A Racist Is Motivated By…A Governor?

Generally leftists only want to blame a gun for a mass shooting, unless it is a cop firing it. Well, now it’s a governor at fault.

On August 26, 2023, a man walked into a Dollar General in Jacksonville FL with an AR-15 and a Glock pistol. In all he killed 4 people (including himself). I have to say I’m glad to see he’s no longer contaminating the human gene pool, but the usual suspects are at it again.

State Senator cites atmosphere created by recent changes in the law.

A Jacksonville Dollar General was the scene of a mass murder Saturday, leaving four people dead five years to the day after a mass shooting at a video game tournament at the former Jacksonville Landing, and one day short of 73 years from Ax Handle Saturday, a day on which White marauders attacked Black shoppers downtown.

Yet another day will live in infamy.

Ax Handle Saturday has what to do with the price of tea in China? While that mass murder was racially motivated, the Jacksonville Landing was motived by a personal grudge from the shooter to another player. Someone had serious anger management issues.

“All of the deceased victims are Black,” said Jacksonville Sheriff

“Plainly put, this shooter was racially motivated and he hated Black people,” Waters said. “He wanted to kill n——. That’s the one and only time I will use that word.”

As Sunday dawned, the outrage spread.

Democratic state Sen. Tracie Davis, who appeared on MSNBC’s The Katie Phang show Sunday morning, said the blame goes beyond the shooter. Davis, after Phang noted her emotional distress, said it’s “absolutely devastating” that Black people are being targeted for their skin color in 2023.

“The state of Florida has to realize that we as a Legislature have put policies in place —policies into law — that have incited behavior like this,” said Davis, who is a Jacksonville native and represents the city in Tallahassee. “That’s what I truly, wholeheartedly and personally believe…”

…Mayor Deegan said she was “heartbroken.” “So many times, this is where we end up,” Deegan said. “This is something that should not and must not happen in our community.”

…Gov. Ron DeSantis, who addressed the incident from Iowa, condemning the “scumbag” who committed the murders.

“This shooting, based on the manifesto that they discovered from the scumbag that did this, was racially motivated,” DeSantis said. “He was targeting people based on their race. That is totally unacceptable.”

“This guy killed himself rather than face the music and accept responsibility for his actions,” the Governor added. “And so he took the coward’s way out. But we condemn what happened in the strongest possible terms.”

That explanation wasn’t enough for Rep. Angie Nixon, a Jacksonville Democrat who is often at odds with DeSantis.

“It’s kinda hard to believe DeSantis and his ‘condemnation’ of the shooter, when he continually pushes anti-Black policies. A White man in his early twenties specifically went to kill BLACK PEOPLE. The Governor of our state of Florida has created an environment ripe for this,” Nixon said in a statement.

Oh it gets better (emphasis mine).

Other state leaders weighed in also…

Sen. Shevrin Jones, meanwhile, blamed the GOP.

“It does not have to be this way. This is a policy choice, and whether they admit it or not, Florida Republicans have blood on their hands today because it is their white nationalist rhetoric and weakened gun laws that breed acts like this.”

Florida Democratic Party Chair Nikki Fried noted the “manifesto left behind could not have been more clear, the shooter was a white supremacist.”

“In Ron DeSantis’ Florida, Black people are being murdered because we live in a state that has refused to denounce neo-Nazi propaganda and rewritten the history books on slavery.

Good lord, where to start with this? No kidding, he’s a white supremacist, it’s in his writings. And these writings were inspired by whom specifically?

Off the subject, why are we looking at this shooter’s manifesto, but we still haven’t seen the manifesto of the Nashville Christian shooter? The “transgender” (not sure if it was male going to female or the reverse) apparently had an issue with the school. Was this another “hate crime” that’s not a “hate crime?”

“Anti-black policies?” Like what? Actually improving the economy and public education system of the state so it’s added over six million residents since 2000, and gained a seat in the House of Representatives. People cannot get a U-Haul to get out of the workers paradise of California or the formerly industrial Mid-West. But Florida is gaining population every day.

As far as “rewritten the history books on slavey,” I really doubt that. The revised plan explains slavery in detail: how slavey was used in African, European and Asian cultures; how European explorers initially contracted with the systematic slave trading in Africa; the slave revolts in the then British colonies and the service of black Africans in the Revolutionary War; the legal acts in the early years of the nation, such as the Three-Fifths Compromise and Act Prohibiting Importation of Slaves of 1808; the Abolition Movement, such as the Underground Railroad, and; the effect of the Cotton Gin on the slave trade.

As far as the “skill” quote, let’s look at it. The revision from the Florida Department of Education Page 6 (emphasis mine):


Examine the various duties and trades performed by slaves (e.g., agricultural work, painting, carpentry, tailoring, domestic service, blacksmithing, transportation).

Benchmark Clarifications:

Clarification 1: Instruction includes how slaves developed skills which, in some instances, could be applied for their personal benefit.

In no way does this lesson plan eliminate the history of slavery in the colonies, the United States after her founding, or other nations and societies. Could slaves have developed skills useful after the Civil War? Yes. With the advent of Share Cropping the ability to farm would bring them a benefit. Does this mean slavery was “beneficial” to black people as a whole? No, and the section does not say it does.

Could that line have been phrased better? Perhaps, “…developed skills useful after being freed following the Civil War.” But we should not confuse liberals with facts.

As far as encouraging violence, these Democrats need to look at themselves. ANTIFA, Black Lives Matter, etc. conducted countless riots over the last ten years, causing dozens of deaths and billions in damage. But they will come up with an excuse for the disturbances since the Obama years.

By the way Constitutional Carry only became law eight weeks before this shooting. Are we to believe that if it wasn’t approved in July this maniac would have not taken his firearms and shot up a store? No Ms. Jones and Ms. Fried, that would have not stopped anything. You know what is already illegal and has been since Florida was a state? Murder. If that law will not stop him from using a firearm to kill innocent people, he won’t be stopped by a law saying he cannot carry openly. I hope you are not that stupid to believe a few words on a law will stop a madman determined to murder people.

Also, the biggest cause of blacks getting murdered in Florida (and every other state by the way) is…other blacks. But I’m not surprised this doesn’t concern the usual suspects on the left. If they were concerned, they would not be pushing bail “reform” and releasing suspects back into the population. They know once a murder defendant is out, he will likely flee as soon as he’s visited the witnesses against him. Snitches get stitches.

The race baiting industry is in full force over the Jacksonville shooting. The FBI is deploying it’s race baiting unit for a “hate crime” investigation. And liberal politicians will use one red herring after another to confuse the issue. The waste of a human was not motivated by a history lesson or open carry. His hatred came from inside. And no law will stop him from acting out on that if he’s willing to die in the process.

Michael A. Thiac is a retired Army intelligence officer, with over 23 years experience, including serving in the Republic of Korea, Japan, and the Middle East. He is also a retired police patrol sergeant, with over 22 years’ service, and over ten year’s experience in field training of newly assigned officers. He has been published at The American Thinker, PoliceOne.com, and on his personal blog, A Cop’s Watch.

Opinions expressed are his alone and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of current or former employers.

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