Appeasement Has Always Failed

Iran is no longer the biggest supporter of terrorism. Seems we are. Beginning with Obama’s Middle East policies and Joe’s continuance of them, Iran has now more freedom to foment terrorism than ever before. As we’re seeing, the $6 billion dollars Joe released will buy a lot of rockets as well as a lot of American arms we gave to the Taliban. And the State Department admits it. Until they don’t.

So we are engaged in a proxy war with Russia, have a completely open Southern border with no idea who’s coming through, and a worse terrorist attack than 9/11 has occurred against Israel. The President called a lid until Tuesday. There are assemblies of Americans sponsored by the Democratic Socialists of America that actually support the terrorists killing, raping, and kidnapping women and children. Something I never thought I’d see in this country. And now we know this “attack” was planned and approved by the Iranians. Just spitballin’ here but the chants of, “Death to America. Death to Israel.” in the Iranian Parliament may indicate they’re not our friend.

So how did we get here? An abbreviated history. Initially, in 1947 the UN recommended two states, the Jews accepted the recommendation, the Arabs didn’t. Thus, when British control ended in 1948, the Jewish State was born. And Palestine? That land was never a country, a nation that never existed. Palestine was always referenced in regard to the ancient Jewish homeland. So how did historical fiction become fact? Well, the Arab League first tried in 1948 for an All-Palestine Government. But that was a formality and only applied to Gaza. But always did Middle East countries want to erase Israel. So hostilities continued from the ’67 War to terror campaigns. But in 2007, when Hamas took control of the Palestinian Authority, the dam broke.

Since then there has been a steep increase in fighting culminating on October 7th. My suggestions: One, give Israel our full support. Two, freeze Iran’s $6 billion and implement significant sanctions. Three, rethink the Saudi Arabia pariah nonsense and reinitiate the Abraham Accords. Four, only UN and US hubris thinks we can bring Iran into the community of nations. Appeasement fails. Always.

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