AFNN Week In Review, 21-27 August

In case you missed them, here are some of our top stories from the week of 21-27 August.

Starting out the week, Retired Air Force Colonel and Air Force Cross awardee, Art Cole has some choice words about our current Commander-In-Chief.

John F. De Leo examines elections and shows how the system itself, is set up to promote fraud in, Vote Fraud and the American Way.

Peter Serefine has a detailed piece out on the ins and outs of fighting the gun grabbers in, Upholding the Second Amendment: Challenging the Constitutionality of Gun Control Laws. This piece is about the thankless drudge work we must do to win the long-term fight.

Mike Thiac notes that, Some Blue Cities Are Finally Admitting To Themselves “I Have A Problem And I Need To Change.

We have three pieces out regarding the phenomenon of country music and small town culture.

Rich Men Who Live North of Richmond

Rich Men Who Live North of Richmond-Revisited

They Tried That In a Small Town

In a guest editorial by Heartland Institute’s Matt Dean, we see that the left is attempting to use Covid like restrictions to deal with climate change: Climate Change Is the New COVID-19

Although President Trump had not yet been booked in the Fulton County Jail, Betsy Vaughn was already pointing out that, Pollster: Trump is ‘stronger today than he’s ever been

Chris Talgo warns that Mask Mandates and Lockdown are looming as we get closer to election 2024: COVID-19 Mask Mandates Are Coming Back. Will Lockdowns Be Next?

One of our resident satirists, Dave Cloft lampoons some bizarre military decisions. 

Woke Draft: Congressman Proposes Inclusive Draft for 139 Genders

Satire-Reflective Belt Apocalypse: How America’s National Security Hangs by a Thread of Hi-Vis


Rounding out the week, Teresa Ford gives us a little devotional message.

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