Follow-up to Racism on the High Plains of Colorado: How El Paso County Government is Turning a Racism and Civil Disobedience Problem into A Dangerous Situation that is Going to End in Tears

I’ve been meaning to update on this issue but wanted to provide space and not distract or hype events. But as I related with the telling of the story, I feared the worst because when you cave or give in to bullies-of any stripe-it never ends well.

If you let somebody get away with telling a bullcrap racist story about MAGA attacks at oh dark thirty in a place where they are rarer than hen’s teeth-involving bleach, a noose (being worn like fashion ensemble,) a Subway sandwich ordered by a gay guy, well sir, I think it’s time to watch out for flying pig feces raining down…

In this case the results are about as ambiguous as what would have resulted from a Hunter Biden hearing if the judge hadn’t rallied the respect for her position that we don’t often see when they are caught licking the boots of their masters-craven government agency hacks bullspitting before them like the guy from Saturday Night live spewing inanities.

I say ambiguous because after the genius attempt at a “mediation” by the El Paso County Assistant or Associate DA that had the expected result to everyone but our dipsnap ADA, it was reported that “all charges were dropped against all involved parties.”

So to help you following at home, they apparently dropped multiple assault and battery charges, failure to produce identification, producing false identification, brandishing a firearm, discharging a firearm in a threatening manner at or in the presence of a duly sworn process server (of the court,) and displaying a firearm in a threatening manner in the vicinity of a school bus stop, endangering children. All those charges went bye-bye.

And full disclosure-total fairness-the dipsnap ADA also dismissed the charges against the 83-year-old, non-ambulatory female for allegedly approaching too close to a public easement where the racist troublemaker neighbor had positioned herself having watched the woman through the surveillance cameras focused on her house to enable her to jump in her car, travel the 1+miles to be in position/proximity to the person she was frightened enough of to register a restraining order with the Sheriff’s Department, enabling her to trigger the something in the multiple hundredth call to the police for being inside the “keep away distance” and possessing what looked like a firearm to a racist, but turned out to be a cell phone-at least in the dozen or so times the charge was made.

Is there a point where the modern police or sheriff’s Deputy is going to lay some wood on such a person, or show them the back side of the barn up close and personal? Yea-I know-and thank goodness the police don’t get violent with people like this anymore or lock them up for a day or so for being jerks and total uncivilized racist azzwipes-cause that would be wrong and uncivil and what it would do is result in a lawsuit-just like most of this entire over three year run of trafficking in these racist allegations has only resulted in fund raising for the black racists involved in this story.

Can a citizen request the cost log for frivolous calls, complaints, charges, trips to the hospital for alleged harm by the police, refusing to be treated at the hospital because they are racists too, the accusations about deputies doing deeds-including the alleged murder that did not take place on their ranch? When can the system actually decide to start charging criminals and racists like this for wasting taxpayer resources, time and money?

I’m thinking when the yellow clue bus results in a log that stretches beyond the 100th, then 200th response and just keeps going: I don’t think that is a good expenditure of my and our tax dollars.

The Army I entered in the 1970s still worked on “immediate stimulus response” which is a fancy term for beating or getting your arse beat as part of the culture of “getting with the program.” Next time you watch those brave ANTIFA or Black Liberation Revival Movement mommy’s basement warriors inches away from security screaming like lunatics-just picture what would have happened in previous cultures with such raving losers….Of course, in the Army of the 1970s-even with voluntary service-you still had “service opts“-kids who the judge gave the “Army or jail” option to-and many of them were not that thrilled to serve-but the drill sergeants were equipped to fine tune motivation as required.

The bad or good news-depending on your viewpoint-is things have sorted themselves out-the girl and her mom who have lived in their house since 1987 have called it quits. With the failure of the mediation and the dropping of the charges by dipsnap El Paso County ADA, the harassment picked up because of the law of no consequences-additional cameras were emplaced, the response time for racists increased and the target of these acts decided enough is enough.

Now that means something different in Army vernacular, but in this case she and her mom decided that life is too short, and it is time to move on.

Below is her letter-as she penned it-that ends the issue. She has moved on from her home of some 36-years-uprooted her life, her roots and that of her mom, and moved on to her next stop and adventure in life in the hopes that she will find peace and be free of racists forevermore.

