OU OSU and Potential Ties to the CCP; By Wendi Montgomery Dial

This investigative article was written by Restore Liberty Oklahoma State Director, Wendi Montgomery Dial, and published by Ignite Liberty in 2022. It explores anthrax research being conducted at OU with NIAID grant money received since 2003, as well as other concerning research being conducted using taxpayer funds at Oklahoma Universities.

*All references were archived at the website Wayback Machine.

In 2001, just before the 9/11 terror attacks, the former governor of Oklahoma, Frank Keating, participated in a bioterrorism simulation event in Washington, DC called “Dark Winter”. This was a simulation to gauge the response of local, state, and federal agencies to a biological weapons outbreak of smallpox in the US, originating in Oklahoma City.  Governor Keating, after the simulation asserted that it was his belief that the agent of choice for bioterrorists would be smallpox, or, curiously, anthrax. In 2003 the newly created Department of Homeland Security held another exercise named Silent Vector, once again to gauge response to a bioterrorist attack to try and solve the issues that arose during the Dark Winter simulation.

In 2004 the NIAID started funding research at OU into anthrax bacteria, through the Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation. The lead investigator cited the threat of a bioweapons attack, and the objective was to, according to the abstract, determine why the anthrax vaccine used by the DOD on our soldiers wasn’t working. This was recently renewed in 2019 for five more years, which made the local news. (8,9) This is the same vaccine that was reported in the VAERS system to have multiple serious side effects for an alarming number of recipients compared to other traditional vaccines. The Anthrax Vaccine that is approved for use in the US works in a way that sounds extremely familiar. A protein, one of the toxins of anthrax, is introduced into the body to stimulate the immune system to produce antibodies to anthrax. The vaccine schedule is also very familiar. Five shots and a yearly booster, because the effects of the vaccine wane quickly. (7) The funding from the NIAID is renewed every year, is ongoing, and is as follows:

*The initial grant to OU was written and awarded to J Donald Capra and was funded by the NIAID, which appointed Joseph Breen from the NIH as the Program Official. Both researchers and Program Officials have changed since that time. Notes will be made on the changes. Two other universities are involved with OU in this research.

Molecular and Immunologic Analysis of the Pathobiology of Anthrax

2004 – $2,760,181

2005- $2,818,251

2006- $2,728,833

2007- $2,578,694. *Change of research lead to Kenneth Coggeshall and addition of a new project entitled ‘Primate modeland Pathogenesis of Anthrax Sepsis’, $476,212, lead researcher Shinichiro Kurosawa.

2008- $2,616,353

2009- $2,986,968

2010- $2,991,269

2011- $2,840,289

2012- $2,776,772

2013- $2,703,462

2014- 2,910,854. *Change of Program Official at NIH to Cheryl Lapham. Note on the renewal states that after 6 vaccines 30% of the vaccinated aren’t protected and the research team does not recommend these vaccines for civilians due to their questionable efficacy.

2015- $2,898, 581. *Change of Program Official at NIH to Lakshmi Ramachandra.

2016- 2 grants submitted for this year. One is the above research. $2,898,581. Another is to study anthrax infections for $225,590. The indirect costs of this research approach $1 million dollars for this year. *Change of Program Official to Chao Jiang at the NIH. This official is a graduate of Fudan University in China, linked by our government to the Chinese Youth Thousand Talents Plan. (10, 11, 12, 13, 14)

2017- $2,898,581. Exact same expenses as the year before.

2018- $2,898,581. Exact same funding amount for the third year in a row. Indirect costs down only slightly.

2019- $2,267,196. Direct funding costs decreased.

2020- 4 separate grants awarded for the same study. $476,466 with $18,000 in indirect costs, $2,229,796 with over $800,000 in indirect costs, $916,783 with $376,553 in indirect costs, $832,784 with $351,306 in indirect costs.

2021- $2,447,356.

The total cost to taxpayers is nearly $52 million over 17 years to try and determine why an arguably unnecessary and unsafe vaccine doesn’t work as it should. Meanwhile, the research has yielded other finding on Anthrax bacteria and how it interacts with cells during infection. If one figures out how the human body responds to any pathogen, one can figure out how to disable the body’s immune system to become more susceptible to it, as well as potential enable the immune system or any vaccine to work more effectively. For the past 6 years, someone affiliated directly to a Chinese university, where the Chinese government controls the research, has been the program official for the NIH on this potentially dangerous research.

