Former SS agent Dan Bongino: ‘There may … have been fingerprints found on that cocaine baggie’

Like many of us, former Secret Service agent Dan Bongino was extremely upset by the agency’s announcement on Thursday that they’d concluded their investigation into the discovery of a bag of cocaine at the White House without identifying a suspect.

He addressed the story on his Thursday podcast. “Folks, there’s no way that story’s true,” he told listeners. “So, there’s clearly a political motive here to make this story go away.” He stated the obvious:

All of a sudden you get a guy with a history of a cocaine-crack problem, okay, Hunter Biden, moves into the White House – he’s got a problem with drugs – and, all of a sudden, they find drugs in the White House.”


Based on just reason, and strict probability calculations, the likelihood is it was either Hunter Biden or one of his friends.

Bongino was in disbelief that “cocaine made it 75 to 25 yards away from where the President of the United States works and walks by everyday” and “you have no leads in the case. … That’s B.S. I don’t buy it.”

(The podcast can be accessed here. Relevant portion begins at 2:55.)

On Friday, Bongino doubled down on his prior remarks and explained precisely why he wasn’t buying the story. He also warned the agency not to go down the road of the FBI.

I love the Secret Service. I worked there with some of the greatest people I’ve ever met in my life. I am telling you there is no way they don’t know who brought that cocaine into the White House.

I’m getting from a couple of people that there may, in fact, have been fingerprints found on that cocaine baggie. … Here’s what I find deeply disturbing. … The Secret Service has a very, very good latent fingerprint lab.

He explained that this is necessary because the agency frequently deals with counterfeit currency, a “very porous” material, which makes it difficult to lift fingerprints. Not impossible, but difficult. On the contrary, he noted that it’s very easy to pull a fingerprint off nonporous surfaces such as plastic.

The chances of a fingerprint being on there, unless it was wiped down, which I doubt. If you’re going to leave a cocaine bag, accidentally behind, you think you’re going to remember to wipe it down? You would just take it with you.

The fact that they have this skilled latent print lab and couldn’t pull a fingerprint … sounds to me like some bulls**. I ain’t buying it.”There’s probably less than a thousand people that traverse the West Wing during the weekend when no one’s around. Once you eliminate Secret Service people who come in and out – cause it’s not them, they’re drug tested – and high-level staffers who are drug tested too, you’re probably down to about 200 people.

He mentioned that on Friday morning, several media outlets reported the Secret Service had whittled down the list of possible suspects to approximately 200.

There’s a ton of people who tour the East Wing. It’s a bigger portion of the White House. The West Wing is tiny. It’s the work area. They don’t like anyone in there. You can’t even go in there if you’re a Secret Service agent without a White House pass.

He explains that only the agents who are assigned to the detail – “that need to be there” – have a White House pass.

You’re not even supposed to be there on non-work days even if you have a White House pass. It’s super exclusive.

You’re telling me now they couldn’t find a fingerprint on out of those 200 or less suspects … they couldn’t narrow this thing down. Bullsh**.

They know who this person was.

I’m begging the Secret Service again, an agency I loved to work for. I’ve got a lot of friends there.

I’m telling you, a lot of retired guys are reaching out to me and are really pissed off about this story. I’m begging you not to do this. It’s clear as day you guys can do some more investigative work.

Please do not do this. Do not go down the road of the FBI.

(The podcast can be accessed here. Relevant portion begins at 13:25.)

A rhetorical question: Suppose that rather than cocaine, the substance found at the White House had been anthrax or ricin. Does anyone think the Secret Service would stop before the suspect was found?


A previous version of this article appeared on Power Line.

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