How Black Lives Matter Got Played in 2020

Black Lives Matter was a faithful backer of the Joe Biden and Kamala Harris ticket for the 2020 elections. They went to the mat, protested police, burned down portions of cities, and ruined Black-owned businesses, at least partly for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. Both Biden and Harris were all in for their support, which by their belief pushed the campaign over the top to win. The Black Lives Matter movement raised (1)$10.6 billion in 2020 through their website The contribution interface is nothing more than a link to, also known as The Democrat party donation portal (2). BLM encourages visitors to donate to the cause of stopping racism and helping the African-American community achieve social justice.

BLM put too much trust in the new administration by thinking they were genuine about their social justice movement or any Black causes in America.  After November 3rd, 2020, the Biden Harris transition slow-rolled Black Lives Matter requests to be a part of the Biden team. BLM co-founder Patrice Cullors wrote a congratulatory letter (3) to Biden and Harris for winning the election. She also set out demands for the BLM agenda and requested meetings to discuss them. “We want something for our vote.” Cullors concluded by saying she looked forward to meeting with Biden and Harris so that they can “begin the immediate work of black liberation.” But Biden and Democrats have a long history of pandering to those they think are “useful idiots” to get their votes.

BLM was angered that Biden selected Mayor Pete Buttigieg to head the Department of Transportation (4) in his cabinet because he functioned as a racist mayor in the city of South Bend, Indiana. The transition team did not listen to BLM who requested specific anti-Black candidates not be considered for any positions in the new administration. The list included Mayor Garcetti, Mayor Rahm Emmanuel, and Rhode Island Governor Gina Raimondo. Well, what do you know? Gina Raimondo was hired as Commerce Secretary. Rahm Emmanual was under consideration for Transportation Secretary and Mayor Garcetti was slated for a position with the inaugural committee but turned it down.

Neither Joe Biden nor Kamala Harris has any intentions of giving BLM any power or say even after they raised $ billions for their party. This is a real case of “keeping the man down.” His cabinet picks deliberately contradicted and insulted BLM and their concerns, which further aggravated their realization that they were powerless on the outside looking in.

On inauguration day, BLM protesters took it to the streets of Portland, Oregon, fueled by their assumption the Biden administration will not accept their key demands, abolishing ICE and defunding the police. Protesters were burning Biden-Harris flags in the streets. (5) A BLM spokesman was saying, “It doesn’t matter who is president now.” Similar protests occurred in other cities. The realization finally set in that Biden and Harris are only good for lip service and never believed in their cause from day one. A less violent event attended by BLM-affiliated people in Hartford, Connecticut was meant to counter Trump extremists, who never showed up. A BLM representative was quoted, “The Black Lives Matter movement will continue to hold the Biden administration accountable over the next four years and especially over the next 100 days as the country continues to grapple with the COVID-19 pandemic.” (6)

A tiger never changes his stripes. Both Joe and Kamala have not been “Black” friendly in their political careers so why would they change in 2020? On the backs of Blacks is how they achieved their positions and success with voters. Their scorched-earth mentality will be even more reckless when they work on behalf of their own interests that do not include the American people? What kickbacks did BLM founders receive from the $10.6 billion they raised? (7) The organization’s founders, three Black women – Alicia Garza, Patrisse Cullors, and Opal Tometi, all accused of not sharing “a single cent with Black people.” Others came to BLM’s support, saying “They are donating to BLM city chapters and trying to start a bank.”

BLM is an organization that most would never accept as a legitimate ally based on their violent actions. Why would Biden and Harris even entertain, bail out of jail, and support them? Why would the Democrats partner to siphon money from unsuspecting donors? You must wonder about their judgment and lack of a moral compass. Honesty does not exist in their corrupted reprobate minds. They know they and their allies cheated to win the election. They both are part of the foreign interference in the 2020 election and someday may pay for the fraud they have foisted upon the American people.

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