The Assassination of the President (JFK) of the United States of America Closing on 60: What Lee Harvey Oswald and Richard Case Nagel Chose to Do, Part 2

In part 1 I made the case for congress to finally act and disclose all the facts on the conspiracy to assassinate President John F. Kennedy (JFK.) They can most easily do so starting with the recognition of the heroes of this story who sacrificed themselves to call attention to the assassination by their acts and action, including Lee Harvey Oswald-who the evidence indicates fired a warning shot that day-and Richard Case Nagel (CPT, US Army, Retired) who fired a weapon into the ceiling of a bank to call attention to the assassination plans. I also teased the question and owe an answer on who shared the 6th floor of the Texas Book Repository sniper’s nest with Oswald.

If it seems odd for somebody to be dwelling on the JFK conspiracy with all the chaos and collusion and criminality going on in our government and society today, just consider that the lessons not learned from the collusion and government coverup at the highest levels during that time likely laid the groundwork for dozens and dozens-perhaps hundreds of efforts since-from the propaganda attack in the Gulf of Tonkin that “outraged” us into an engagement in Southeast Asia that none of our military at the time thought made any sense nor believed was “winnable,” and yet incrementally and inexplicably led to over 58K deaths in Vietnam for what arguably amounted to nothing (in the final analysis,) to pipe bombs in DC and cocaine in the white house: mysteries of life.

Oh, and the disturbing and haunting images from that fateful day-22 November 1963-that changed America forever.

Congress should also celebrate those so called “conspiracy theorists” whose never say die quest for the truth epitomizes every attribute that makes a constitutional republic work and its government accountable to we the people: all done in the midst of a concerted and continuing government coordinated coverup, as well as a shadowy mafia and apparent government involved witness elimination campaign that kept many people quiet through the decades who might have contributed big pieces of the conspiracy puzzle that remain unknown.

There were a number of different groups involved in the conspiracy to assassinate JFK and we can continue to dwell on them until tired of the names, organizations, reasons and stories, but only the government-led by President Lyndon Baines Johnson (LBJ) and FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover-could have covered it up.

LBJ-depicted above showing what a classless, heartless basswich he was-Congressman Albert Wilson gives him a wink on this most somber occasion where he in effect illegally asserted federal jurisdiction and removed the body from Dallas without an autopsy, directing manipulation of the body diverted to Walter Reed and then the botched and hash of an autopsy at Bethesda that Robert F. Kennedy and the family interfered in, resulted in a tainting of the process and the available evidence to hide the truth.

Impeding and effectively leaving holes and gaps that became disconnects in the chain of evidence and facts, blunting or at a minimum hamstringing the honest attempts at forensic analysis forever more. LBJ circumvented-shortstopped-all other investigations by standing up the Warren Commission with hand selected “trusted” advisor sycophants to do the bidding of the fable of the lone communist gunman lunatic, with no investigative capability, and removing all available evidence from Dallas: but they couldn’t remove the facts of what happened.

With Hoover producing a supposed comprehensive five volume FBI report within weeks-that did not mention Oswald’s government ties nor the warnings of Nagel nor Oswald that simply had to make it to Hoover himself in such an autocratic bureaucracy, and the subsequent issuing of the Warren Commission Report (WRC,) held up and touted as the final conclusion amid the lies, fiction, selective inclusion of witness testimony, magic bullets, making up stories to fit their narrative, and failing to secure and disclose evidence that did not support their novel theory, the facts were relegated to historians.

Why should we care about this continuing government coverup of something that happened sixty years ago? When our elected officials knowingly and with malice aforethought lie to we the people there should be straightforward, full accountability each and every time: full stop. There are no good or just causes that excuse our representative’s untruthful actions.

Our-my parents-trusted the government and media in this era: what else did they have?

