Political Parody As a Weapon Part C*

Parody As a Weapon Part C* If Hunter gets thrown under the bus, could he burn his lips on the exhaust mistaking it for a crack pipe?

Last week, in Part XCIX, the COVID 19 song parody was nothing to sneeze at. This week, we will take time again to mock a man who, if seen with a runny nose; COVID, cold or allergies would be your last guesses as to the cause.

We are talking, of course, about Joe Biden’s surviving son Robert Hunter. This week, his legal defense team tried to salvage a fragment of the sweetheart privileged plea deal that fell apart last month of the scrutiny of Judge Maryellen Noreika. Despite the addition of the experienced defense attorney Abbe Lowell, the best that the dream team could manage was to pretend that the pretrial diversion agreement was still in effect for the case involving Hunter Biden (following in the tradition of his father) wherein he made false statements on the federal form regarding his unlawful drug use while purchasing a handgun from a Wilmington, DE area firearms retailer. Apparently, they selectively misheard what Judge Noreika had announced in the courtroom regarding the unacceptability (and likely unconstitutionality) of the unprecedented deal, and decided they should try to hang on to their guarantee that Hunter wouldn’t do jail time, even if there was little chance that the US DOJ would still consider it valid.

The newly-designated special counsel was quick to clarify that the pre-trial diversion agreement was (in the words of the defense team from the court proceedings) “null and void”. It seems that even a Merrick Garland-led Department of Justice has limits as to how far it will bend over to let Hunter Biden’s crimes go unpunished.

Indeed, it has begun to appear that even the democrats are prepared to let Hunter Biden take the fall for some of the many crimes he has committed with the ill-gotten gains from the family influence peddling, bribery and extortion racket. Democrat congressman and 2017 insurrectionist Jamie Raskin has even conceded that Hunter Biden has committed crimes and “awful things” (which is of course difficult to deny given Hunter’s penchant for making video images of much of his debauchery), in the hope that if they give up the drug-addicted bastard-spawning tax cheat, the voters will forget whose influence Hunter was peddling to fund his corrupt lifestyles.

Of course, at least until January of 2025, Hunter’s partner AKA “The Big Guy” has the power to solve all of the federal legal troubles that are out there through the pardon process. Karine Jean-Pierre (KJP), the White House Communications Director, has stated that Biden has taken this option off the table. Despite this assurance, Biden is such an habitual liar and KJP such an inept spokesperson that such a statement is an early signal that while Hunter might have to endure legal scrutiny, the “P Word” is out there as a final option.

Of course, while options may abound for the Bidens, sometimes there is no other choice. In selecting a tune to borrow to parody Hunter and his dad, how could there be a better title to borrow than “The Hunter Gets Captured By The Game” by the Marvelettes. I have re-worked the lyrics to reflect Robert Hunter Biden’s shifting circumstances.

Elections brings change, and the White House got a different face
The economy was rearranged, and our country is now a different place
Oh yeah, the Bidens have been selling us
Like a fox that preys on a rabbit
But now Hunter might be thrown under the bus
A bag man with a crack habit
All the Chinese cash that they were after
But too stoned to pay his taxes and soon that fact was captured

Soon the whole world’s gonna know
They sold the Biden name
Now it’s time that Hunter gets set up for the blame

The proof was in his laptop
Though the deep state would deny it
And big tech tried to make it stop
Made enough dumb voters buy it
Hunter’s plans didn’t work out and it’s startin’
He’s got to take the blame for Joe and then wait on a pardon

Soon the whole world’s gonna know
They sold the Biden name
Now it’s time that Hunter gets set up for the blame

*That is Roman Numeral 100, as opposed to the part after Parts A and B.

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