The Curious Case of Woke Warriors: A History Lesson They Conveniently Forgot

Today in Cloft’s Corner, Dave takes a dive into the world of Woke Warriors and their severe case of selective memory.

Ladies and gentlemen, gather ’round, for today we shall embark on a journey into the mysterious world of the woke warriors and their seemingly selective memory. With a fresh cup of irony in hand, let’s dive headfirst into the rabbit hole of uneducation – oh sorry, “woke education.”

Now, it’s no secret that social justice warriors and woke enthusiasts have been loud and proud in their pursuit of righteousness. Armed with hashtags and virtue signaling, they march on, convinced they are the enlightened few who have unlocked the secrets of moral superiority.

But let’s take a moment to examine their historical blind spot, shall we? Oh, the irony! These woke warriors conveniently ignore and deny a crucial piece of history – the origin of their very own party, the Democrats, and their beloved creation: the Ku Klux Klan.

Yes, you heard it right! Once upon a time, in the magical land of the South, the Democratic Party birthed the infamous KKK. But no worries, dear woke warriors, we know history can be so dull and inconvenient. Why bother acknowledging that your party had a cozy little fling with white supremacy back in the day?

It seems that woke warriors only accept history that fits their narrative – everything else must be erased like an embarrassing party photo from college. How dare anyone remind them of their party’s past transgressions when there are more important matters to address, like the “correct” pronouns to use for imaginary creatures?

As they preach about inclusivity and understanding, they blissfully ignore the fact that the Democrats were once the champions of segregation and oppression. But fear not, woke warriors! We are here to remind you that yes, history can be messy, but facing the truth is essential for growth. After all, how can you learn from the past if you’re too busy tweeting about the latest trending topic?

Maybe it’s time for a woke history class, where the syllabus covers everything, even the unflattering parts. Picture this: a lesson on how the Democratic Party had a fleeting love affair with the KKK. Oh, what a spicy tale that would be! Let’s see how they’d squirm in their seats.

So, dear readers, let this be a cautionary tale for all the woke warriors out there. Embrace the whole truth, not just the parts that make you feel warm and fuzzy. History has a funny way of reminding us that even the loudest virtue signalers can have some skeletons in their closets.

Now, go forth, my fellow conservatives, armed with this enlightening piece of history. Share it with your woke acquaintances, and watch as their faces turn shades of red that Pantone couldn’t even dream of naming. And as for the woke warriors, may they one day wake up from their self-righteous slumber and embrace the full story – KKK and all

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