It’s Time to Indict Some District Attorneys

So a grand jury in in 95% democrat district has filed charges against President Trump. Who needs a Grand Jury to indict? The Grand Jury only hears the charges being presented with nobody there to counter those charges. Any District Attorney who cannot get an indictment from a Grand Jury should be fired.
We have to change the laws that allow frivolous charges to be brought without any repercussions to the District Attorneys for misconduct, especially politically driven acts. If nothing else, the District Attorneys should be held personally responsible for lost wages and all costs associated with frivolous or politically-motivated charges. Maybe they’d do a more unbiased review of the evidence before trying to convict people.
There is absolutely nothing wrong or illegal with attempting to change a vote count. What if the count needed to be changed? What if some clerk allowed late ballots to be counted that should not have been counted? What if some provisional ballots were allowed that were not supposed the be allowed? Trump did not ask for an illegal action. He asked for a legal action. These charges will get thrown out.
Why interfere with the dysfunctional liberal system, let the people see it all. They are destroying themselves in front of everyone. The dems will continue to indict Trump. When they realize that his base continues to grow, they might try to put him jail. But actually being able to do so, is unlikely.
Trump has let us know the way forward, with each new indictment the more powerful he gets and the more people will follow and vote for him. The key is the election. He wants to show the dems that he and the people are in control.
The election setup is complete, Trump and the military prepared their part, now the people must do theirs. We the People are at the precipice under this corrupt system. Trump says that soon it will be our turn. Trump is about to unleash the fury of evidence. The best is yet to come. 🇺🇸

On the other side of this, President Trump’s legal team should be figuring out a way to bring charges against both Fani Willis and Alvin Bragg for interfering with a federal election, which is the entire purpose of those charges in New York and Atlanta. The House of Representatives should begin impeachment proceedings against Merrick Garland for the same reason regarding the Presidential Records indictments. This is the United States of America and if we let these political hacks get away with what they are doing, the Republic is doomed.

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