Rich Men Who Live North of Richmond Revisited

My first piece about the message in this music was written as Poly Sci 101. This one is from the heart. The working people of America know the rich men who live north of Richmond don’t give a damn about them. They talk nice, but they really don’t care. Everything the Democrats do makes things worse. The little the Republicans actually do, doesn’t do diddley squat.

Look at the career politicians, Congressional cowards who call themselves “Conservatives”, brag about their latest budget deal – cutting $1.5 T in deficit spending. What they don’t tell you is that the Commies wanted to increase the deficit by $12.5 T. The Establishment Republicans increased the deficit by $11 T and called it a big win. A win would be a $0.0 increase in the deficit. A big win would be to decrease the dangerous $31 T deficit.

The federal deficit fuels inflation. Inflation robs the poor and middle class. Wages never keep up with inflation. But the rich men living north of Richmond don’t care because their con works. They stay in power and keep making money. Ultimately, the deficit will destroy our economy. Who will go homeless and hungry first? Working people or politicians? Wage earners or salaried bureaucrats in government?

Everyone who lives paycheck to paycheck gets it. If you live one paycheck away from not making your mortgage or your rent, you feel it. If your place of work could close without warning, ship your job overseas, or just let you go when money is tight, you know you’re not in control of providing for your family.

When the alternatives to work where you live are slim, none, or big cuts in pay, you know economic opportunity is only for people who already have plenty of money.

When going into business for yourself means selling goods and services to folks in your same situation, you get the ghetto industries of hair and nails, tattoos, etc. which moves the government welfare dollars around the neighborhood. Nobody gets ahead, because no new capital is created.

So, if you have an attachment to your home, your family, your friends, your church, your history in one place, what do you do when economic choices are more minimum wage than living wage?

And on top of that, what do you do about the Human Secularist Totalitarians – Commies – who control 5 of 7 institutions that shape American culture and civilization and really want to control every aspect of your life?

No gas cars. No gas stoves. “15 minute” urban living restrictions. CRT, DEI, ESG systemic racism. Perverted men destroy women’s sports and invade women’s spaces. Government controls healthcare, housing, transportation, and everything it can grasp for the “common good.” You pay taxes because you work while government gives money to those who don’t and won’t work. Government uses your taxes to support the illegal alien invasion – more than 6.5 m in two and a half years. Government supports Climate Cultists to destroy farms and animals – and ultimately people – to create a more “livable” earth. Livable for who? The elites only.

Oliver Anthony, of Farmville, Virginia, really sings truth to power:

Livin’ in the new world With an old soul These rich men north of Richmond Lord knows they all just wanna have total control Wanna know what you think, wanna know what you do And they don’t think you know, but I know what you do ‘Cause your dollar ain’t shit and it’s taxed to no end

Furthermore, when a man sings such a song with a Southern twang in his voice, the Commies really come at him. Their criticisms are as clueless as they are cynically scripted to their Cultural Marxist narrative about race, religion, history, government and economics.

Meanwhile, the millions who make this song number one get it. The connection in their heart, in their guts, in the wordless understandings of their mind and soul is real.

People around the world who are not represented by their government but are ruled badly, wrongly, hurtfully by government – get it.

So “Who decides?” every blessed thing in your life. Why? Where is it written? Who demands it?

What can one free man or woman do in America to get Government to quit screwing up their lives? Quit dictating their lives. Quit letting rich men living north of Richmond make the decisions for their lives?

Get right with the one only, true, living God of the Holy Bible. Read the Bible daily.

Love your family unconditionally. Love your friends and others as you love yourself.

Don’t be afraid. Say what you will. Speak up. At home. In public.

Never vote Democrat again. Don’t vote Republican blindly. Vote for a Conservative who will risk losing an election – their job – to do what’s right.

Work hard as you’ve been doing. Pull the plug and save the money spent on cable entertainment. Save as much as you can.

Read a bit. The Constitution. Federalist Papers. History written before 2000. Biographies of brave men and women.

Look for a national champion, but realize all men have clay feet. Our American champion for this season isn’t Trump. He did great, but his time is over.

And, if the worst comes, be ready to fight. Like our ancestors did.

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