Dear Editor, Community members,

I am writing you about a situation in Eastern El Paso County where an 83-year-old woman and her disabled daughter are being forced to move because of a “neighbor dispute.” This neighbor dispute started over horses eating grass. Yes, you read that correctly, horses eating grass. It has now escalated into a $230 some thousand-dollar scam. The El Paso County Sheriff’s Office is scared to enforce laws because of the violent actions of the other party and the failure of the 4th Judicial District Attorney’s Office. They have both allowed this situation to get to extreme levels of fear for this family.

Let me go back a bit. This property was purchased by a person whom I’m going to refer to as N and C. C is the husband, N is the wife. When these neighbors moved in, I helped them as much as I could. I loaned them my stock trailer, I helped them build a chicken coop, I gave them details about the property they bought. My parents bought this house in 1987 that we live in, so I have had years of knowledge about the community.

My horses were eating grass on a fenced easement which they have done for 20 + years, before they were let out, I asked all the neighbors for permission. I received a very hostile call from N, but I removed my horses as she asked. Then she called me “racist.” I blocked her number being appalled by her statement. Then she started calling the sheriff on me every time she could think of anything to call on, and the daily visits started.

On or about December 17th, 2020, we had an ice storm, that had high winds and freezing rain. N called the sheriff’s office and said I put superglue in her padlock which was facing south-the same direction of the storm. I asked the deputy if it was ice because of the storm we just had, he said he would get back to me: he never did. On December 19th, 2020, trying to make the situation at least a bit less tense, I bought them a box of chocolates for Christmas. That night N came to my house, 1.5 miles from her residence to blast her stereo at my house. I came into the house wrote a Christmas card, wrapped the chocolates came back out to give them to her, she took off in her car. So, I thought I would take them down to her residence, once again 1.5 miles away from mine. N turned around and headed back towards my house, so I came back. I got out of my truck and walked to the fence line to give her the chocolates – she started to scream “you are trespassing on my land!” I told her it was a public easement I drop the chocolates over the fence and returned to my home. In the meantime she called the sheriff’s office and claimed I tried to assault her with the chocolates, I had a gun (which is always my cell phone in the 100’s of call she has made with this claim) so being in fear for her life she waited an hour and half for deputies to respond outside my residence: again, her residence is 1.5 miles north of my house. If she was in fear for her life, why didn’t she go home?

On December 20th, 2020, N placed a restraining order against me for trying to give her the chocolates. A few weeks later she placed another restraining order against my 82-year-old mother, claiming she tried to run her off the road (which she hasn’t driven since October of 2018) claiming my mother had a GUN (which to my knowledge my mother has never held a gun).

Then the “real stalking” started, as C would later say in a TikTok video: “driving really slow by someone’s house 6-8 times a day.” Under this definition we have been stalked more than 90 days in a year. They have managed to drive over 850 miles in a year, making a 3 mile round trip to their home and back, to claim “they are scared of us.” Just so everyone has an idea on distance if you are at the courthouse on Tejon and driving to the Hobby Lobby on 8th Street 6-8 times a day that would be the same distance. I ask you, when is the last time you intentionally drove 850 miles to see your neighbor that you think wants to harm you?

Then the cameras showed up, one at our front door, one at my bedroom window, and one at the back of our house. We could tell they were monitoring our every move because anytime we would leave or return to our house it would take them 5 minutes to drive to our house to see what we were doing. Also, any time we went outside they would suddenly appear.

Yes, I was arrested by the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office on the word of N. Who edited a video of me being on the road by my house taking a picture of the camera they had pointed at my bedroom window. On this video the only part of me is my torso, it was enlarged to cut my house out of the video. The officer that did the “investigation” never spoke to me, she took N’s word for what happened. While being arrested, the stress triggered my seizure disorder, I was taken to Memorial Hospital for care. This easement is a section line easement, that the county bought in 1895, at the end of this easement was a county gravel pit. It has been maintained by my family since 1987, until my father’s illness stopped him. Since then, the other neighbor to the south has maintained it.

