A Party Of Robots And A Party Of Dissenters

The stark difference between the country’s two governing parties was on full and undeniable display this week.  One party showed that it still has some free thinkers that do not act and believe in lockstep with the Washington, D.C. established rules of political decorum.  Some in that party showed they are fed up, as are their constituents, with the go along to get along atmosphere in the D.C. Swamp.  The other political party plotted, with a media fig leaf, against common sense.  I was business as usual for the latter. 


The Dems, with help from their media (about 95% of corporate media), tried to portray Republicans as wanting to shut down the government and starve innocent people to death.  The world we know was coming to a cataclysmic end because maybe, possibly, somehow there was a chance that non-essential government bureaucrats, I mean workers, would be sent on a several weeks long paid vacation.  Heaven forfend!  Remember all the catastrophes and irreversible harm that befell our great nation the last time that happened?  Me neither.  Actually, Chuckie Schumer was responsible for that one, though his media buddies would never say that.


Regardless, the hysteria that the sky was falling just wasn’t enough.  No, something more was needed to drive the point home.  Enter Rep. Jamaal Bowman (D-Commie-NY).  Remember that old SCOTUS adage, you don’t have the right to yell fire in a crowded theater?  Jamaal never heard that.  In an effort to preclude a House vote on keeping our over-spending, $33 trillion in debt, woke, hapless government open for another 45 days, Jamaal yelled fire where there was none and illegally pulled a fire alarm (by accident).  Here is a picture of said fire alarm before Jamaal removed the signage. 

No wonder Jamaal was confused.  It’s tough to read signs, especially when you’re sprinting to cast a vote.  Poor thing.  He must have thought those were MAGA red hats.  But to further demonstrate their goosestep, uh lockstep, unity with Bowman, many more clowns jumped on the Jamaal clown car to defend the indefensible.  Chief among his defenders, his fellow traveler from NY, AOC.  No Democrat that I’m aware of spoke out against Bowman’s immature and illegal act.  How’s that for lockstep.

“I think if you actually do see some of the photos of the signs, I think there’s something to be said about the government’s about to shut down, there’s a vote clock that’s going down, the exits that are normally open in that building are suddenly closed.”, Alexandria Ocassionally-Cortex

See how confusing those signs are?  He just panicked.  Blondes are telling dumb AOC jokes these days.


Did I mention that Jamaal is blind?  I didn’t?  Oh, that’s because he isn’t, but he wants us to believe he is.  However, he is blinded by his robotic radicalism.  In addition to being a so-called Democrat, he is also affiliated with the Democratic Socialists of America (not to be confused with the Democrat Party, I suppose) and the Working Families Party, both of which are communist party offshoots.  This doofus, Jamaal, “attacked our democracy” by trying to obstruct a Congressional vote.  Will he be locked up?  Don’t hold your breath.


Did I mention that Jamaal is stupid?  I didn’t?  Well, he is if he wants us to believe he mistook a fire alarm for a doorknob.  Imagine thinking up a lie that shows you have a lower IQ than a turnip green and believing that’s a good thing?  Now imagine doing that as a Congressman.  “You can’t blame me.  I’m stupid.  BTW, I’m voting myself a pay raise and increasing your taxes”.  Jamaal and his ilk belong nowhere near Congress making laws governing normal people.  He will be spared the punishment he deserves for breaking the law due to his privileged skin color and preferred party.  That’s how low our “justice” system has sunk.  Laws are for you and me, not for the lawmakers.  They are above such petty inconveniences.


He is also a former principal of a middle school in NYC.  Isn’t that a scary thought?  I wonder if the fire alarms look like doorknobs at that school.  Actually, it’s more like a leftist reeducation camp for youth, called Cornerstone Academy Middle School.  Its mission statement barely mentions academics:

“We desire for our school to be a true CASA where students, staff, and families partner together to facilitate a respectful environment that promotes student engagement, accountability, culturally relevant pedagogy, and social emotional as well as academic growth.”


This and other indoctrination centers like it around the country are producing the mind-numbed robots that now infest the Democrat Party, as well as other institutions across the spectrum.  


In fact, if you don’t fall in line and start walking and talking the way they demand, their Queen Witch, aka Hillary, would force your compliance with reeducation camps.  Perhaps these camps would be similar to Pol Pot’s summer camps in Cambodia.  Those only cost about 3 million lives.  She’s never been accused of being too bright, since she has the personality and charisma of a wooden stick, but she said the ugly part out loud in an interview with one of her broom-carrying members of the media. 

“…And when do they break with him (Trump) because at some point, maybe there needs to be a formal deprogramming of the cult members, but something needs to happen.”

There is no cult like a Democrat Party cult.


Then a small group of Republicans, many of them not conservatives, did something unheard of and never before accomplished, they overthrew the House Speaker with an American version of Parliament, a vote to vacate.  Once again, the Democrat Party was lockstep in voting to oust Speaker McCarthy.  They demonstrated that there is ZERO true diversity, diversity of thought, in the Democrat Party, unlike the Republican Party.  Yes, true democratic processes can be ugly.  But that’s better than tyranny. 


The Democrat Party thinks in Stalinesque unison on the most controversial issues of our time – open borders, delusional Trans craziness, unrestricted abortion on demand through the 9th month, coddling violent criminals, climate hysteria and its accompanying “green energy” boondoggle, gun bans.  Any deviation and you will be burned at the stake for political heresy.  


No one has explained yet what all the hullabaloo and pearl clutching over a possible government shutdown, aka paid vacation for government employees, is all about.  The one hill Democrats, RINO’s and their media are seemingly willing to die on is funding for protecting Ukraine’s eastern border but with no serious effort to fund and protect our own southern border, and to hell with our deficit, debt and government created (there is no other kind) inflation.  Strange.  I don’t know about you but I’m still not over the shock of the last government shutdown (insert snicker here______).


So there you have it.  We have one party of robots and one party of non-robots with a smattering of scattered dissenters.  Take your pick, while you still can.    




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