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I called my congress critter, Julia Letlow’s, office today to find out if she was supporting McCarthy and his bid to pass another CR without making any needed changes, or if she was supporting Matt Gaetz and the congressmen fighting for fiscal sanity. Know what the receptionist said? She hadn’t had a chance to talk to her boss to see who boss was supporting. My reply was that this is not something that’s just popped up, and Ms. Letlow should definitely know where she stands. But still, the young lady answering the phone just didn’t know anything about where Congresswoman Letlow stood on the matter.

So I reckon I will have to write a letter explaining the situation and that standing with McCarthy the sellout is not what our district sent Letlow to do in the House. If she’s listening to that Graves representative from another part of Louisiana, the one who’s McCarthy’s big buddy, I figure Letlow will be voting against the American public. I wonder if she gazes at McCarthy as adoringly as the representative from Georgia, Marjorie Taylor Green. MTG talks big and loud, but so far, I haven’t noticed anything but talk, talk, talk from her. She turned out to be just another McCarthy vote on whatever he wants.

Last week I read the pitiful story about the kids in Baltimore not being able to pass math, and probably everything else, too, though other subjects weren’t mentioned. And I seriously doubt that they are the only public school students in this sinking boat of education.

It reminded me of the headlines in the parish newspaper a few weeks ago. The paper printed the LEAP test scores from last spring for all the parish schools. My alma mater, Block High School, scored a 5, down from 10 last year. Block was an excellent school when I was a student there. We regularly had many winners at state and area literary rallies; we had a strong network of school clubs and organizations, and we had fine athletic teams. Now, it’s so pitiful that a score of FIVE was the best they could do on the standardized tests.

BHS is a perfect example of a good school, ruined by the federal and state governments and their systems to dumb down children so that they are ill prepared for adulthood and the working world. But that’s what the communists want, an ignorant, uneducated populace that cannot help themselves, but always look to the GOVERNMENT for help in living.

This leads in to my rant of the week, the evil of the Common Core curriculum, especially in elementary arithmetic. Common Core math in elementary school is the most disgusting perversion of tried and true methods of solving problems that can be inflicted on children. And don’t tell me, like local officials parroted, that it isn’t Common Core, for this was printed on a page of the frightful homework that my fourth grade grandson was given last year: “This document is created to give parents and students a better understanding of the math concepts found in Eureka Math (2013 Common Core, Inc) that is also posted as the Engage New York material which is taught in the classroom.”

Several years ago, parents across Louisiana united in their outrage over the teaching of Common Core in our schools, a system foisted on the nation by then White House resident Barry Obama. They protested at the Capitol in Baton Rouge where the legislature was deciding the fate of a generation of students. The leges said, “Yes, parents, you are right! CC is an abomination! Let us change the name to something else so you peasants will go home and not bother us anymore.” And that is what they did, and our children are the losers.

Here are the objectives on a fourth graders math homework: Decompose fractions as a sum of unit fractions using tape diagrams. Decompose non-unit fractions and represent them as a whole number times a unit fraction using tape diagrams. Decompose fractions into sums of smaller unit fractions using tape diagrams. Decompose unit fractions using area models to show equivalence.

I am a graduate of LSU; I scored above average grades in algebra, trigonometry, physical science, anthropology, biology, astronomy, etc., even though science and math were not my favorite subjects. But I could work math problems in these classes because I had the basics of math down pat, thanks to wonderful elementary and high school teachers. I didn’t have to struggle to figure out what decomposing unit and non-unit fractions meant.

Students now are taught this convoluted, crazy, nonsensical garbage, and I do not use the word garbage lightly.

There’s no longer any such thing as an equation, you know 4 x 2=8; it is a number sentence now. Do you think the Japanese, the Chinese, the Russians, the Indians, and the rest of the educated world are using this Common Core insanity to teach their children? Not a fat chance. American children must be taught a lesson that they are inferior to all other students in the world, and how better to do that than to dumb down their learning of basic mathematics.

So when doing extra school work time comes for my grandson, I just skip the math that is too illogical for my way of thinking. We concentrate on English, social studies and science, because they are based on words, and words I know. He has to get his teacher to translate Common Core for him. I simply cannot attempt this convoluted perversion of marvelous math.

So, along with deep-in-the-gut disgust for national politicians, a great distrust of the Federal government,, and the insanity of Common Core math, comrades, I have had a bad week

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