Climate Hysteria VS Math, Science and Common Sense

I was supposed to cut my lawn yesterday.  The Wednesday weather forecast showed sunshine predicted for all day Friday.  Instead, I ended up indoors Friday due to an all-day long rainstorm.  The lawn cutting will have to wait.  One thing that is predictable about New England weather in the fall is rain.  But somehow the weatherman got it dead wrong.  Yet we’re told over and over to believe meteorologists, climate scientists, politicians, U.N. organizations, the “news” media, various talking heads, academia and Greta Thunberg when they tell us that the world’s weather will be 1.7 degrees warmer in 70 years, if we don’t fork over our money to them and their ilk, now.


Yes, I said the “world’s weather”.  Climate is simply a trend of weather patterns over time.  In fact, you could say the four seasons are short term climate change.  Climate crisis Chicken Littles would call me a heretic for mentioning weather and climate together.  It’s like mentioning a chicken and egg, water and wetness, men and women, together in the same sentence.  To the climate Nazis, weather and climate are unrelated polar opposites and have absolutely nothing to do with each other.  If you say otherwise, you are damned to climate hell, forever banished from polite society. 


Must we all be climate scientists to have any understanding of our climate?  I think not.  Common sense, observation, history and a basic understanding of math and science all help guide us to a better understanding of our planet’s climate.  For instance, basic science teaches us that the earth revolves around the sun.  The sun is a very hot star and provides our planet with its life sustaining light and warmth.  Because of earth’s ideal distance from the sun, we are uniquely situated to benefit the most of any of the planets in our solar system. 


The sun is the number one contributing factor in determining the various temperatures around the globe, not GM or Exxon.  Yes, “various temperatures”.  Regardless of what you’ve heard, there is not and can never be an “average” temperature of the earth.  We have various temperatures all around the planet.  Any purported average temperature is an estimate only.  There are too many points around the globe with no temperature measurements.  If you changed the points at which temperatures are taken, you would change the “average” temperature reading.  In my own town, temperatures can vary by several degrees at the same time.  I know because I have an outdoor thermometer that rarely matches the official temperature at the local airport or on Accuweather which rarely matches the given temperature on the Weather channel which rarely matches the given temperature on…  Get the picture?  We have Zero control over the sun, the greatest factor in our planet’s climate.


The number two most important factor in determining the various temperatures around our globe is water vapor.  Water vapor is by far the biggest so-called greenhouse gas, not CO2.  Our planet’s greenhouse gas effect enables the earth to trap the warmth generated by the sun and thus allow us to live on this otherwise inhospitable planet.  Approximately 71% of the earth’s surface is covered by water with nearly 97% of that being the oceans.  To get a better feel for just how massive the amount of water vapor in the air is, read this article from Live Science

“Given that the surface area of Earth is about 197 million square miles (510 million square kilometers), there’s around 37.5 million-billion gallons of water in the atmosphere.  If all of this mass were to fall at once, it would raise the global ocean level by about 1.5 inches.” 


CO2 makes up only about .04% of the earth’s atmosphere, while water vapor makes up 100 times that at 4%.  As with the sun, mankind has Zero control of the second greatest factor affecting our climate, water vapor.


The climate expert fascists are using bogus estimates to inflate temperatures to scare the masses (people, businesses, governments) into doing some of the craziest things imaginable, endangering lives and lifestyles.  If you don’t believe me, review the University of East Anglia email scandal of the recent past.  The climate professors there had to secretly manufacture higher temperatures to falsely make their conclusions.  In fact, there have been no climate disaster predictions that have come true since Joseph Robinette Biden started his disastrous political career fifty long years ago.  According to the climate experts of that time we should be in the beginning of an ice age right about now.  The climate hoax and the Biden political hoax began about the same time, and both just as non-credible as the other.


Like with any arithmetic computation, garbage in equals garbage out.  Real scientists can have biases, but they shouldn’t let them interfere with their studies and experiments.  Their goal should be finding the truth, wherever it leads them.  Unfortunately, that is not the case with so many climate scientists (or many scientists) today.


Case in point, Dr. John Clauser is one of the premier physicists in the world.  He won the Nobel Prize in 2022 for confirming the existence of quantum entanglement – “two particles once linked remain linked no matter how far apart they are pulled. A change in one linked particle still affects the other linked particle.”  His experiments proved that Neils Bohr was correct, and Albert Einstein was not, regarding this aspect of quantum physics.  Dr. Clauser is no scientific slouch.


Don’t tell that to the Climate Nazis.  They have tried to cancel him since he disclosed his true ideas on man-made climate change.  He recently spoke to a group of South Korean scientists and told them to tell the truth and only the truth.  He called the climate hysterics basically irrational and false.  He accused the IPCC of politics, not science.  That’s all the climate Gestapo needed to set them off and onto grabbing their pitchforks.  He is now, as with all climate heretics, persona non-grata in the hoity-toity halls of academia and media.  For such climate heresy, the IMF, that great body of scientists, (NOT), cancelled his speaking engagement.  Then again, what does Dr. Clauser know about science compared to the monetary globalist elites who infect and infest the IMF?


The case for common sense when dealing with climate change is laid out brilliantly here in a American Thinker column.  The logic of the author, Uldis Sprogis, is irrefutable.  There are too many variables and unknowns in any mathematic climate calculation to accurately predict future temperatures.  You cannot solve an equation with that many unknowns and variables unless you artificially fix them with estimates. Manmade climate change is unproven and unprovable.  Its adherent’s doom and gloom predictions have thus far been proven false. 


The question then is why do they persist?  What is their goal?  What is their motivation?  A closer look at who is pushing this pseudo-science and who is benefitting from it (big governments, bureaucrats, elites, certain industries, academics, activists, etc.) should give us a clue to answer these questions.  Another big question is how do we defeat this pseudo-science and get back to real science?  The answer to that question is complex and is necessary to save our way of life, our economy and our human progress from those who would have mankind regress to the dark, cold, energy-less world we emerged from since the start of the industrial revolution.  Stay tuned.  To be continued on a planet near you.




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