This has been a planned set up since they have moved here, they cut holes in their fence, they have chased their cattle out onto the road. The night of the “hands up don’t shoot” video, they let the cows out the back gate. My mother and I went to dinner, while we were gone, they moved the cows down the easement closer to the road so we would have to drive pass them. Then when we got home a few minutes later here they come. You can see C in the video I have of the incident trying to keep the cow from going back thru the fence, the other neighbors V and J witnessed them moving the cows down the easement. Once the cow got near our home, they started yelling “hands up don’t shoot”. My mother asked what they are doing, and I told her they were trying to set us up for something. (If anyone wants any documentation of any of these facts let me know, these are FACTS, not the lies that have been told by C and N.)

When my sheep were poisoned, I had no clue what was wrong with them. So, I called multiple vets for advice, I was treating them for the symptoms I saw which I thought was bloat. Then they started dying. Within 24-48 hours I lost 8 head of ewes and a market lamb. I called CSU and took two of the dead to have necropsy preformed. The chemical used was isolated. The feed sacks were found in the pen with the sheep, a cap from the chemical was also found, a glove and footprints. The landowner behind gave N and C permission to access his land because their cattle were once again out. The feed sacks also contained the chemical, the store was located where the feed was sold. N and C had been in the store buying that type of feed a few days earlier. The sheriff’s office looked the other way. As I was told by Deputy Julian, animal cruelty is not a crime in El Paso County. C posted a TikTok video about his “cow” being poisoned, the first thing I noticed, he described exactly how he knew it was poisoned, and how the cow died, what the poison did to it. I read the necropsy report on my sheep two weeks later to find out this information. My question is how did he know?

N in an interview stated, “I don’t have a neighbor dispute, my dispute is with the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office”. Also, N has referred to a Black Sherriff’s deputy as a “Field Negro.” I don’t care what your background is, that is racist. She has also made a statement against me – which I am a brain tumor survivor – about “it.” I guess if you are female and have short hair it makes you an “it”. Now V and J joining with C and N are referring to me as a “Dike.”

My name has been published in papers across the country and the world due to the lies on C and N, running on the fear of the socially correct “racism.” C and N have scammed people out of their money, because of ignorance. N has been questioned about her mental state in other states that she has been in trouble. Colorado ignores the mental issue, then asks why we have mass shootings? The district attorney dismissed the stalking charges due to fear of racism claims: has now been promoted. I ask you is this what Colorado has come too?

After N and C went public about their claims, we had armed guards on our fence line, we now have a commercial solar camera system watching our house, we still get drive buy’s at 10 pm, midnight, 2 am, 4 am and so on. N comes up to our house to check on the “clan and KKK” laughing, driving away.

We are not leaving because C and N won, we are leaving because we cannot live in fear for our lives any longer. I am a survivor; I have lived for almost 3 years of this hell hoping someone would help. The justice system had the chance, but they got scared. The Sherriff’s office has their hands tied, because the District Attorney won’t stand up for the laws and back the Sherriff or the deputies. You can’t blame the deputies for not wanting to get hurt by N, after all, she has assaulted several officer’s prior in different states. I have been told by my attorney “not only would the DA’s office throw me under the bus, but he would also duct tape my hands and feet behind my back so I couldn’t roll out of the way.”

As I said before my claims are TRUE, I have the evidence, I have the videos from my home security system, and my recordings from my front porch. N and C are bullies that have pushed and got there way. On social media people wanted to know why the FBI wasn’t involved, they already did an investigation into this, and reviled the lies of N and C. N and C have pictures of dead animals, I know someone (I don’t know who) hit and killed a goat on the road, because it was allowed to be there.

I have spent my life rescuing animals, fostering for shelters, and now breeding dogs for service dogs ( I donate most of the puppies to veteran organizations for training.) From my first and only litter 6 of 10 puppies have went into training for PTSD dogs. They are expected to graduate this fall. Being accused of these horrible things makes me sick, I think the people who poisoned my sheep need help, mental help. Not to be rewarded by the DA’s office.

There is a problem in Eastern El Paso County that is on a downhill slide, someone is going to get killed. The hate is spreading to other neighbors (V and J). People are being chased from their homes, help looks the other way and fuels this fire.

Is there a reason an 83-year-old women is being forced from her home to escape this terror?

I am leaving, I am going to enjoy my mother and my life while we can.


Original Signed

(Our Pyrenees Livestock Guardian Dog groomer.)

Otto, Bella and we thank you and wish you peace and the best…

Max Dribbler

28 September 2023

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