The Assassination of the President (JFK) of the United States of America Closing on 60: What Lee Harvey Oswald and Richard Case Nagel Chose to Do Part 4

In Parts 1-3 I introduced two heroes of the JFK assassination conspiracy-Lee Harvey Oswald and Richard Case Nagel, who each took desperate action notwithstanding they undoubtedly knew it was in vain and unlikely to make a difference: poets have referred to such acts over the years as “spending yourself in a worthy cause.

I recently heard South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem cite the most famous rendition of this phrase in introducing President Trump in terms of Roosevelt’s speech in Paris, France 23 April 1910, “The Man in the Arena”-which hangs on my wall in view as I write this-with companion The Declaration of Independence behind me.

Noem is so right about Trump being that man, a stark reminder about causes and taking stands and wading into battles-totally appropriate in the context of what Trump has done ever since he put his hat in the arena and overnight went from the darling of the corrupt LSMBTG-a valued funding and fundraising source, worthy of ingratiation, to the target of the LSMBTG. The Roosevelt speech is a token of gratitude I have often given to retiring or departing mentees who shared the arena with me in government fights and battles over the years-and there were a lot of them-but it takes a special type of person-a commitment to righteousness-to get stabbed in the back, slimed, lied about and shunned-and come back to the arena for the next day’s battle.

The travesty or linking thread between Oswald, Nagel and now Trump is that each man in turn has been literally forced to do the things they did because of the corruption of the LSMBTG, with emphasis on the government-the “G.”

The fact that such logic might sound crazy or conspiratorial to you is not a thought that should inspire comfort somehow or a sentiment to totally ignore the possibility or outright dismissal, but rather should be the inspiration for fact finding and resolution. These states of lawlessness, arbitrary and capricious application, total disregard and overlooking of crimes from certain groups and people, while punishing those who are in the category of the “political opposition,” cannot reside or co-exist comfortably or at all with the rule of law (and not of men) in our country.

If you don’t care or in the final analysis don’t believe there was a conspiracy to kill JFK-that is somewhat par for the course and frankly where “they” want you, given the default response of those pursuing contrary beliefs being labeled conspiracy theorists that has gone on non-stop for nearly 60 years. I feel sympathy for those who have either been duped by the deep swamp’s scheme-bought into the narrative-or are ignorant in the classic sense of the word (as in lacking knowledge) or if your logic thingamabob is disconnected, needs calibration or is out of whack.

The tragedy to our nation was not only the coup d’état that changed our head of government, overturned the will of the people through violence and elevated a criminal politician to the presidency like some third world nation. More tragic is we still don’t have the answers to the conspiracy, in fact this story broke as I am writing this about what was thought to be the “magic bullet” that was found on a stretcher at the hospital-the story is written as if any thinking person bought into-or still believes in the face of all the evidence to the contrary-the Warren Commission story created to do damage control and maintain the lie that Oswald acted alone. Getting this information this late in the game adds just about nothing from an insight perspective.

If it tells us anything it is a reminder that when there is government corruption and collusion with criminal elements like the mob involved, as well as criminality on the part of the agencies and the arms of government-such as the CIA and FBI-mysteries of life like the assassination of a president can happen and be covered up and drive witnesses to ground where they can’t or won’t contribute testimony to clear up events. Under such conditions we the people will never know the truth.

Simply explain to your own satisfaction how-given all we knew at the time-in November 1963-that the FBI 5 Volume Report and all the ancillary follow-up blather that Hoover provided and all the work the Warren Commission produced in a report consisting of ~900 pages and thousands of pages of exhibits-failed to mention the mob, mafia or syndicate at all: not even to identify Jack Ruby’s ties through his Night Club and his well-known bribery of the Dallas PD. Or Oswald’s connections via his uncle Charles “Dutz” Murrett, who was a bookie for “tomato salesman” Carlos Marcello.

Not to pick at dear reader, but yes-I get it-that was a long time ago, who cares. So, try a different, more recent one that I’ve mentioned already in this series of articles. Explain or postulate how it is possible that the FBI and DC Police have not found or identified the pipe-bomber from 6 January 2021. Which means a coin flip has to be used, because they were either FBI or it was an operation done by an agent of the FBI: there is almost no credible third option unless it is pure incompetence.

If it weren’t for the facts of the incident where the pipe-bombs served as a diversion to remove two of the three Capital security guard teams just at the right moment to present an opportunity to breach critical points and facilitate entry to the Capital at the preeeecise time to create a “mixing” amongst the “petrified” lawmakers, who had coincidently just been warned to evacuate because of a bomb threat, only to suddenly find themselves in the midst of the great unwashed in total chaos and panic as they attempted to flee in what could heretofore only have been depicted in something akin to a Jason Bourne Movie or maybe a Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers dance routine: the whole insurrection charade was so well and carefully choreographed that it should have been nominated for awards.

I do believe most of the lawmakers were unwitting to the choreography, but nonetheless subsequently witting dupes, as their fear and panic was real-and like many of us, but being much closer to the point where denial is critical to survival-they are unable to believe that our government is corrupt enough to stoop to such low and conspiratorial tactics to “get” a political enemy like the Bad Orange Man and solidify their hold on power: cause that-in the final analysis-is what all of this is about.

