Gun Control and Personal Responsibility

As I have been recovering from surgery the push for gun control has been in the forefront of the societal mind. Mass shootings are now common in our culture, which raises an important issue: Is it the firearms fault, or does the blame rest with people and how the culture manages personal conflicts? Being this encompasses much more than a yes or no answer and it transcends the time for the article, I will focus on a human aspect which I firmly believe shapes our culture today.

First of all I want to take us on a trip back in time, to a much simpler era, before Jesus walked with us. It is just after the fall of mankind, you remember the names Adam and Eve don’t you? To save space I would like you to look up the Book of Genesis in the Bible and find chapter 4. This is the record of Cain killing his brother Abel. Before we go any further please read this very close. Read it over until you realize something, I don’t want to be a party pooper, but God sorts the issue out and renders judgment, not on the way we do today, he brings judgment on the individual not the object used. This is why I want you to ingest this into your heart, because it is extremely important.

You see the inconvenient truth is, today we blame the object (firearm) instead of discussing the underlying problem, holding people accountable for their actions. Some want us to live in fear so we will react in an emotional way, which leads to giving up our rights for the fallacy of being secure. We are told: “no one needs a machine gun, or an assault rifle.” The problem is as I have witnessed some of our leaders react in an udder fear to the presentation of a mere magazine, which is useless except for holding ammunition. This raises the question, what in the world have we done with rational thinking on an issue of importance concerning our culture?

Case in point, when I was in high school there was a contingent of us that would carry a shotgun in the trunk during hunting season. There were no mass shootings; no thought of taking someone’s life, or problems with others, there was bullying, and of course there was the rift between the jocks and burnouts. However, it stayed civil. The main point is we had a very different view of our country and life was a precious thing. Now before someone begins to hate or bring judgment, stop and HONESTLY consider what is happening today in our culture.

We have gone from helping each other to being narcissistic in a matter of a few decades. As technology ramped up so did the separation between families and friends, bringing with it a way of instant communication and in some cases a platform for those who want to share with the world they are eating at a fast food chain. There is constant pressure to disband the family structure, which is succeeding in breaking the very fabric that holds our country together. In addition, we have marginalized our children of all colors for the sake of liberal ideology who is at war with the family. I wonder how many cures for cancer, Alzheimer’s, mental illness, ect, have been killed on the alter of abortion. In other words, we have allowed our liberal side of society to run all over our moral fabric that has done damage to our country. Thus, the lunacy has been imported from Europe and other places and the message is life is marginal and not worth anything.

The culpability doesn’t just lie with society; the wider church is complicit also. I am not speaking of one denomination; I am speaking of the whole church, the ones in the news on a constant basis. We know the ones; they bend the word of God to placate public opinion. You see as an ordained member of the pastorate, I am appalled in some of the antics that have occurred. We have to do better. However, I wonder if the problem is too far advanced to bring correction that is meaningful. I hope God shows the way to mend fences to us.

So where do we go from here? First of all instead of the government trying to limit the rights of the honest law abiding people, maybe it should show a united front in saying all life is precious, not only in the eyes of God, but also to society. Quit trying to scapegoat an inanimate object and get down to providing real answers to help those who are marginalized. Provide the funding for better mental health care, because the current model isn’t working. Red flag laws have demonized those who a seeking care and missing those who intend to harm. Another area is close the border. No more wink, wink, nod, nod, and Jose’ is your uncle. CLOSE IT. How many terrorists have entered the country and are committing crimes?

Does this mean it gives President Biden a pass, absolutely not, you sir, are complicit by not taking action and you have created this huge mess. By you inaction and demonization of law abiding citizens have created a cauldron of hate and anxiety where people think they have the right to kill. What would happen, what would really happen, if you got on the television and stated to those watching that murder is not going to be tolerated. Yeah, it might take some honor and courage to accomplish, but YOU are the elected leader. Finally, we all are complicit in this, what do I mean? We have failed to hold those responsible accountable for there actions. The government, the church, our institutions, and our leaders, we have made this mess, it’s time to cleanup. I know we can do it. How, two corporations are dealing with the fallout now, I will not name them. However, due to backlash they are going bankrupt. One thing I learned as an artillery observer is sometimes a bold correction is needed. Maybe…


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