An infamous, criminal politician once asked, “What difference, at this point, does it make?” A classic “squirrel line” intended for the LSMBTG and her political supporters to town cry to the masses. In the case she was lying about, we had an obvious terrorist attack on the anniversary of the 9-11 attacks occur in Libya at a somewhat remote CIA facility and an embassy annex. In Libya, where Obama and our state department-led by her-with coordination on the ground with a man who led the racist allegations calling attention to the most Reverend Wright-Obama’s pastor for two decades, who-despite sitting in the front pew week after week-Obama never realized was an American hating racist bigot until it was finally pointed out to him-who disturbed him so badly that Obama had given her guidance that “he was not to be hired”-Sid Blumenthal-conspired to make it into a lawless, dangerous, ungoverned space.

They lied about the attacks and attributed them to a “hateful video” that she had already disavowed in open emails to colleagues, family and foreign government representatives-in the face of all information to the contrary-it was an ad hoc mob of protestors, who not only managed to bring mortars, hand grenades, automatic weapons and crew served machine guns, but they were able to hit targets on rooftops with mortar fire in short order-something trained military crews struggle to achieve-all the while our government lied to us until exposed and called out by the facts.

We can take our place as “conspiracy theorists-” and wear that banner/label proudly-without shame-simply by demanding straight answers from our elected representatives and government officials based on the available evidence, science, and facts.

The JFK assassination conspiracy and coverup blazed the path-led to myriad government lies and information operations during our lifetime.

Bullets-ballistics in our world-are akin to magic, like elephants are to flight, notwithstanding cartoons like Dumbo. Projectiles do not stop in mid-air, change directions, break hard objects, continue momentum, embed themselves into things and yet emerge in near pristine condition that bear little to no resemblance to other bullets fired at similar objects: it is not just unbelievable, but impossible.

A charade and caricature of justice-an affront to the sensibilities, which you can read for yourself in the embarrassing WCR sworn to as the facts, led by the leader of our Supreme Court.

Cocaine does not simply “show up” in secure government facilities-such as the White House-where they have a very real and deadly serious security mission identifying, stopping, and taking action on any white powdery substance that anybody might attempt to bring within harm’s way of the president. Yet we are to believe in this day and age of cameras, surveillance, secret service presence and precautions, that such a thing happened: we don’t know who, and we are moving on.

Pipe Bombs-even faux ones with inoperable and fake timers-kitchen timers set at 20 minutes to 1PM but not running and no way to explode that we are still hearing were placed the night before (hahaha): do not magically appear in places like DC under conditions of heightened security within 100s of feet of political headquarters being visited by Vice Presidential nominees, and defy discovery-in a wide open, visible place-by secret service screening teams (apparently from the Helen Keller Division) who have one job to do in the course of their protective security mission.

Think of them not so much as pipe bombs but bait that can serve as a must respond, key event in a strategy to distract and draw away two of the 3 designated security teams responsible to hold the line on weak barriers protecting the capital. Opening them up to exploitation by embedded feds.

We are to believe all manner of magical acts that the FBI performed in tracking down citizens involved in the expression of their political beliefs on 6 Jan 2021-they pulled out all the stops-ATM, Cell Phone use, social media, credit transactions, facial recognition software, signals intelligence—a whole of force effort against those dirty, political rabble rousing Americans-but what was arguably the most potentially dangerous threat that happened on that day-pipe bombs, a potential terrorist act-positioned to take out the first female and woman of color Vice President elect in American history-remains a mystery of life: an American Federal law enforcement embarrassment (even if it was an inside job) on a par with the failure of the DC Capital Police to surge to protect our president from Black Liberation Revival Movement and ANTIFA anarchist radicals the night he had to be evacuated from the White House, and the failure of the JFK limousine driver to hit the gas and motor out of the ambush at the first sign of a “loud noise that sounded like a firecracker” to many, but a rifle shot to those trained to know, in a place where there was supposed to be neither.