Sound like a “conspiracy theory?” Explain the pipe bomber, the unlawful Stalin-like treatment of everybody involved in 6 Jan in comparison to all other similar events, and also explain no mention of the mafia in these “comprehensive reports” that delved into all manner of Oswald trivia and irrelevant detail, but somehow missed his being on the payroll of the FBI and CIA and his connections via his uncle to the mafia: our FBI and CIA-with the JFK fired former CIA Director Allen Welsh Dulles sitting right there on the Warren Commission.

Had it not been for the perfect timing of everything related to 6 January-which in truth weighs against the theory because the government is terrible at these events-it would be far easier to opt to believe it was pure incompetence or coincidence. The pity that day goes in two directions, one being the lawmakers who were not witting to the plot who were apparently scared spitless suddenly face to face with “armed maniacs,” and those who wandered into the inviting capital, blissfully unaware that fencing had been taken down that demarked the no-entry zone, compounded by the fact that security just stood idly by or even worse-escorted some of them inside as if it was Open House at school.

The point that merits dwelling on the JFK conspiracy today in the wake of so much more important stuff going on in the world that is more topical, current, and will affect our future, is that we are frankly ill-equipped or prepared to deal with what is going to come ahead as Trump emerges as the 2024 republican candidate if you have not come to grips with what the LSMBTG-the deep state-is willing to do-what lengths they will go to in order to stop Trump from regaining the presidency.

I see grave analogies between the pre-22 November 1963 sentiment about JFK and current sentiment about Trump. The deep state was aligned against JFK for any number of reasons, but in the final analysis his popularity had significantly increased during his time in office, but he “threatened livelihoods” in the form of his discussion of rescinding the Oil Depletion Allowance-particularly worrisome in Texas-, he had initiated action to begin withdrawal out of Vietnam in the wake of supporting a CIA coordinated coup against the Vietnamese government opposed by the military/Joint Chiefs of Staff-who-in an early version of modern day Libya-were concerned there was no viable alternative leader-Kennedy supported the effort and was shocked when Diem and his leadership team were murdered, he was pressing ahead with widely unpopular desegregation plans in the south, he had failed to support the Bay of Pigs invasion with air power at the last minute, thereby incurring the wrath of all involved-including the CIA, he was pursuing detente in the wake of the Cuban Missile Crisis where many felt he “caved” to the Soviets, he continued his dalliances with all manner of woman that had his staff and eventually our government via RFK taking steps to cover the ”mischief” up, he made it clear that should Castro go-the mob/mafia was not going to be allowed to return to their role running the casinos and much of the tourist industry in Cuba, yet despite his public pronouncements of no more anti-Castro operations, RFK was leading a group that planned to take out Castro through a sniper’s bullet or a fast acting cancer with a start date of 1 December 1963, and finally, RFK was continuing his relentless campaign against the mob/mafia, while they were illogically being included in the Castro assassination plans-via the CIA– which also involved Cuban planners who were still smarting from the Bay of Pigs debacle.

What resulted from all of this was a window of opportunity that coalesced all the various interest groups into a sentiment that “regime change-” a very popular tactic used extensively overseas-was not only a viable option but became the “solution.”

We can talk about the men involved in the assassination conspiracy, but in the final analysis there was one man who made it happen-who contributed to the contract done by an offshore entity, who greased all the local palms necessary to handle the aftermath, and basically got away without even a mention for years and years after the act.

And that man was “tomato salesman” Carlos Marcello.

What may be more difficult to believe or accept is that many of these men were forced to undertake those actions because of the corruption of our government at all levels: but in particular our federal agencies-CIA, FBI, elements of our military, and the Dallas Police Department.

Ruby is the best example of this, being forced to take action because of his IRS tax debts that he was trying to make good on by apparently “skimming” from the club he ran under the blessing of Carlos Marcello, who expected him to pay his debt by ensuring that Oswald was the patsy for the assassination. But when Oswald was captured alive, defying all odds and with considerable luck, Ruby had to act and undertake killing Oswald himself to save his family.

I also made the case that in the final analysis only our government-led by the inheriting president who had the most to gain of all-Lyndon Baines Johnson (LBJ) and FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover-could have led, conducted and choreographed the coverup of the conspiracy that killed JFK.

We are too culturally “sophisticated” in America, and we too easily adapt to and accept events like this with grit and determination, pressing on to recover and move on. When we should stop everything and get to the bottom of these events that shock the system.

In making that case-if you believe it-and I’m referring here to the real purpose behind the assassination-in consideration of myriad compelling cases to be made for the motive behind it-the murder of an American President, the leader of the free world-clarity and clear eyed logic demand that we reduce the confusion, clutter, obfuscation, myriad theories, disconnected facts, beliefs, wild eyed stories, “schtuff” and rabbit holes, and reduce things down to a common denominator of who was responsible for this act of criminality, terrorism and shame on our form of government.

Marcello did not pull a trigger, he never looked through a scope, he had the best alibi in the history of alibis during the assassination, as he was in court going through an immigration hearing at which he would find out whether he was going to be deported to Guatemala or not, since he was not a US Citizen: irony of ironies.

Occam’s Razor: Who had the most to gain from the assassination of JFK?

Max Dribbler

13 September 2023

LSMBTG: Lamestream media echo chamber (LMEC-L) social media (SM) big tech tyrants (BT) and government (G)

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