Wrecking Science Through Consensus

Leftists break everything. They promised a long march through our institutions, and they did it – infiltrating government academia, media, defense, industry, science, and more. We’re just now discovering how badly science has been corrupted. In the age of personalized realities, science has become defined by consensus rather than objective evidence – opinion over reality.

Science is supposed to be the process of discovery. It is the pursuit of knowledge, using disciplined and verifiable methods. The process involves

  • Creating a theory which describes natural behavior,
  • Testing the theory with experiments, and
  • Validating the theory with hard verifiable data.

Theories which are validated by evidence become accepted scientific principles – sometimes referred to as laws of nature (e.g., Newton’s laws of motion or the laws of thermodynamics). However, the process of discovery works best when its practitioners admit the limits of their knowledge. Know-it-alls rarely learn anything new.

True science has allowed medicine to increase the human life span. It has enabled us to explore the depths of our oceans and the far reaches of space. It has freed men from the perpetual search for sustenance to enable pursuits in philosophy, art, and the expansion of human boundaries. But our achievements have been made by working within the natural order – doing what the laws of nature allow. None of our advancements have been made by attempting to bend the natural order to our will.

The 21st century has witnessed a disturbing change in what we call science. When radicals in government and academia began paying scientists – with our money – to tell them what they wanted to hear. Many scientists stopped seeking to understand the universe, and started claiming they already understood it. It’s not a coincidence that the “scientific advancements” achieved through institutional grants inevitably lead to calls for more institutional control. The dirty secret is that the leftists who have infiltrated our institutions only fund research that bolsters their preferred narratives. Science is rapidly ceasing to be in the business of discovery. Unfortunately, the scientific community is starting to believe its own tripe, because it is losing the ability to think critically.

Our institutions of science have gone into the nature bending business – in support of its financial benefactors. They are substituting consensus for experimental data to validate scientific principles. Science has transitioned from working to understand the unknown, to the advancement of narratives. Too many scientists have stopped looking for answers, and are instead claiming to have the answers – even with evidence to the contrary. If enough of them agree, the science is supposedly settled – by consensus. We are expected to proceed as if the opinions of a mob are reality – if the mob is wearing lab coats.

The sciences of weather and medicine may seem unrelated, but they are perfect illustrations of the corruption the left has infected the scientific community with.

The consensus, touted by the left, is that we are destroying our planet with our emissions. Their theory predicted that the glaciers would have disappeared by now. They haven’t. They said the polar icecaps would be melting and the coastal cities facing crisis by now. That hasn’t happened either. When the “experts” planned a conference in Washington DC to publicize the crisis of rising global temperatures, God laughed and treated the city to a blizzard. The people with the elite credentials claim to understand the complexities of a planet sized engine which converts the sun’s radiation into life supporting heat and material. Yet the data doesn’t verify that the earth behaves as their theory suggests.

Put simply, the physical data doesn’t validate their theory. Yet they insist that we take economically suicidal steps to prevent a crisis predicted by a theory that has delivered only incorrect predictions to date. They demand that the government regulate greenhouse gases – the most prevalent of which supports plant life. The White House is even proposing schemes to block the sun’s radiation by modifying the earth’s atmosphere – thus lowering the planet’s temperature.

Our leaders broke the engine of commerce for three years to fight a virus, because they didn’t understand its complexity. Now they want to tinker with a far more complex system – the earth’s climate – because “consensus” says it should probably (fingers crossed) work. What could go wrong – other than destitution and extinction that is?

Leftist scientific consensus is infecting the medical industry too. We are now assured that sex and gender are matters of choice. What a person is born as, can be changed at will. The American Medical Association is even proposing uterus transplants as part of a suite of sex reassignment procedures – to enable a person born as a male to bear children. It’s almost as if scientists are claiming the scientific wherewithal to convert men into women. God created Eve using one of Adam’s ribs. Doctors are suggesting they can create another woman using a woman’s uterus. Just use little hormone therapy, mutilate some genitals, and transplant some female parts from a woman who doesn’t want them anyway; and voila, on the sixth day a man becomes a woman. On the seventh day, the surgeons can play golf.

The people who triggered a pandemic by accidently releasing a virus they created in a lab, and then developed a vaccine that didn’t vaccinate, want to tinker with the attributes we’re born with. Again, what could go wrong – other than long-term health deficits, depression, and suicide that is?

Is there any evidence to suggest that we’ve reached the end of discovery relative to physics, chemistry, or biology? And yet we claim to have sufficient mastery to be able to tailor the planet’s climate and the nature of the human body for our convenience. When did credentials replace critical thinking? When did scientists cease being investigators and became preachers in the church of institutional grants? Perhaps the question answers itself.

Is there any evidence to suggest that we have the wisdom to apply our limited understanding of nature on schemes intended to change the very nature of our world? Wouldn’t true wisdom counsel prudence and caution before tampering with things we don’t understand? Shouldn’t we prove we can predict the weather before we try to change the climate? Shouldn’t we prove we can cure human ailments before we tamper with what a human being is? How many other fields of scientific endeavor have been corrupted by “consensus” in lieu of observation?

Unintended consequences happen when we make decisions based on an incomplete or inaccurate understanding of reality. Yet when consensus replaces objectivity, our minds become closed, discovery ceases, and unintended consequences become inevitable.

Science is intended to facilitate a human attempt to understand the natural order. It should never be assumed to be a means to change the natural order. The laws of nature do not change at our whim. How can we presume to change things we don’t understand without unpleasant consequences? Is true scientific advancement possible without the humility to acknowledge our limitations? Is there anything humble about suggesting we can change men into women and tailor the earth’s climate to our will? Or is it hubris inviting a well-earned visit from Nemesis?

Author Bio: John Green is a political refugee from Minnesota, now residing in Idaho. He has written for American Thinker, and American Free News Network. He can be followed on Facebook or reached at greenjeg@gmail.com.

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