Computer data bases and software created exclusively by company technicians paid for the specific purpose of performing relatively straightforward and mundane election related functions, scan in ballots, create ballot images, count ballets, populate data bases and send unclear ballot sheets to adjudication. Seems straightforward to tabulate votes in accordance with federal election standards.

Such systems do not independently replicate and create “prime” or duplicates of record data bases, undertake action to populate those data bases with seemingly arbitrary algorithms and select data from the replaced data base in some manner that is not initiated by, known about or repeatable by government operators. While eliminating the previous data base and official tabulated data, thereby creating an entire new data set that government officials responsible to ensure accountability and replicability in the process cannot explain, resolve, reproduce or in the final analysis-legally certify as a lawful election.

Yet this happened in Mesa County, Colorado: the Colorado Secretary of State (SOS) refused to take any action or investigate the problems, insisting on certification regardless of the issues-or else-and later brought charges against the responsible government person who “illegally” copied and submitted the record data files for forensic investigation by independent computer experts who discovered the above actions.

Lawsuits are still pending against the responsible Mesa County official-Tina Peters, and everybody seems witting of the fact that she took illegal actions and is a bad person, but nobody has bothered to take up the cause of the mystery of life of the self- replicating data base and illegal certification of the vote counts: but that Tina Peters, she did a bad, bad thing on a par with Oswald and Nagel…

In the aftermath, the Colorado SOS declared the Mesa County voting systems “compromised” and continued her plan to push software updates to all county election machines (in ~61 counties) that overwrote-prior to the mandated legal federal election holding period of two years-the electronic election records. Including destroying ballot images-associated with the 2020 election-that the Colorado SOS had mandated must be used in any recounts that take place: while reportedly leaving 2018 images untouched. My question is-what about the original, analog paper ballots?

Interestingly enough in one of the conference/Zoom calls to discuss the charges against Ms. Peters, one of the caller IDs listed in the court system in Denver reportedly said something like “Washington DC DOJ:” now why would somebody from the swamp be interested in little ole Mesa County Colorado? Of course, it was the feds and FBI who raided Peters office, some of her clerks, and her home.

A lot of federal power and dollars apparently expended to protect a federal election from such a determined and dangerous ~70 something year old “criminal.”

But not a single nickel spent to look into the integrity of the Colorado run federal election where some 4.8 million ballots were mailed out to what the state itself counts as no more than 3.8 million potential voters: a mystery of life.

I could go on with these examples for a dozen articles, but the bottom line with these government coverups is that state (government) conducted and sanctioned criminality of the type that took place in these examples drives witnesses to ground. Numerous accounts detail the strange number of “deaths” associated with the JFK conspiracy: well over a hundred in somewhat “waves” or tranches correlated to the opening of and the conduct of different official investigations over the years. When the state elevates whistleblowers on the “correct side” while crassly ignoring, punishing and exposing those who are out of favor with the political class, we see these coverups that seek to run out the clock on the statute of limitations.

Speaking of running out the clock, the fingerprints that were found in the sniper’s nest-that neither the Dallas PD, FBI nor any LEA entity was able to match to anybody, were a mystery of life for a long time. Until LBJ super lawyer Barr McClelland began working on “Blood Money & Power: How L.B.J. killed J.F.K.” and started to document and report the story of how LBJ and his crooked super lawyer team led by Edward A. Clark and Don Thomas managed to steal elections for him, particularly the infamous 1948 Texas Senate race and the Box 13 ballot stuffing scandal executed by Thomas, where “Lyin Landslide Lyndon” squeaked out a 48-vote win after a ~200 vote stuffing effort in a place where they couldn’t possibly exist. And then survived all manner of challenges that had to go through the “in LBJ’s pocket” Austin court system.

Later graduating to murder of those who threatened their schemes-reportedly eight in total-counting JFK. Leveraging the distinct talents of a man named Malcolm “Mac” Wallace, a USMC veteran who became a devout Marxist and married a free spirit, part time lesbian, although both would be dogged by “tales” of sexual perversion throughout their marriage: in Texas, in the 1950s!

