Donald the Inevitable Because Both Hamas and the Democrat Party went too far.

People have asked me what the difference between Israel and Ukraine is. It’s simple. Bibi ain’t running around the world in a green shirt demanding money. He is in Tel Aviv fighting a war. This isn’t a grift; this is a battle for survival.

I would rather we not give Israel money because we don’t have it but Biden thinks he has to play Santa Claus, you know the man who gave you presents when you were little that your parents bought. I am happy to just park a couple aircraft carriers near Israel’s waters as a warning to Iran and other bad guys not to join in. Biden is doing that, which is the best we have to offer until Trump returns.

If Donald Trump were president, the vaccine would never have been mandatory. If Donald Trump were president, Putin would not have invaded Donbas. If Donald Trump were president, inflation would be 1.4%. If Donald Trump were president, Iran would not be funding Palestine’s suicidal assault on Israel.

But he is not president and so we have to play our cards as dealt. For now. As civilization inches toward World War III, the return of Donald Trump to the Oval Office and the restoration of our republic nears. That gives me hope.

Even reporters in Washington see the return of Trump coming. The money men have surrendered.

Axios reported, “A growing number of anti-Trump Republicans are giving up — and giving into the belief that nothing will stop him from winning the GOP’s presidential nomination.

“Why it matters: Despite former President Trump’s poor record in the last three elections, his increasingly violent rhetoric and four felony indictments, many anti-Trump Republicans quietly are stepping back from pushing for an alternative. They’ve concluded that the GOP’s base can’t quit Trump.”

This weekend’s massacres by Iran and Palestine against Israel — funded by Biden and the deep state — proves we need a President of America, not a bribed career politician beholden to Muslim terrorists and Red China. President Trump should be well on his way to returning to the Oval Office.

But the wannabe kingmakers can’t quit hating Trump. They are the spoiled brats who finally are getting spanked.

And The Donald did as well in the 2018 congressional races as Biden did in 2022 by losing the House but gaining seats in the Senate. In 2020, he set a record of 75 million votes — the most for a sitting president and 13 million more than he received in 2016.

Axios continued, “Win It Back, a political action committee affiliated with the conservative group Club for Growth, says it burned through $6 million creating 40 anti-Trump messages — none of them effective, the New York Times reported.”

Trump’s problem has always been the refusal of the Republican elitists to treat him as an equal. Their lack of support hampers him and will continue to. Until the two sides come together, Democrats will rule. You cannot save the world if you don’t save yourself first.

The surrender of a few Never Trumpers provides an opportunity for the president to win them over to his side. Pelosi’s precedent-breaking eviction of Kevin McCarthy as Speaker of the House signals that Democrats are increasingly fascist in their wielding of power in Washington. They stand ready to unleash the power of the federal government on all opposition and not just Trump and J6ers.

Lies and exaggerations about him fall flat with Republican voters now because they realize the persecution of Trump by Democrats is just a taste of what they will get once he’s out of their way.

The New York Times released part of a memo by David McIntosh, head of Win It Back PAC. Their ads fail like Bud Light’s tranny campaign did.

The memo said, “Even when you show video to Republican primary voters — with complete context — of President Trump saying something otherwise objectionable to primary voters, they find a way to rationalize and dismiss it.

“Every traditional postproduction ad attacking President Trump either backfired or produced no impact on his ballot support and favorability. This includes ads that primarily feature video of him saying liberal or stupid comments from his own mouth.”

Boo hoo hoo. Trump isn’t perfect but the voters still want him. How can they do that to Never Trumpville?

Eight years worth of lies have caught up with liars. The covid vaccines might not work but those indictments have immunized 75 million voters (a number that is growing) from trusting the justice system.

As for the Club for Growth which funded this particular PAC, think of it as a Club for Baby Seals. The group wants to club any growth that gets in the way.

MacIntosh also wrote, “Broadly acceptable messages against President Trump with Republican primary voters that do not produce a meaningful backlash include sharing concerns about his ability to beat President Biden, expressions of Trump fatigue due to the distractions he creates and the polarization of the country, as well as his pattern of attacking conservative leaders for self-interested reasons.”

The PAC man was an Indiana congressman who fell in love with DC and sold out. He is learning that crying wolf and indicting the wolf’s hunter have made that hunter the sympathetic hero in this narrative.

Another NYT story said, “Donald J. Trump’s campaign announced on Wednesday that it had raised $45.5 million from July through September, an enormous sum that tripled what his closest rival, Gov. Ron DeSantis of Florida, had revealed raising earlier in the day.

“The Trump haul, which was built in part by an outpouring of money after his mug shot in Georgia became public following his fourth indictment, gives the former president a critical financial edge at the most important juncture of the campaign.

“Mr. Trump’s campaign said that he entered October with $37.5 million on hand, $36 million of which was eligible to be spent on the 2024 primary race. Top aides to Mr. DeSantis’s campaign had said earlier on Wednesday that his operation had raised $15 million in the quarter and entered October with only $5 million on hand that could be spent in the primary.”

Readers may recall that I favored a DeSantis-Trump duel for the nomination until the day they really did indict Donald Trump. It was then that the reality of the depth of the evil we fight hit home. I will say it again: we have no choice but to re-elect him if we are to retake the republic from the bananas.

I am not alone. In its report on despondent Never Trump donors, Disney’s ABC said, “Trump hasn’t polled at less than 50% in 538’s national average since late August.”

That is the immediate American reaction to the Mugshot — which Never Trumpers thought was going to save them but actually sank them.

But they valiantly go down with the ship. The Washington Examiner — owned by Philip Anschutz, a Never Trumper — blames Trump for the indictments.

Its story on Trump’s fund-raising prowess ended, “In terms of Trump’s various cases, there doesn’t appear to be an end, especially as his legal teams employ strategies to delay trials for as long as possible.”

The drama could end tomorrow if judges began tossing these ignorant indictments.

DeSantis sadly tried to use those indictments against Trump. Asked by a CBS reported about Trump raising trip what he raised, the once-darling of the right snapped back, “Where’s that money going to? Isn’t it going to a lot of lawyers?”

I should hope so. Trump must be saved to save this nation. Siding with the prosecutors is a losing proposition, but as he is a former JAG, what should we expect?

DeSantis is not a bad guy. The grifters who will attend the Romney/Ryan summit with donors are. It’s just not the governor’s turn.

By indicting Trump, Democrats and their Republican lackeys did not only indict the wrong man, but they inflamed the wrong people. We take this Putinesque, Stalinist and yes, Maoist, abuse of the courts personal because we know once they are done with him, they will attack us with the full force of a 2 million-employees strong government.

This article first appeared on Don Surber’s Substack. Reprinted here with permission.

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