The Assassination of the President (JFK) of the United States of America Closing on 60: What Lee Harvey Oswald and Richard Case Nagel Chose to Do Part 5

I’ve covered quite a bit of ground in this series about the conspiracy to assassinate President Kennedy. What is difficult to tease out from the many, myriad and varied storylines of his murder is how to emphasize what is often the golden thread that led to the act, since that is how all good stories and mysteries are disclosed in the end.

For instance, the testimony and subsequent “coming clean” of Santos Trafficante Jr.’s lawyer Frank Ragano. Now sure, he disclosed the fact that his boss had admitted to being part of a plot to kill JFK-they went to dinner that night to celebrate the success-and Trafficante had also later observed that “Carlos Marcello” should have targeted RFK, vice JFK. Many were not only skeptical about the information being released so late in the scheme of things, but they also theorized that Ragano “sang” only because of his tax troubles and his need to generate income through a book.

And those theories may have a bit of truth in them, but only someone who was not following the action would believe or put forth the notion that Ragano could have possibly said anything while Trafficante was still alive-or Marcello was still in full control of his faculties. Ragano could do math as well as anyone-he was Jimmy Hoffa’s lawyer for a time and had seen him “disappeared,” Johnny Roselli show up in a 55 gallon drum, Sam “Mooney” Giancana assassinated in his basement, and a hundred others suffer similar fates along the way until there were very few left, in seeming accordance with Marcello’s belief that “3 people can keep a secret if 2 of them are dead.”

That-Ragano’s observation-seems to track with the back story that Trafficante let a contract with his French Connection Heroine partners-the French Corsican Mafia-working as an intermediary on behalf of Carlos Marcello, who as the head of the oldest mob/mafia/syndicate family in the US, was the only head of family who could undertake a contract or hit without getting permission from the other heads of families: I will come back to the implications.

Similarly, there was somewhat of a parallel emergence of some of the intrigue ongoing in New Orleans in the summer of 1963, which is chronicled in Judyth Vary Baker’s long delayed release of her life story in Me & Lee: How I Came to Know, Love and Lose Lee Harvey Oswald. Her story is fascinating, somewhat hard to believe without absorbing all 800 something pages-and long overdue in the telling for somewhat the same reason as Ragano’s above.

Judyth just happenstanced onto the scene in New Orleans as an emerging and committed cancer researcher heading to college who came to the attention of world-renowned cancer expert Dr. Alton Ochsner-and was drafted into an ongoing effort to develop a fast-generating cancer strain that could be used to take out Castro, working with another renowned cancer researcher, Dr. Mary Sherman, as well as the maniacal and chronically odd Marcello linked David Ferrie, and Oswald (also Marcello-linked through his uncle Dutz.)

The development of this fast-acting cancer was one of two reported plots underway to take out Castro being pursued by RFK and our government (the CIA.) Either unbeknownst to-or known to RFK, the CIA Castro plan also involved assassinating Castro as he paraded in his tactical jeep-recreating his victorious journey out of the jungles to leadership-only this time on the way to his beach house: the plot involved the same mafia dons and family that RFK was going after with a vengeance using all the means at his disposal as attorney general.

And just to remind-but not to belabor points for dear reader, JFK made it known throughout this time period that in the event of a regime change in Cuba, the mafia would not be allowed to resume their control over the casino and hotel industry in Cuba.

And-yes-I did say somewhat of a parallel emergence because leading up to the release of Judyth Vary Baker’s confessional/tell all book, author Edward T Haslam had been on the case for a long time trying to track down the details of how Dr. Mary Sherman was “murdered” in 1964 in New Orleans, publishing somewhat of his frustration after revealing truly astounding information about the tainting with monkey pox cancer of the polio vaccine that was administered to some 6 million children in the 1950s (1956) and the struggle to come up with some type of remedy or antidote, as well as the links of that tragic period to subsequent cancers and even worse outbreaks like HIV/AIDs. However, despite making incredible progress and finding out some amazing circumstances while doing his research, his 1995 release “Mary, Ferrie and the Monkey Virus” fell short of his objective to solve and resolve the mystery of the Sherman murder.