“Mac” was convicted October 22, 1952, of killing golf professional John Douglas Kinser for no motive offered in his defense, but under murky circumstances that either involved messing around with his wife or LBJ’s sister, a known loose woman proving to be such an embarrassment that she was later taken care of, as well (among the 8.)

Wallace was given a relatively light sentence, no doubt influenced by Clark, who was in charge of populating the Travis County, Austin court rooms with friends of LBJ.

Fast forward a bit and one of the somewhat embarrassing issues to come out of the WCR in September 1964 was the inability to identify latent fingerprints found in the sniper’s nest that did not match any employee. A certified military fingerprint specialist who was known to the Austin courts-A. Nathan Darby-was recommended to do a blind investigation against sets of unidentified prints that included Wallace’s 1951 print card from his murder conviction and struck gold in March 1998: an absolute, positive match to the mystery fingerprints found in the 6th floor Texas Book Depository sniper’s nest on several boxes blocking the view. Of course-Oswald’s were found there as well, but he worked there and was one of the shippers whose job was to handle the boxes.

When the prints were sent to the FBI lab (Quantico) since it was still an open federal investigation by the FBI and the Dallas PD, the FBI was unsurprisingly unable to duplicate the match which would have undone the entire basis of their lone communist lunatic gunman proclamation.

But interestingly enough, a certified latent print examiner-E. Harold Hoffmeister-came out with a positive match, as well. An interesting side point is that Wallace (per McLelland) fired one of the first shots that hit JFK, reportedly hitting low by 5 inches and right. If you recall your conspiracy theory history factoids, when professional shooters attempted to recreate the shooting using Oswald’s actual Mannlicher-Carcano 6.5 Italian bolt action POS rifle, it not only had a bolt issue that would have prevented operating it for 3 aimed shots in less than six seconds, but the shooters could not hit their arse with both hands because the rifle was bore sighted 5 inches low and right of center.

Also, the rifle in the Dallas PD pictures reported to be Oswald’s had sling points on the sides of the rifle, not below like normal weapons and the style that he received when he ordered it (and why did he order a 38 and 6.5 rifle when he could just as easily have bought one anonymously, locally in gun friendly Dallas, notwithstanding that some believe he was supporting some political scheme for some “agency” because the senate just happened to be holding hearings at the time on tightening up the exact type of order he made.)

Despite Dallas PD Chief Curry stating that there was no paraffin on Oswald’s cheek nor gun powder on his hands (indicating he did not fire a weapon,) and that fingerprints were not found on the weapon, the FBI managed to find Oswald’s palm print on the weapon after a suspicious visit to the morgue where Oswald was being prepped for burial: the mortician reported that the agents were sloppy and they subsequently had to scrub Oswald’s hands clean of the fingerprinting ink while prepping the body. And the rifle had the side mounted sling attachments: it was not Oswald’s rifle.

The bottom line is the latent print belonged to long time LBJ and Ed Clark associate and often operative Mac Wallace. Now what was he doing in the sniper’s nest that would have left prints on the boxes used to block the view of enquiring minds on 22 November 1963???

A mystery of life that took nearly 25 years to solve. And it was in effect solved through non-LEA initiative by an independent latent print identification specialist when the might of the US government had been unable-or more likely, unwilling-to solve and trifle with a key piece of the puzzle propping up their single lone communist lunatic gunman theory like a key piece in the pickup-stick pile.

Cue Queen’s “Another One Bites the Dust:” when conspiracy theory becomes fact.

We are not done with Mac Wallace by a long shot, including his ties to other murders, and more importantly his links to Ed Clark and LBJ culpability like six degrees of Kevin Bacon theory.

Max Dribbler

17 August 2023

LSMBTG: Lamestream media echo chamber (LMEC-L) social media (SM) big tech tyrants (BT) and government (G)

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