But It’s The Guns!

It’s not the object, the tool use to commit the crime. It’s the criminal who is not deterred who commits the crime.

People generally don’t blame inanimate objects for the actions of the people who handle them. We don’t prosecute or sue General Motors for the criminal actions of the driver of one of their vehicles. But there are exceptions to this rule, the classic example is firearms.

A few years back after a school shooting, a female comedian I had  never heard of went on a Twitter rant screeching “It’s the guns!” about 100 times. Fair enough, you can believe that. You may also believe in the Great Pumpkin. That doesn’t mean he will appear on Halloween and pass out presents to children far and wide.

Oh in case you missed it, Demented Joe established another executive bureaucracy, the Office of Gun Violence Prevention. Just like the Great Pumpkin, you can believe it will reduce gun crime, like any other bureaucracy. Now how will it do this? Per the text of Joe’s teleprompter, its purpose is:

The office will coordinate efforts across the federal government and will offer help and guidance to states struggling with increasing gun violence, while taking the lead on implementation of the bipartisan gun legislation signed into law last year. Biden tentatively plans to announce the new effort with an event Friday at the White House, said the people, who had direct knowledge of the plans and who spoke to The Associated Press on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to speak publicly.

The office fulfills a key demand of gun safety activists who banded together as a coalition to endorse Biden for president in 2024, and is an effort by the White House to keep the issue front-and-center as the president pushes for a ban on so-called “assault weapons” and urges Congress to act.

Seeing he put Kamala Harris in charge, what can we expect? Well she’s tasked with securing the border, handing “abortion rights” in the post Roe-Wade era, and insuring “voting rights” (i.e. guaranteeing the dead will rise come November), not much. A few speeches and some wasted electrons in reports.

It would be nice for Dementia Joe to actually read out what he’s talking about. Every other speech he talks about banning “assault weapons,” but he never specifies what that is. Much like “the rich,” just an undefined term to push an agenda item. To be honest, he should know most mass shooters do not use long guns of any type, but pistols. But he doesn’t.

This occurred to me as I reviewed the case of Andreas “Andy” Rene Probst. Mr. Probst, after retiring as chief of police from Bell CA, move to Las Vegas. On August 14th, he was riding his bicycle when he was run over and murdered by two suspects (I will not name them). The driver (17 as of the time, now 18), and his accomplice, 16 years of age, have both been arrested and charged for murder, among other crimes.

As they approached Mr. Probst, the accomplice says to the driver, “Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Hit his ass!” The driver speeds up and Mr. Probst smashes into the windshield, over the car, and the two suspects leave him on the road for dead.

When I look back at how I used to drive as a teenager, I often ask myself “How the hell did I make it out of my teenage years alive?” Did I use my car to knock over a couple of trash cans? Sure. Thank God my mother did not find out or I might not be here right now to write about it. But I, and no one I’ve ever known of, targeted an innocent person with a one-ton blunt object. Yet to these two ‘juveniles,” it was only a prank.

We’ve discovered it was more than one prank over the day. In one day the two young suspects stole a total of four cars, struck another car, and hit a 72-year-old man on a bicycle (who thankfully survived) before killing Mr. Probst. Just a day of playful pranks in their mind.

The driver was not too concerned. He was sure he would be handled by the same juvenile system that let him continue to commit one crime after another. He told an arresting officer he would “get a slap on the wrist,” and “I’ll be out in 30 days.” I can only assume he was surprised when he was informed murder would move his case to adult court. His accomplice is likely more surprised that he is also looking at a murder charge for aiding and abetting the homicide.

The point here? It’s not the cars! And it’s not the guns! It’s the POS thugs who were let to roam like wild animals on innocent people just living their lives. Poverty is no excuse for this kind of savage behavior. Mom (and dad, if you were around), if you had actually done your job and raised your boys, this would not have happened.

As the juvenile histories have not been released, we can’t be certain of their previous criminal records. But as one reporter said, it was extensive. If the juvenile system had handled them in a stricter manner (i.e., put them into a juvenile detention center as opposed to lecture and release), we can only speculate that they may not have been out to perpetrate multiple felonies in one day.

To borrow a piece of a Winston Churchill’s quote, “When will the lesson be learned!” If parents don’t raise their kids, and the judicial system fails to prosecute them early, they will only be encouraged to do more. Remember when you were young? You were invincible, but you likely didn’t push that with multiple crimes. However, the lesson is plain. Thugs will continue to terrorize the general public until judicial action is taken, or they are taken out.

Michael A. Thiac is a retired Army intelligence officer, with over 23 years experience, including serving in the Republic of Korea, Japan, and the Middle East. He is also a retired police patrol sergeant, with over 22 years’ service, and over ten year’s experience in field training of newly assigned officers. He has been published at The American Thinker, PoliceOne.com, and on his personal blog, A Cop’s Watch.

Opinions expressed are his alone and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of current or former employers.

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