Obama: Frontman for Fundamental Change to America

Sitting here on Tupelo Brake, I am prone to wonder about things, and this is my latest wonder: am I the only person in the United States of America who remembers what Obama was really like when he was in office? Every day, I read about how Obama did so much to destroy the USA while he was in the White House, and how he is really still controlling the levers of government, taking us all to Hell, even as I sit here in the blue swing under the Live Oak Tree.

The Obama that I remember was nothing but a self-loving slacker. He came down to the Oval Office around 11 o’clock, read over a few things, tossed out some witty comments to his worshipful press, then broke for lunch. After lunch, he went to play golf, where he tried awfully hard to be competent. Then it was back to the White House to entertain some of the scum of the entertainment industry along with a smattering of his sycophants in business and government.

I remember his imperial majesty telling the leaders of Congress when first they were beginning to work on the Obamacare disaster, to “have a bill on my desk by August for me to sign.” Then it was off to the golf course. It was good to be Caesar.

All the destruction credited to Mr. Fundamentally Change America was not his at all. Then, as now, the wreckage of the Constitution, our culture and our country, is really the work of the people working behind the Oval Office’s former occupant. The TEAM put in place by Soros and the communists is where the blame lies for the misery that has covered our country since Obama got on the national stage.

He was never anything but a figurehead then, and he remains the same today. He was the chosen communist plant, put in place to make the prediction of Khruschev uttered many years ago be realized: “We will bury you.” Communism is burying capitalism and the culture of the Western World at a rapid pace, but Obama ain’t nothing but the face they chose to use in their propaganda.

Anyway, I was just wondering about Obama never doing a blessed thing, and then I got to thinking about paying too much in taxes. The following letter is the result of my second wonder, sitting in the blue swing in the shade of the Live Oak Tree.

Dear Internal Revenue Service of the United States of America,

I recently made the three quarters of a century birthday, so I think that it’s time that I stop paying federal income tax. For the last 53 years, I have paid a very large amount of money to the federal government, more than I could ever hope to have in my meager savings accounts.

For a few years, I was like Jed Clampett on the old Beverly Hillbillies show: it was my duty to help my country by helping out with taxes. It did not take me too many years to see that this was not a realistic reason to pay more in taxes than we had left over at the end of the year to start the next year’s crop. It looked like we were paying a lot more in taxes than the rest of the folks in this area, and it wasn’t fair to us to have to cover our taxes and theirs, too.

Well, fairness is not part of the equation, is it. Since Biden the Demented took office, I have seen my tax money used to pay off criminals, both here and abroad, especially Ukraine. How come my taxes are paying for the retirement systems of corrupt Ukrainian government officials? That shouldn’t be the responsibility of American taxpayers, especially not me.

Obama the Party Boy Slacker, sent my tax money to thugs in Iran to make weapons to kill us; Lord knows how much else this communist sent to other enemies of America while he was loafing in the Oval Office. All the while he was stealing my tax money, his vice president, Biden the Corrupt, was even then extorting money from China, Russia, the Ukraine, and anywhere else his plane landed during those eight years. Some say his efforts brought in 50 million dollars to his family-50 million dollars of corruption and treason against us taxpayers.

If Biden the Corrupt Demented’s son, Hunter the Complete-Waste-of-Space, can get out of paying taxes on all that money that he helped ol’ dad extort, I figure I might as well not pay anything, too. Even though my income is all legal, it is no longer enough to support me and the Ukrainian officials, who are using tax dollars to buy luxury homes, yachts, airplanes, etc., far away from the Ukraine.

I also cannot any longer support the multi millions in the ghetto cities of our once beautiful nation, the homeless that have destroyed our formerly grand cities, and I damned sure don’t have enough for all the illegal trash that has come across our border-in the MILLIONS-and are continuing to pour through the welded open gates down on the border.

No more of my money needs to go to Africa, where white people are being tortured and killed by ignorant tribesmen who will, I hope most fervently, starve to death once all the white farmers are gone, you know, the ones who know how to raise a crop and harvest it.

Not another cent to our military, either, led by pathetic generals who probably have pink underwear and Chicago bath house memberships. They are ruining the military that once kept us safe from the demons in other countries, but now that same military is being led by home grown demons.

I already know that my taxes are not used for infrastructure, considering the roads that we have to drive on and the bridges that are wearing down. There is rot all around, and I am tired of having to contribute another red cent to feed this farce of infrastructure improvement.

So, IRS, you can take this as my final correspondence to you. Y’all can officially leave me alone. I have paid enough taxes in 53 years, and I quit. If there is a problem with this, you can call me at BR 549, but I probably won’t bother to answer.

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