Your Responsibility for the Times You Live In

Your responsibility for the times you live is extremely limited. Yes, there are things you can do. Yet, so much of your life is completely beyond your control – above and beyond your choices. So, what are you truly responsible for advancing, changing, or stopping? When do you decide to act? What are you willing to risk?

Understanding the past helps us put the present and our life choices in perspective. That perspective can’t be found with today’s cultish Presentism.

Presentism is a lens to distort the past by seeing it in the same terms, language, moral-ethical framework, and spirit of the times as today. It’s so easy to condemn people who are already dead. They have no retort. It’s convenient to point out their moral failings and vilify them with epithets.

And, it’s critical to do so if you want to destroy a nation and people’s history to impose a new Cultural Marxist reality.

Since the French Revolution, Human Secularist Totalitarians have changed language because words have meaning. They’ve found new words for their enemies to blame all evils upon and, ultimately, to imprison and kill. Words give ideas the energy that motivates humankind. Humans are motivated by ideas for good and evil.

Having said that, let’s return to humans in their normal state, just living life. In our natural habitat “Culture Commands.” Culture commands the limits of what we think, say, and do. It doesn’t control us like puppets. It sets boundaries for everything in life from cradle to grave for what we think, say, and do being right, wrong, normal, abnormal, etc.

Each culture begins with a worldview. (Some argue that culture creates worldview. I believe worldview shapes culture.) The German word, “Weltanschauung” is a cool way to say worldview.

The Human Secularist Weltanschauung always leads to totalitarianism in government. It always leads to loss of freedom, property, and massive loss of life.

Consequently, when ill-educated persons robotized by Presentism want to destroy Western Civilization and all of American history from Columbus on, their silliness becomes sinister.

If you read enough history to understand the great number of complexities in every human endeavor for every year of the American experience, you can sense the Zeitgeist – spirit of the times – enough to see how decisions which seem so clear and simple far in the future are much more clouded and difficult when you actually face them.

That was true for the colonists fighting the Indians. For every American during the Indian Wars (1608-1890).

For all Americans who lived while slavery was legal. From the time all states were slave states through when states, one by one, ended slavery to the ratification of the 13th Amendment.

For every Confederate soldier who understood the sovereign right of states to secede from our Constitution and who obeyed his state’s call to defend against invading armies. For every Union soldier invading a state not his home.

For everyone who lived through legal racial segregation, restrictions on Chinese and Japanese immigration, discrimination against many ethnicities, and the internment of Japanese-Americans in World War II.

For everyone who had a choice to serve or not in the military during Vietnam or for 20 years after 9-11 until the retreat from Afghanistan.

Likewise, consider the choices individuals had during the 12 year Nazi nightmare or the generational tragedy of 74 years of Soviet Communism. Or, under any dictatorship in the incredibly brutal and bloody past one hundred years.

How bold and brave would you be, really?

What are the choices you’ve faced while over 60 million babies, and counting, were killed in abortions in America?

What are your choices when the border opened to over 6 million illegal aliens in only two and half years?

What choices does a European or Canadian have as the Muslim population bomb continues to grow?

What choices do you have when your government creates inflation and is on the path to certain destruction with debt?

What choices do you have when the government is in the Poverty Business, Drug Business, and Racism Business? When every social ill, which can’t be solved by government, is made worse by government?

What choices did you make from the Spring of 2020 through 2022 during the Covid Pandemic? What did you do? Not do? When everything the public health officials said was wrong? When elected officials exercised tyrannical authority like political commissars?

How will history judge you?

It’s popular to say “the arc of history is long, but it bends toward justice.” That’s been true since the Resurrection of Jesus in a religious sense individually, but only in a very macro sense historically. Evil abounds. Evil never ends under the sun. Human nature is born evil and selfish, but capable of good.

What will be your personal culpability for the abortion murders?

For the destruction of the greatest economy in history?

For losing a nuclear, chemical, and biological war with China?

For allowing illegal aliens to “fundamentally transform America” to a weak, welfare state with peons on the welfare wagon voting their patrons into permanent power?

For destroying personal freedom and economic opportunity with the Climate Hoax Scam?

For restoring race-based preferences and systemic racism with new victims?

So, Granddaddy and Grandma, what did you do in the Great U.S. Culture War?

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