There Can Be No Proportionate Response to Hamas

The world has been wrestling with the Palestinian problem since Israel was formed in 1948. Even though Israel is the ancestral home of the Jews, the Palestinians insist that they be driven from their home, and are using terrorism to advance that agenda. All attempts at appeasement have failed – as they inevitably do when seeking peace with those uninterested in peace.

Yasser Arafat was given a Nobel Peace Prize in 1994 for talking about peace, while he continued to foment violence. The Palestinians were offered their own state, so that they could peacefully coexist with Israel. Arafat declined, and called for renewed attacks on Israel.

Israel unilaterally abandoned and walled off the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, so that Palestinians could govern themselves as they wished. They elected Hamas to their government, an Iranian sponsored terrorist organization. Hamas then used the Palestinian territories to launch low level attacks into Israel for decades – with murders, bombings, and almost daily rocket attacks. While they continued their attacks, the world counseled Israel to show restraint and continue to negotiate.

This past Saturday, Hamas rewarded Israel’s restraint with a massive armed incursion. Terrorist agents of the Palestinians

  • Attacked a peace concert,
  • Raided unarmed farm communities,
  • Murdered hundreds of civilians,
  • Raped countless women, and
  • Took an unknown number of hostages back to Gaza.

We have learned that in one Kibbutz, the terrorists murdered hundreds of innocent family members in cold blood, including up to 40 children – some beheaded in their cribs. It is reported that combat hardened Israeli troops wept upon making the discovery.

The leftist response in America has been quite revealing. Despite the carnage, demonstrations in support of the Palestinians are occurring in America. Students at Harvard demonstrated in support of the attack. Black Lives Matter – Grassroots issued a statement of solidarity with the Palestinians. Sitting Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib (D-Mich) is proudly displaying a Palestinian flag outside her government office in Washington, DC.

Such displays vividly illustrate the depravity of those who practice moral relativism. They recognize no restraints on their behavior in the pursuit of their goals. We should keep that in mind as our own conflicts escalate.

On Tuesday, Joe Biden and the United Nations counseled Israel to show restraint, and exercise proportionality in their response to the attack. The man providing funds to Iran, so that Iran can finance operations like the Saturday attack, is lecturing Israelis on how they should respond.

The world wants the Israelis to respond proportionally to avoid further escalation of violent conflict. They’re suggesting an “eye for an eye” response – but only one eye for one eye. Israel should not inflict anymore harm on the Palestinians than their thugs inflicted on Israel.

Okay, fine. Which 40 Palestinian babies would Joe Biden like the Israelis to murder – for proportionality? Naturally, the Israelis will do no such thing. Unlike their enemies, they are civilized and recognize moral constraints on their conduct – and Joe Biden knows it.

Even if the Israelis killed every single Hamas thug, subdued the population of the Palestinian territories, and occupied those territories with a permanent security force, their response would fall far short of being proportionate to the Hamas savagery.

But I’m guessing that Biden would consider such a response unreasonably disproportionate. What he is really asking is that the Israelis suck it up, turn the other cheek, and suffer in silence while the world condemns them for not allowing themselves to be exterminated.

I’m reminded of the 1996 movie Independence Day, in which the Earth is invaded by an army of hostile aliens. America’s fictitious President Whitmore attempted to negotiate with the aliens. When he suggested that the aliens could peacefully coexist with humans, the alien simply replied, “No peace.” When Whitmore asked what the aliens want from humans, the alien said, “Die.” President Whitmore then turned to his staff and issued his orders: “Kill the bastards.” When he looked into the mind of the alien, he understood that you cannot negotiate with those who will settle for nothing less than complete domination.

The World in general, and the Israelis in particular, have been seeking a peaceful solution with the Palestinians for decades. No solution has been found because the Palestinians are not interested in anything short of the complete annihilation of Israel. Yet as last Saturday demonstrated, coexistence with those willing to use terrorism to achieve their goals is unsustainable.

The Israelis offered peace. Hamas replied, “No peace.” The Israelis tried coexistence. Hamas said, “Die.” That leaves the Israelis with the Whitmore solution. Kill the bastards.

Author Bio: John Green is a political refugee from Minnesota, now residing in Idaho. He has written for American Thinker, and American Free News Network. He can be followed on Facebook or reached at

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1 thought on “There Can Be No Proportionate Response to Hamas”

  1. Let’s tell the truth here: in the last war we actually won, we bombed the German and Japanese homelands until Hell wouldn’t have it anymore. It wasn’t that we were trying to kill civilians, but civilians were killed when we attacked factories and rail yards and bridges and utilities, because those things were contributing to the German and Japanese war efforts. The Wehrmacht wouldn’t have stayed in the field long without German agriculture, industry and transportation been sending them bombs and bullets, food and clothing, oil and fuel.

    So it is with Hamas. Guerrilla fighters depend on their surrounding populations for food, clothing, shelter, hiding places from the enemy, transportation, and loyalty. There is no more separating the actual Hamas fighters from the Gazans supporting them than there was any separation of the German soldiers from the civilians; all were part of the war effort.

    There is another aspect of World War II that rarely gets mentioned. We so thoroughly terrorized the German and Japanese populations that the young boys growing up, the ones who would soon reach fighting age, were not looking to renew the fighting once they grew up; the ones who survived knew that there was no chance, no chance at all, of reversing their countries’ defeats.

    The Israelis have never done that. They have allowed their Arab enemies cease fires when the Arabs asked for them, killing relatively few of the soldiers even when the soldiers were defeated, and leaving the younger boys with enough hope that, when they grew up, they could fight the Jews they hated with a real chance to survive such a fight. If the Israelis stop early again, leaving the young boys with hope of taking up arms when they grow up, this will all happen again.

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