Political Parody As a Weapon Part XCVIV

Political Parody As a Weapon Part XCVIV; Could Red Buttons say “Xi never got a dinner” if we give China our lunch instead?

Last week, in Part XCVIII, a musical journey was taken through the Chinese efforts to purchase an American president. This week the Chinese efforts to sicken the world will be the subject of a song tour.

This article in the Washington Examiner last week noted the detection this Spring of an illegal bioweapons lab in California run by Chinese medical company registered in Nevada. Inside the unlicensed, unpermitted facility “were nearly 1,000 mice bioengineered ‘to catch and carry the COVID-19 virus’ and ‘at least 20 potentially infectious agents from chlamydia to hepatitis’.”

Of course, Joe Biden famously has suggested that the Chinese are not out to “eat our lunch”, and that they should be considered a friendly rival rather than an enemy or adversary (Of course, once in office, Biden claimed the Chinese would eat our lunch unless we adopted his legislative agenda). As such, the placement of what could be considered a bioweapons facility next to the Fresno Air National Guard Base at an airport that services a million passengers per year should apparently not be considered an attempt to eat our lunch any more than sending a spy balloon to traverse our country’s breadth and surveil over sensitive military sites.

Of course, enticing those of Chinese heritage to betray US secrets to China should not be considered that they are poised to dine upon our noon sustenance, whether it is done at our universities or our armed forces. Opening up illegal police stations and interfering with the rights of US persons does not reflect a propensity to feast upon our midday meal on the part of the Chinese Communist government. Likewise, buzzing US naval vessels at sea certainly does not reflect a desire to sup upon our sandwiches, at least in the eyes of the Biden administration. Apparently, the only thing that would make Joe Biden think the Chinese had consumed our afternoon repast would be if a Chinese controlled bank stopped payment on a wire transfer to one of Hunter Biden’s many L L C’s.

Of course, one cannot speak of free lunches without drawing the attention of the American left, whom, it turns out, are also being funded by the Chinese. (Apparently, the Uyghurs in China have lost their humanity, so the human rights advocates of Code Pink finally found muslims they don’t care to assist). Senator Marco Rubio has called for an investigation, but if Hunter Biden, Gal Luft and Paul Manafort are any guideposts, only republicans can be prosecuted for Foreign Agent Registration Act violations in the post-Eric Holder US Department of Justice.

Of course, the Chinese are aided in their attempts to purloin our picnic by willing Americans, as the New York Times pointed out regarding Neville Roy Singham, and Judge Noreika was able to eke out of Hunter Biden during her July 26 colloquy in the United States Court for the District of Delaware. The likes of Anthony Fauci try to pin down America’s arms while China grabs for the entrée, in the hopes that maybe they will give him the pudding.

With less thought of what they are trying to take from us, and in more consideration of what they gave us (and the rest of the world) in the form of the bio-engineered coronavirus back in 2019 that became known at COVID 19, this week’s song parody will pay tribute to Chinese lunch thieves and American enablers. The tune to be borrowed is being provided by Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller once again, who penned such hits as “Hound Dog” and “Poison Ivy”. This time the music of “Love Potion Number Nine” will serve as the accompaniment for this ode to the odious, (though it bears mentioning that in addition to the Clovers’ version, the Coasters and the Searchers also covered the hit) for all of those who think that the sight of China hovering above our noon meal requires us to do more than install a sneeze guard (though a sneeze guard is not a bad start).

They made a new type of the China flu
Gets hard to breathe with a high fever too
The Chinese closed the door and said “It isn’t mine” And then they went and gave the world Coronavirus One Nine

They told the world it came from eating bats
And Tony Fauci helped by faking stats
He said gain of function labs are not a work of mine
And helped them give it to the world Coronavirus One Nine

The Chinese took our funding and made it there in the lab
To make it more contagious they thought they would take a stab
It turned out to be deadly and put folks on the floor
But just a tip, they let it slip, right out the door

And soon all people there were getting sick
They spread it through the world real quick
While the W H O told us everything was fine
And helped them give it to the world Coronavirus One Nine

But just a tip, they let it slip, right out the door

They started running out of P P E
Then tried to set up a monopoly
They tried to cover up how they let it out the door
And then got to work on Coronavirus Twenty Four
Coronavirus Twenty Four
Coronavirus Twenty Four
Coronavirus Twenty Four


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2 thoughts on “Political Parody As a Weapon Part XCVIV”

  1. If a private company developed the China virus, then unleashed it negligently, recklessly, or intentionally to kill over one million Americans, it would be sued into bankruptcy, like the oxycontin company, and probably have criminal charges filed.
    But China Joey has not demanded compensation from China to the families of the one million Americans.
    China got its money’s worth with the payments to the Bidens.

    • In terms of return on investments, the Chinese payments to the Biden family are the equivalent of picking up Amazon at a dollar per share. His administration has surrendered everything they could, and are always looking for ways to sweeten the deal.

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