It doesn’t matter how OU will use this. Oklahoma has already had one Chinese national stealing trade secrets convicted of corporate espionage. (15) The US government has warned states, universities, governors, and city officials recently about the dangers posed by potential Chinese infiltration into the United States. (16)

Interestingly enough, the threat from an anthrax attack was just mentioned by the NIH. Why are we worried about this now, after anthrax has been out of the new cycle for some time? (51)

Is there any other research that we, as American citizens, should be informed of that is occurring in universities in this state?

There are a few more studies with concerning ties that may need to be investigated that involve OU and OSU. One of them involves the Stephenson Cancer Research Center. (17) While the research itself seems innocuous, the university involved in this study is not. Huazhong University is listed as a location for the recruitment into the Chinese Youth Thousand Talents Plan. This University is a research facility located in Wuhan, China, with ties to the Chinese military. They focus on biological weapons research as well as AI and other military interests. (11,18, 19)

The Chinese Youth Thousand Talents Plan

The Chinese Youth Thousand Talents Plan, CYTTP, is a now modified initiative by the Chinese government to educate young Chinese citizens to study in China and abroad, and then bring those scientists and engineers back to China, as well as aggressively recruit others to teach in their research facilities, some of which have ties to the Chinese government and many who have ties to the Chinese military. For example, the known relationship between the NIH and UNC and the move of gain of function research to a university in Wuhan, China, where it is highly suspected the COVID19 virus was leaked to the world, according to the Senate testimony given by Anthony Fauci under questioning by Senator Rand Paul, (R) Kentucky.

While looking into OU grants, I ran across other NIAID grants awarded to OU and ran across this researcher, Sixia Chen, a graduate of Fudan University in China, a member of the CYYTP, who is followed on LinkedIn by another interesting researcher, one Chao Xu, a graduate of Jaingsu University of Science and Technology and received an ME at the University of Shanghai for Science and Technology, which appear to be satellites of the University of Science and Technology of China, a known participant in the CYTTP. He also completed a PhD at Tulane University in 2010. These researchers are interesting because of their university affiliation in China, and work history in the United States, university connections here to other researchers and program officials and for no other reason. Sixia Chen has worked for Westat and Mathematica Policy Research, both far leftist organizations.

Dr. Chen believes it is vitally important to gather behavioral data on the American Indian population to help study diseases such as diabetes and smoking and to expand the effectiveness of the Indian Health Services, which already receives tens of billions of dollars per year, yet the facilities in the tribal nations are some of the poorest and most run down in the entire nation. (Incidentally, Chen also expressed concerns as to why parents weren’t vaccinating their kids with the Covid vaccines) Not to mention the NIH has been busy trying to convince the tribal populations that they are also more susceptible to HIV than the rest of the population.

Why is this population being targeted for medical study and research by scientists with far leftist ties? Anything that targets a population by race or socioeconomic status should be under the highest of scrutiny by that population. Chao Xu is a professor at OU Health Sciences Center and is a member of the Stephenson Cancer Center Biostatistics and Research Design Shared Resource, a facility that already has conducted research work with a university in China that is in Wuhan, China, as stated above. You can read about these individuals and their ties here in detail at these resources I have archived, so they don’t disappear. (20,21,22,23,24,25,26)

Why is OU allowing research partnerships with questionable links that could have possible national security implications for the United States?

OSU’s Chinese Connections Exposed

While searching for NIAID funding grants in Oklahoma, this information popped up on Oklahoma State University. A little digging revealed that there are concerns there, as well, unfortunately. OSU is actively engaging with Chinese Universities through a program developed in 2010, to bring Chinese students from Chinese Universities to Oklahoma. Is that a bad thing? Not necessarily. It depends on the universities involved. There is at least one affiliation to the Young Chinese Thousand Talents Plan mentioned on OSU’s website, and that is a partnership with Southwest Jiaotong University, a satellite university of the Shanghai Jiaotong University, on the YCCTP list. (27,28,29,11)

