Defending Manhood: The Ultimate Act of Woke’ Rebellion

Defending Manhood: The Ultimate Act of ‘Woke’ Rebellion”

In a world where being “woke” means changing the rules every other week and questioning everything from the alphabet to zucchinis, one thing remains steadfast: manhood. Yes, you heard it right, folks! Manhood is the last true act of rebellion in the modern culture of “Wokeness.” So, grab your tool belts and flannel shirts, because we’re diving headfirst into the man-cave of resistance!

In the era of ever-evolving pronouns and kale smoothies, it’s easy to feel like you’ve lost your way in the labyrinth of “Wokeness.” But fear not, for manhood is your guiding North Star through the fog of gender neutrality and tofu-based diets.

Picture this: you’re standing there, unshaven, in your favorite ’80s action movie T-shirt, and someone dares to ask, “Why aren’t you wearing a gender-neutral, organic cotton, eco-friendly hemp frock?” You proudly puff out your chest and proclaim, “Because, my friend, I am an island of testosterone in a sea of quinoa!

But what does it mean to embrace manhood as an act of rebellion? It means you’re not afraid to eat a steak without feeling guilty about it afterward. It means you’re not worried about breaking a nail while fixing a leaky faucet. And it certainly means you can start a lawnmower on the first pull, even if you have to put a little muscle into it.

While “Wokeness” encourages us to question everything, from the air we breathe to the color of our socks, embracing manhood is an act of defiance against the relentless tide of change. It’s like saying, “Sure, you can redefine everything under the sun, but you can’t take away my love for football, monster trucks, and a good old-fashioned power tool.

In the world of “Wokeness,” where every day feels like a new episode of “The Twilight Zone,” holding on to traditional notions of manhood is akin to wearing a suit of armor. It’s like saying, “I’m a rebel with a cause: the cause of not giving in to the pressure of gender fluidity and fad diets!

So, as you bask in the glow of your man-cave, surrounded by your collection of firearms  and fishing poles, remember this: Manhood is not just a gender identity; it’s the last fortress of rebellion in the modern world of “Wokeness.” So, stand tall, wear your beard like a badge of honor, and know that as long as you embrace manhood, you’re a rebel with a burly cause!

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  1. Mr Cloft wrote, “It means you’re not worried about breaking a nail while fixing a leaky faucet.”

    No, it means you can fix the leaky faucet in the first place, broken nail or not!

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