Chicken Little; An Updated Version

A person can find wisdom in the strangest of places; it just pops up at you when you least expect it. Case in point, “The Story of Chicken Little,” one of the cartoons on an old Disney DVD, along with the Three Little Pigs, The Big Bad Wolf, and Lambert, the Sheepish Lion. It was a favorite of grandson JG and me, for it is an oldie, done before Disney went crazy.

Everyone knows the story of Chicken Little and the sky that fell on his head, but the Disney version didn’t exactly follow the story that I had read as a child. In the MCMXLIII (1943) version, the story had a different interpretation, and it should have served as a warning to the Western World, for what it explained with cartoon characters has become a reality.

In the cartoon, the Fox is the evil presence, determined to lure the chickens to his cave where he will eat them all. But first, he has to condition them to follow his lead.

The wily Fox explains to the audience that to influence the masses, aim at the least intelligent, which in this case is Chicken Little. A piece of wood falls on his head, and with some whispering from the Fox as to what happened, Chicken Little the least intelligent in the chicken yard, runs around crying that the SKY IS FALLING, RUN FOR YOUR LIVES.

The hens and the rooster pay him no mind at first, but he is so insistent with his fear that they start to think he might be right. Mr. Foxy Loxy tells the audience that to win people over, if you tell a lie, don’t tell a little one. Tell a big one!

The hens are getting more upset, but the boss rooster tells them there’s nothing to Chicken Little and his story. But a rumor starts that the rooster is getting soft, not paying attention to guarding his flock properly, and the rumor spreads. And as rumors do, every hen spreading the rumor adds her bit to it so that by the time it circles the chicken yard, the rooster must be removed from his position as leader. This was step number 3 in the Fox’s plan: undermine the faith of the masses in their leader with a whispering campaign designed to overthrow the leader.

The whispering campaign explodes and the hysterical Hens decide that they must listen to the warnings of Chicken Little, the least likely fowl to have any sense. This is step 4 in the Fox’s plan: insignificant people can be made to look upon themselves as born leaders.

Chicken Little, in all his vanity. listens to the suggestions of the evil Fox, and leads all the fowl to a cave where they will be safe from the falling sky. Except it is the Fox’s den, where he is prepared to feast for days on the dumb clucks. And he does. The End.

The first time I watched this cartoon made 80 years ago, as the Brits say, I was gobsmacked at the lessons in this cartoon for kids. The plan of old Foxy Loxy is being played out on us today.

The least intelligent people are being bamboozled and pushed to the forefront as leaders of the nation. All you have to do is watch the news and listen to these mockingbirds spouting their garbage to the masses that they hope are dumb enough to believe the lies they are being told.

The birds tell their BIG LIES: climate change, racism in everything, the economy is great, the border is closed, covid is not just the flu, and our armed forces are in excellent condition. The great president, Joe Biden, is a model of decency, honesty, and truthfulness, and Camel Harris is a fine vice president, so intelligent and well spoken. If you don’t buy into those BIG LIES, well, brother, something is wrong with YOU.

The birds and those who control them started attacking Donald Trump before he was elected in 2016, and the attacks on the best president we’ve ever had, continue to this day. The Chicken Littles in New York, Washington DC and Atlanta are running in circles screaming that the Sky is Falling and we will all perish is Trump is rightfully placed back in the White House in 2024.

These stupid (can I call them stupid?) insignificant people have elevated themselves to be judge and jury on Trump and his MAGA followers. The least intelligent have been propelled into the spotlight as great thinkers and great leaders. Remember the George Floyd mess in 2020? A thug is killed and all of a sudden he is elevated to sainthood. The least intelligent buy this lie and they burn cities, kill people, destroy neighborhoods and small businesses, all because they were dumb enough to believe that Saint George had died because of his race, not his unlawful actions.

A person cannot reason with people like these unintelligent anarchists, because they are devoid of reason and logical thinking. They seize upon an idea, and will follow their leader off a cliff or into a cave.

The mockingbirds are getting ready now to scare the least intelligent into believing that another round of covid is coming and more shots are necessary to stem the tide. Mask up, stay 6 feet from people, don’t go into small businesses or you will DIE. If going into a business made people die, there should have piles outside WalMart, Costco, Target, etc., in 2020. But they were never shut down, and because all the small businesses had to close, the mega stores made mega millions off the people who could not think for themselves.

If masking and all that other foolishness returns, I will be doing exactly as I did before. No mask, no hiding in the house, no shots and no hysteria, down here on Tupelo Brake, Life will go on as usual, just like it did the last time the least intelligent were running around like Chicken Little, screaming that the SKY IS FALLING.

It ain’t falling folks. For the love of all that is good and sane in America, do not buy into that communist scheme again. In 2020, I passed along this quote: Covid will come and go. But the government will never forget how easy it was to take over your lives.

The news from the mockingbirds here in the late summer of 2023, is that, no indeed, the government has not forgotten.

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