More digging into the NIAID funding to OSU revealed a few more concerning projects. One is a half a million-dollar grant to study proteins led by Auhua Xie, who graduated from Zhejiang University, listed in the YCTTP. Going through the study’s abstract a couple of questions came to mind. Including how this research could be used in potential viral gain of function research. The question should be asked considering we are now using proteins in substances purported to be helping our immune systems combat viruses by breaking into our cells to deposit viral RNA, which would otherwise be killed naturally by our immune system. (30,31)

Even more digging yielded this find which has now become more concerning given the recent news about a world-wide monkey pox outbreak. Unfortunately, more links to Chinese universities tied to the YCTTP at OSU. (32,33,34,35,36,37,38,39) There is a nearly $700,000 study on pox and why its host prevents the virus from going through the translation process during replication granted to Yan Xiang at University of Texas Health Sciences Center in San Antonio, who received his BS from the University of Science and Technology of China in 1992 then came to the US. He was a research fellow at the NIAID from 1998 to 2002. His co-investigator for this grant is Junpeng Deng of OSU, who received his BS at the University of Science and Technology of China in 1993. Monkey pox is not deadly, unlike the smallpox virus.

Besides the research concern into this possible gain of function research on pox viruses, by the reading of the abstract of the grant request, and the biography of the Program Official at the NIH for this research (44), Rajeev Gautum, who graduated from Chaudhary Charan Singh Haryana Agricultural University and procured a post doc at Tulane University from 2004 to 2009, is the news that there is now a live virus vaccine for the monkeypox. It is a hybrid vaccine that also works for smallpox. There is a question how injecting a live virus into the body of someone with a compromised immune system would work. The FDA, perplexingly, approved this live virus vaccine in 2019, just before the COVID19 outbreak. The target demographic for this vaccine is those younger than 50, who would not have already been vaccinated against the smallpox. (40,41,42,43) Dr. Gautum established an animal model of AIDS. He also investigated the humoral immune response in SIVSM infection and completed a study on RSV based vaccines against simian retroviruses.

Also of concern is the new Oklahoma Center for Respiratory and Infectious Diseases located at OSU. The person who secured the grant money has ties to yet another Chinese university involved in the CYTTP. Lin Liu received his BS in Chemistry from the University of Science and Technology of China. This is like a broken record at this point with Oklahoma research scientists from China. He received his PhD in Biochemistry from the Chinese Academy of Science. He has won the Pfizer Award for Research Excellence twice and has received $34 million in grants from the NIH and the USDA.  (45,46,11)

Why is OSU getting involved in the mix with researchers who have these kinds of ties?

Any connection to a Chinese government funded university that is tied to the CYYTP has been flagged by our government as a national security concern, as these researchers could take sensitive research information from the United States and be forced to give it to the Chinese government, or perhaps willingly give it to the Chinese government. Anything the Chinese government receives, the Chinese military also can receive and we are well aware now of the concern of bioweapons research in China that has ties to gain of function research in the US. The Chinese government and military is not known at the present time to be a friend to the American people, and our current administration has questionable ties to the country through the business dealings of a close family member.

All of this may be above board and there may be nothing to worry about. I am sure these are fine researchers, and this is important work that can be used for the good of mankind. It can also be used to harm mankind, especially studies that target minority populations for any reason. I hope there are extra mechanisms in place to ensure that none of this research makes it to the wrong hands in China and that these researchers are safe from the reach of the Chinese government. China is not above threatening their citizens and holding families hostage, as has been widely reported over the years.

Quickly back to OU for this last bit. I made note of this, considering the research that has discovered that the COVID19 virus is a chimera. A chimera is an entity that is made up of the genetic code from two distinct organisms. Has any of this type of research been going on in Oklahoma university labs? Yes. Including human/mice. (47,48,49,50) In 2004 there was a $309,000 grant awarded to the Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation that investigated Human-Mouse chimera models for biodefense. This is a study that took human cells and grew them in mice to determine how the human cells react to different assaults on the immune system by biological pathogens. There has also been research conducted on bacterial chimeras, to build new types of bacteria and study drug resistant pathogens, granted a little over $240,000 by the NIAID in 2015.

Unfortunately, it does appear that our elections aren’t the only things in Oklahoma that require serious investigation. Considering the track record of the NIH and especially the NIAID under Dr. Anthony Fauci and the ties that have been found between that organization and China, Oklahoma should be making sure that all this research is above board, and nothing is being shared with bioweapons labs in China.


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