacquire the rights from Disney so they could distribute it. It’s easy to see why.

For the past several decades, the left has sought to bring deviant and disordered behavior into the mainstream of America life. The Democrat party in the U.S. has bought into the transgender movement lock stock and barrel. Even our military, whose stated purpose is to exert directed and controlled violence (or credibly threaten to do so) in order to advance lawful command authority objectives, has gone all in on the transgender movement.

President Biden appointed Rachel Levine, a biological male in a skirt, to be the first transgender serving as a 4-Star Admiral in the Commissioned Corps of these United States. The United States Military Academy at West Point is celebrating “Pride Month,” possibly as a respite from the arduous tasks of removing statues of genuine American military heroes.

What’s next? For the left? Simple. They want to normalize sex between adults and children not legally capable of consent. They hide behind “studies” and “research”claiming that there is no adverse effect on children. The entire leftist cabal does its level best to keep it hidden from the public. 

Of note, Jeffrey Epstein’s client list has yet to be leaked, yet the public is aware of every charge contemplated against any Trump voter within 20 nautical miles of Washington D.C on January 6th 2021. Epstein who ran regular flights to a private island so that his cronies could entertain themselves with under-age boys and girls, did not kill himself while awaiting trial.

Part of the film turns that around. The good guys (minor spoiler) set up an operation on an island in order to fool the bad guys into bringing dozens of child sex slaves there, ostensibly to feed the appetites of multi-millionaires. You’ll have to see the movie for the rest.

That’s why Sound of Freedom is so dangerous to the left and its agenda. Reading about child trafficking/child sexual slavery in print and as part of rich peoples’ peccadeloes, just doesn’t have the impact of the big screen. Angel Studios was able to tell this story in a manner difficult to ignore. Their presentation is much more powerful than an obscure article that shows up on the third page of a Google search. Sound of Freedom shows this evil for what it is. Most importantly, it helps us understand some other things. 

Why is the above important? Simple. Today’s Democrat Party is not the one of your Grandfather. They, along with their media and corporate enablers (like Disney) are after your children. Your personal friends who have voted Democrat since forever, might not realize this. They cannot see that the core of the Democrat party, the ones calling the shots, want to normalize deviant and disordered behavior. These people want access to your kids so they can program them at a young age.

They  are actively trying to assume the parental role in raising them. In the end, as the producers at Angel Studios show, these people are merely interested in turning children into chattel to serve their own sexual fantasies. When these deviants are done with them, the children are discarded. Sound of Freedom takes a peek behind that sordid curtain.

Go see this movie. Tell all your friends.

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11 thoughts on “Sound of Freedom-I Know Why the Left Hates This Movie”

  1. This is what we have come to as a nation, the “president*” actually assaults little children he’s introduced to on camera and doesn’t care. He sniffs their hair, carresses and fondles them and gets away with it. His own daughter writes in her diary that he showered with her as a teenager. The demented Brandon is the biggest friend the Mexican cartels have ever had as he allows illegal invaders, drug smugglers, prostitute smugglers and child sex slaves traffickers to control our border, totally abandoning US law he’s sworn to uphold and nullifying our very sovereignty. I plan on watching this film this week but it is only a hopeful catalyst for further action. The DemoKrat Party must be destroyed.

  2. As the Eagle above noted, the Biden administration has processed in tens of thousands of children. The Feds don’t have accountability for those children today. The Cartels control, literally, our border with Mexico and give false IDs for coyotes carrying sex slaves into the US.

    Furthermore, I’ve written about the Progress of Perversion. Since sex is one of the strongest life long drives after survival, if a society approves the deviant sexual desires of one or two per cent of its population, then the next group demands its due. The Trans deviants are one in a thousand or less which equals over 330k in a population of 330m. Of course, that number can go up, just as the number of homosexuals and lesbians rise in a society that applauds the sexual behavior and allows grooming children for sex. As the Trans progress, the next group in line is the pedophiles.

    Great movie and message. Time for Americans to stop the maiming and mutilation of children with Trans “affirming” care. Time to end sex slavery for slaves of all ages. Time to punish the guilty. Hold accountable the public officals that have been paid off. And be vigilant and protective afterwards.

  3. “…They cannot see that the core of the Democrat party, the ones calling the shots, want to normalize deviant and disordered behavior. These people want access to your kids so they can program them at a young age…”

    What else could “We’re here, we’re queer, we’re coming for your children” mean?

  4. They cannot see that the core of the Democrat party, the ones calling the shots, want to normalize deviant and disordered behavior. These people want access to your kids so they can program them at a young age.

    Morality and immorality both assume that there is some standard with which to judge behavior… that is, right and wrong exists.

    Today’s leftists, like the Communists and tyrants and wannabe tyrants before them, work outside of the right/wrong behavior paradigm and believe… well, by necessity push the fallacy that there is no right or wrong, but a value-neutral,amorality, where right and wrong can’t be allowed in any discussion.

    Anything that confuses the issue of moral behavior be it protecting our young from exploitation or babies from being aborted, forcing others to ignore one’s sex, or turning the government against its people desensitizes people to the immorality of actions, theirs and others.

    Maybe Sound of Freedom only “takes a peek behind that sordid curtain but here’s hoping that the movie will open some eyes of the Democratic drones that are no longer capable of thinking for themselves when it comes to right and wrong.

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