Personal Discipline and Political Leaders

A professor of mine once gave us a thought-experiment regarding discipline. What is highly disciplined? What is low discipline? Where is the boundary between the two. We were encouraged to define discipline and to try to set our own boundaries. How much deviation from the prescribed right way still constituted “highly disciplined?” At what point did a person, unit, or organization fall into “poor discipline?” Well damn!! It was all a setup. He told us that there is no such thing as “highly disciplined.” There is only disciplined. There is no such thing as poorly disciplined. There is only discipline. A single deviation from discipline is undisciplined. You see, the idea was that discipline is inherently an absolute. The line is between discipline and a lack of discipline. There is no sliding or negotiable bar. There is just the standard. Anything below the standard is a lack of discipline.

To me, this conforms to Christ’s admonition to “Be perfect as your Father in Heaven is perfect,” and other Christian concepts. When we apply this to our own lives, only then can we see where we need to improve. When we apply this to a Presidential candidate, then we see that none of them are worthy of the office. This basic philosophy shapes my mind and my view on how to vote. None of them are going to be perfect, but which imperfect candidate will do the most good overalll? I don’t care about the idea of “who is more moral, righteous, or just?”

They are all pieces of garbage in their own ways. None of them are perfect. None live up to the ideal of discipline, so let’s remove perfection from the table, except as a standard to estimate how far they have fallen. What is the nature of how they have fallen, and does that nature of how they have fallen supersede the positive effect of their likely policy decision for hundreds of millions? Also, have they made positive actions to correct any of their failings?

Are their policy effects better or worse for the hundreds of millions than the other guy, given that both he and the other guy is a human piece of drek? That’s how I view it. We’re not trying to elect Saints. We’re trying to elect leaders from the best options available. If you have a personal relationship with Jesus, then nominate Him for President. Until and unless that day comes, we have to deal with the world in its worldly ways, trying not to become worldly ourselves.

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