The Fall Of The Big Guy

It’s been a long time coming (over 50 years), but it seems Joseph Robinette Biden may be falling.  I don’t mean falling up the stairs of Air Force One or falling down on stage at the Air Force Academy graduation ceremony.  I mean finally falling on his political/criminal face and falling hard.  It is still early, so perhaps this is somewhat wishful thinking, but the stars seem to be aligning.  Maybe we’ll see the “Big Guy” getting his just desserts, his 10% cut, as it were.  He and we deserve nothing less.


One day volumes will be written on the utter corruption of Joe Biden and his crew.  Biden’s Actonian corruption didn’t just start with the 2020 election, however.  He’s a pro.  It takes a long time to hone your corruption skills and Joe’s been at it a long, long, long time.  Had he worked as hard at building his character as he has in building his wealth, he might be a good guy today.  He is not.


He learned early on, and well, how best to wield the power of his elected office, but not to the benefit of his constituents, to his own.  He wasn’t a good student in school, but he has been a marvelous student in the school of hard (political) knocks.  He didn’t let his lack of academic skills hinder him.  He has since graduated with (dis)honors.


Listen to this shocking video interview of Jill Biden’s first husband, Bill Stevenson, as he describes Joe Biden threatening him to give his house to Jill and when Bill refused, Joe sicced the IRS on Bill and his business partners.  Compare the then fast-acting IRS (only 3 weeks) in getting Bill indicted on his business taxes, to the current IRS allowing 5 years for an investigation into Hunter’s uncomplicated income tax evasion and subsequent slap on the wrist deal, which has thankfully fallen apart (thus far).

How corrupt is Joe Biden?  Let me count the ways.

  • Had to drop out of his 1988 presidential bid for plagiarism (stealing others’ words, speeches and ideas).
  • Had to drop out of his 1988 presidential bid for lying about his academic achievements and resume.

  • Lied about his first wife being killed by a drunk truck driver. That driver was not drunk.
  • Lied about his oldest son, Beau, dying in Iraq. He didn’t.
  • Threatened to withhold U.S. funds from Ukraine, i.e. extortion, if the president of Ukraine did not fire their national prosecutor investigating Hunter Biden’s company, Burisma. The prosecutor was fired.
  • Lied about Hunter Biden’s laptop being Russian disinformation on national TV during a presidential debate.
  • “Campaigns” from his basement in 2020 knowing full well he has the election locked up with no need to actually campaign, due to fraud.
  • Claimed there were no COVID vaccines before he took office.
  • Immediately aids Chinese energy sector workers by laying off American energy sector workers on day one with a Presidential diktat.
  • Opened our southern border to countless and unaccountable foreign invaders while falsely claiming that he inherited a broken border, in total disregard of our immigration laws which he is duty bound to enforce.
  • Knowingly and falsely claims that he inherited a climbing inflation rate when he took office, after causing inflation to rise with his Orwellian-named Inflation Reduction Act.
  • Built back nothing with his Build Back Better boondoggle.
  • Allowed a spy balloon sent by his Chinese paymasters to complete its spy mission over the entire U.S. continent.
  • Publicly abusing children at White House ceremonies by inappropriately touching them, holding them, squeezing them, nuzzling them, and sniffing them, all on camera.

  • Denied (until now) his seventh grandchild’s existence by Hunter’s dalliance with a prostitute.
  • Tried to unConstitutionally place individual student, freely agreed to, debt on the backs of American taxpayers without their representation or consent.
  • Biden’s FBI illegally and unConstitutionally censoring conservative First Amendment free speech through third party social media outlets.
  • Siccing his FBI and DOJ on innocent parents for complaining at school board meetings.
  • After getting 13 American servicemen killed and bombing an innocent Afghani family in retaliation, claiming no mistakes were made in his Afghanistan retreat and defeat.
  • Disrespectfully checking his watch frequently while the remains of servicemembers killed in Afghanistan were returned to Dover AFB.

  • After threatening to do so, blowing up the Nord Stream 2 pipeline with disastrous environmental effects, then denying it.
  • Supporting and promoting gender mutilation surgery for minor children.
  • Lied about never speaking with his son Hunter about his overseas business dealings.
  • Being on at least 24 phone calls with Hunter regarding his business dealings then lying about it, according to Hunter’s own business partner, Devon Archer.

  • Setting up at least 20 shell companies to launder illicit money for influence peddling bribes.
  • Participating in the distribution of millions of dollars to family members from foreign sources, even to grandchildren and in-laws.
  • Not registering under the FARA law as a foreign agent.
  • Taking credit for new job growth when in fact the “new” jobs are simply returning jobs that were lost due to the Chinese COVID Dempanic plandemic.
  • Illegally taking hundreds, if not thousands, of classified documents from the Senate and White House his entire career dating back to the 1970’s and storing them at unsecure locations in and around his many homes and offices, including places where Chinese nationals had access.
  • Weakening our military readiness by weakening our military from within, while China strengthens theirs, by allowing transgenderism and putting girls into the infantry and eliminating physical fitness and height/weight standards.

  • Desecrated our White House with transgender pornography and nudism.

  • Compromised national security by taking $10 million in bribes from Ukraine and $ 20 million and counting from the CCP or affiliated Chinese companies. Bank records prove this.


My apologies if I left anything out.  Taken individually, most, not all, of these actions could each be impeachable offenses.  Taken together, they are not only impeachable, but indictable and some could be punishable by execution for treason against this country.


What is Speaker Kevin McCarthy waiting for, permission?  You’ve got it, Kevin!  It is time for the “Big Guy” to fall.  That fall will be heard around the world and will be deafening.




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      • If that’s true that he’s been pulling DOJ’s puppetstrings that long and that deep, we may have to Carthage the whole Department.

        Rather telling about what kind of people Dems are when they embrace this sick, pedophilic wannabe Mafia Don…

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