Not to give away the plot, but all that changed when Judyth Vary Baker started telling her story and facilitated the solving of the mystery by filling in the details that he subsequently provided in his 2007 update-“Dr. Mary’s Monkey,” -and I quote-“How the unsolved murder of a doctor, a secret laboratory in New Orleans and cancer-causing monkey viruses are linked to Lee Harvey Oswald, the JFK assassination and emerging global epidemics:” I think I heard an, “Oh, my!” His reinvigorated investigation into the death of Dr. Mary Sherman is fascinating and involves the mystery of a missing linear particle accelerator.

How is that for a total side trip in the midst of trying to pursue straight-line facts about the JFK assassination? What a conspiracy theory the whole Judith Vary Baker and Lee Harvey Oswald as lovers story makes, as does the solving of the Dr. Mary Sherman murder that was likely not a murder but a tragic accident representing another incident swept away by an incurious government investigative arm-in this case, the New Orleans Police Department. And I love the fact that they threw in a lesbian killer angle to spice it up a bit and to adopt the mafia technique of adding some “sordidness” to quiet the natives.

This far into the assassination details you have to agree that there were so many “things” going on with this conspiracy that it was far too easy for the central characters to “hide in plain sight” as the detail distracted one and all from the central part of the story and the Occam’s Razor question that I asked at the end of Part 4: who had the most to gain from JFK’s assassination?

There were seemingly a half a dozen or more who had a lot to gain, including the Cubans who wanted Castro gone, the military and CIA (Ike’s infamous military-industrial complex) who wanted to continue “playing” in foreign lands like Vietnam, Nicaragua, Cuba-South America in general, those who were against the de-segregation efforts underway across the south, oil barons-particularly in Texas-who viewed the talk about ending the Oil Depletion Credit as life threatening, fighting words, and those like Hoover who took a dim view of the infidelity of the Kennedy’s in general, but was also on his way to retirement if JFK was re-elected.

Who didn’t I mention? The one with the greatest motive imaginable-LBJ-who if indicted and pursued in court over the convictions of his mentee in the senate Bobby Baker, and one of his strongest campaign contributors-Billy Sol Estes-who was going to jail for agriculture credit shenanigans, both of whom had well and often paid off LBJ for his share in their schemes: LBJ knew it, he could feel and smell it-his time was coming.

So as Barr McClellan describes in his great book “Blood Money & Power: How LBJ Killed J.F.K.,” LBJ set things in motion and the rest is apparently history. LBJ likely had the most to gain, becoming president of the United States of America, and more importantly, saving his lying, criminal, cheating, corrupt arse from criminal charges, public trial and outing and disgrace, and the end of the government slimy gravy train that he had ridden for decades, tainting Austin and Travis County Texas along the way so badly that the stink is still palatable seven decades after he set it in motion.

If there is any justice in this whole sordid affair, it is told by McClellan as he describes how LBJ suffered in the end as he became aware of what a crappy, cheating, murdering, lying, stealing, worthless human being he was throughout his miserable life: call it late onset of conscious disease.

It is not sad that he suffered in the end-it was just rewards-whether it was true remorse or the fear of the day of reckoning that was awaiting him as he moved on.

What is sobering to think about is that LBJ likely had little to nothing to do with the death of JFK-in the final analysis-except for the fact that he let it be known by his intentions, plans, and actions that it was okay to assassinate Kennedy. He likely went to his grave riddled with guilt over the fact that he did it: and no amount of guilt was ever foisted upon a more deserving rat in history.

But as I said earlier, the man who killed JFK was Carlos Marcello: he had the most to gain by his death, including his freedom by eliminating the threat RFK represented to him. He was in a deportation hearing in New Orleans at the very time JFK was assassinated. Marcello was overseeing a crime family that was making 800M-to just over a billion a year in the early 1960s. He was about to be deported because he was not a citizen. RFK had done the unheard of-pursued the “mafia–tactics” that he declared were necessary to do battle with them and had already-in effect- kidnapped Marcello earlier during his monthly appearance at the New Orleans Immigration Office and taken him to Guatemala and dumped him off with his lawyer and the clothes on his back. He nearly died making it back to the US.

