West Point: From ‘Duty, Honor, Country’ to ‘Wokeness’

As a proud graduate of West Point, I can’t help but feel a sense of disillusionment as I watch the institution that once stood as a bastion of honor and duty take a sharp turn toward what can only be described as “wokeness.” The transformation is undeniable, and it raises serious concerns about the direction in which our revered alma mater is headed.

For over two centuries, West Point’s motto has been “Duty, Honor, Country.” These words were not chosen lightly; they reflected the core values that our institution was built upon. West Point was established with a clear mission: to produce leaders of character who would be ready to defend our nation and win its wars. The training and education we received were rigorous, instilling in us a profound sense of duty and an unwavering commitment to honor.

However, in recent years, it appears that West Point has traded these foundational principles for a more contemporary motto: “Positive and Inclusive.” While these ideals are certainly important in their own right, they should never supplant the timeless values that have defined West Point for generations.

The heart of the issue lies in the infiltration of a divisive ideology into our beloved institution. The cancer of wokeness has taken root, and it threatens to erode the very foundation of what West Point represents. We must remember that our primary mission is to prepare leaders who can effectively protect our nation and its citizens.

West Point should not be in the business of indoctrinating cadets with a particular worldview or political ideology. Our duty is to produce leaders who are prepared to make tough decisions, uphold the Constitution, and defend our country with unwavering resolve. This duty requires moral clarity, integrity, and a commitment to doing what is right, regardless of popular opinion.

As a West Point graduate, I am deeply concerned about our institution’s drift away from its core values. We must remember that the world is not always a safe and welcoming place. Our nation relies on leaders who are willing to face adversity head-on, not leaders who prioritize “positivity” and “inclusivity” over duty and honor.

It is my fervent hope that West Point will rediscover its true purpose and return to the principles that have guided us for over two centuries. Our nation deserves nothing less than leaders of unwavering character and commitment, and West Point should be the crucible where they are forged.

In a time when moral clarity and principled leadership are more important than ever, we cannot afford to lose sight of our duty, honor, and country. West Point must reclaim its legacy as a beacon of excellence in producing leaders who are ready to defend our nation, no matter the challenges that lie ahead.

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