What is Our Greatest Right?

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Take a moment, sit down, perhaps sip on a great Bourbon with a few rocks, and ask yourself a question – what is my greatest God-given right?

As a primer, it is a given that Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness are at the top of the list, so I am looking for another right, something that I have mentioned previously. I can wait a few minutes, so take your time and enjoy your beverage. When you have an answer, continue reading.

Before revealing my belief, let’s set the groundwork.

If you played organized sports, did you compete for a position? Was the score kept and afterwards discussed? If you chose to be a non-organized athlete, do you compete against yourself? Do you try to improve?

What kind of jobs did you seek? Did you meet all the qualifications posted as a prerequisite for applying? If given a chance to be a teacher, was it also assumed that you would coach cross-country, even though your only sprints were to the dinner table? Was the starting pay what you wanted? Did the benefits always meet your needs?

Were you a straight “A” person in high school, trade school or college? Or did you score a little lower? When choosing courses, did you already know the content of the course, or were the lessons novel and new? Did you ever need extra help?

What was your first car or your first home? Did you immediately meet your dreams, or did you kept chasing dreams that continued to change as you learned more about life?

It seems that we are always chasing what we cannot obtain. We are always failing, but we try again and again. And in the end, that constant drive to chase a dream, even though we fail, that drive propels us farther in life than if we had never tried.

The right to fail is, in my opinion, the greatest right that we have in a free nation. It is that simple. I will take my best shot at climbing that mountain. I will take my best shot at landing that new job. I am going to work extra hours to afford that new car. I am going to ask for help so that I can learn that new concept. I am going to write short conservative essays, even though I am an engineer with no training in prose.

Who does not understand the right of failure? When you stop and think about it, it is possibly the sole reason that this Nation has excelled in every endeavor possible; we are willing to fail, and we are willing to learn from those failures. And many of the lessons of failure are adopted in our Constitution as Amendments.

One of the benefits of the right to failure is that there are always opportunities to grow, to develop. The bounty of the world is not fixed, as with every new creation, benefits to mankind are created. Opportunities are like a balloon that never stops expanding. Would you rather have 25% of a 12” pizza, or 15% of a 16” pizza? The difference in value is simply because you took a risk and that risk included the right to fail.

In this American society, the risk-takers are in competition for the minds and hearts of the people. The opposition divides the people into groups, balkanizing America, using different propaganda schemes to spew forth lies which greatly harm the social fabric of this Nation. They promote an idea that only white people that have opportunity. They accuse the Law of being biased against people of color.

Our progressive socialist friends want to provide the basic necessities of life, as life is unfair! This ruling class is willing to pedal a lie that there is only so much pizza. This ruling hierarchy is using unfairness, race, color and anything required to keep the people from learning the truth. This ruling class is not promoting this theory of life for the benefit of the people, they promote it to gain absolute power.

From the beginning of civilization, there have been those that will enslave people to secure their own power. They seldom call it slavery; they call it helping, for it is the right thing to do! Yes, these power-hungry despots will ensure that people will have the basics for survival – a minimum wage, health benefits, housing, an education. And in return for their generosity, these modern-day tyrants simply ask for your vote, so that they can continue to provide for your basic needs.

President Franklin Roosevelt, the progressive icon of socialists everywhere, gave a State of the Union targeted to change the American way of life. It was called “The Four Freedoms”.

There was freedom of speech, which everyone understood. Next was freedom of worship, which is not quite the same as “Congress making no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof”, but it does sound similar. Both freedoms greatly restrict government intervention, as they are God given rights.

But next, there was “freedom from want”. Finally, there was “freedom from fear”. It is a very simple change of words – remove “of” and insert “from”. Understand, the final two freedoms cannot be accomplished by the people. No, these two freedoms require the government to pass the appropriate laws and statutes to protect those that did not win life’s lottery. Government is required so that no one is left behind, so that no one is must take a chance, so that no one must be fearful of failure.

The final two freedoms basically ensure people will never learn how to handle failure, or methods of recovery to achieve individual success. What a shame. I would say that the final two freedoms from want and fear are shackles, attached to permanently enslave a compliant voter.

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