We should pause here to let that action by RFK sink in just a bit more, coming-as it did-on the heels of the way JFK reportedly got into office through mob help in Illinois, the contract on their father by Frank Costello that Sam Giancana had canceled in exchange for “favors” that apparently never materialized, which later included the sharing of Judy Exner Campbell between the two.

Nobody deserves anything, but it is puzzling when you consider the Kennedy family legacy-how they came by their money-the ties and involvement in and with the mob, to think that there were going to be no repercussions to the aggressive anti-mob legal and quasi-legal action pursued with a vengeance by RFK: after the US government played footsie with the mob during World War II, in Cuba and other efforts. Getting RFK off his back by taking out JFK and putting the malleable and corrupt LBJ in the White House would solve just about all of Marcello’s problems: he had a billion reasons to do it. But a reminder of one of my fav sayings that seems appropriate in light of RFKs actions: don’t wrestle with a pig, you both get muddy, and the pig loves it…

And LBJ-the crook-provided the cover Marcellos needed to team with Trafficante and Johnny Roselli on behalf of Sam Giancana, with a little seed money for the Cubans from Jimmy Hoffa-and the promise of a 3M dollar Teamster’s loan once the deed was done, to bring in foreign talent to ensure that LBJ got his wish.

You have no doubt read that one of the known Corsican French Connection heroin traffickers was arrested in Dallas that day and subsequently deported to Canada without apparent questioning, suspicion or any curiosity.

I have not mentioned Hoover-he had a lot to gain, but it was minor/small potatoes in comparison to the motives of LBJ and Marcello. But one hopes Hoover spent some time-like burning still-for his role in totally ignoring all the warning signs-including Nagel and Oswald, as well as his role in the coverup that could not have been undertaken by anybody but he and his sidekick LBJ.

More about Marcello as we continue the story.

Max Dribbler

20 September 2023

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3 thoughts on “The Assassination of the President (JFK) of the United States of America Closing on 60: What Lee Harvey Oswald and Richard Case Nagel Chose to Do Part 5”

  1. LBJ was corrupt like Biden, having gone to DC as a young, poor, man and then retired owning ranches, radio stations, and other assets, all supposedly on a government salary. He lied to escalate the Vietnam War, as Bush lied to invade Iraq in 2003.

    Vincent Bugliosi, the attorney who prosecuted Charles Manson, wrote a 1500-page book, RECLAIMING HISTORY, with a CD for all the numerous footnotes. He deals with every conspiracy story, including the LBJ, Mafia, CIA,, etc. and finds no credible evidence for these. He especially dismisses the book BLOOD, MONEY,
    POWER. If you want to read facts, read Bugliosi.

    To believe that LBJ was involved in killing JFK is absurd. The Bugliosi books analyzes this LBJ story. An obvious argument is If there was any credible evidence of LBJ being involved, then Bobby Kennedy, as Attorney General, who despised LBJ, and the entire Kennedy wing of the Dem Party would surely have investigated LBJ.

  2. Thanks for reading. I’m a Bugliosi fan based on his Manson work, but not for his ponderous prosecutor approach to the JFK conspiracy which blithely dismisses a lot of odd coincidences and circumstances as conspiracy fodder. The science is preferable-I recommend Tom Wilson’s photonic analysis and also Edward T. Haslam’s works and Judith Vary Baker’s story-which are not JFK conspiracy theory centric, but shed important light on what was going on in New Orleans between 1956 and 1963. I don’t recall what Bugliosi had to say about-or whether he addressed the fingerprints of Mac Wallace in the Book Depository sniper’s nest, but it is certainly an inconvenient fact in regard to dismissal of LBJ’s involvement. The actions of Oswald and Nagel sending warnings to the FBI certainly indict Hoover-in something. I think the notion that Oswald acted alone-given all that has come out-is somewhat comical at this point….no credible evidence for the mob indeed…MD

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