Mask Hysteria, The Emperor’s New Clothes

In America’s confident 1950’s, our third grade put on the play, “The Emperor’s New Clothes.” When I got the lead role as the emperor, I was terrified that I’d have to strip naked or even play the role in my underwear. Thankfully, Mrs. Wilcox said we could play pretend about the costume. My fears relieved, the lesson of the fable stayed with me for life. Everyone, except a child, was afraid to the tell the Emperor that he had been conned and his new clothes were no clothes. Much of the responses to Covid are the same cynical con. In this case, the doctor is the emperor and has no gown.

The divide splitting medical doctors and public health officials into opposing camps is astounding in its simplicity. The side which deifies Dr. Fauci claims science by assertion. The other side with many lesser known, brave champions proves its case with hard data and provable facts.

The amazingly large number of government employed officials or securely employed doctors who claim ”I am science because I say so” are getting ready for another season of mask hysteria, mandatory lockdowns, and “papers please” vaccine compliance. It was great while it lasted before, especially for breaking election laws to pad the Democrat vote in 2020. What new rules can they impose for their advantage in the 2024 election?

The excuse will be the new Covid variant – BA.2.86, which is known as Pirola. Interestingly, Pirola is an asteroid near Jupiter. Some guy on Twitter (now called “X”) named it. Go figure.

Reportedly, the BA.2.86 variant isn’t as powerfully bad as the BA.1 variant – otherwise known as Omicron.

Omicron “liked to kill me.” I was in the hospital for 6 days. The doctors told my older daughter to advise her younger sister that she might want to drive home, “because you never want to have regrets.” Sickest that I’ve ever been in my life. Took months to recover.

So, it’s good news that Pirola may not be as bad as Omicron. That’s reality. On the contrary, perception after the Fake News hype will be reality. They’re already pointing to increases in hospitalization, but are careful not to note the illnesses per thousand Americans.

They won’t speak any of these provable truths.

  • The vaccine isn’t a vaccine. It may be an immunity shot to boost resistance. But, the “jab” doesn’t prevent someone from getting the virus. It doesn’t stop a person from spreading the disease.
  • The shot’s rate of mortality and adverse effects is higher than the virus’s mortality and adverse effects to anyone under 65.
  • The masks don’t prevent you from getting the virus or stop you from spreading it. The Covid virus is small enough to go through a N95 mask. The mask may keep you from blowing snot on someone or breathing in their sloppy sneezes. But, that’s it. The mask is a costume. It’s virtue signaling to Liberal lemmings and a clown’s red nose to Conservatives, if not a simple dunce hat as a public statement of low IQ.
  • Lock downs, shut downs, and social distancing don’t stop the virus. Viruses virus. Viruses spread no matter what humans do.
  • There are treatment protocols that can help people who are sick with the virus. They will not necessarily cure them.

Overreacting to the Pirola Virus is political theater. It’s like the play “The Emperor’s Clothes.” It’s a con that too many people may go along with because they are afraid of speaking against authorities in power. Even to speak sternly to their elected employees who lord their powers over us peasants.

If the Feds go nuts again and try to restrict travel – by requiring a shot or masks, it’s time for a governor to fast track a court suit. A good Federal District judge struck down the silliness before the Biden Regime was ever going to do so.

In all the other cases beyond the reach of the Federal government, it’s time for massive resistance. Refuse to comply. Let the states, cities and counties deal with millions of like-minded Americans who will say boldly, “That clown doctor has no gown!

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