America’s Armageddon Part II: Coming to America!

With the evil we have seen in the attacks by Hamas terrorists against Israel – we must understand and consider the reality that the USA is in no better position to defend or defeat such asymmetrical attacks. The ongoing Cognitive War is real – it is global, and it is domestic. We have just witnessed how Hamas is implementing this war in a multi-faceted strategy with their allies in Iran, Russia, and China to create multiple dilemmas not only for Israel, but the USA and the world. We are likely on the precipice of our Armageddon as I wrote about back in April ’23 America’s Armageddon (

It is time to wake-up the silent majority, to prepare for worst case scenarios, as we have seen the abysmal failure of our national’s security apparatus to alert us to 9-11, to covid (aka China Flu), and now to this attack. It is obvious we cannot look to our federal elements to warn or preclude such an attack – the onus is on us. To be ready and prepared we must understand how such a scenario like that in Israel could unfold here in the USA.

Armageddon, as defined by Webster’s dictionary is “the site or time of a final and conclusive battle between the forces of good and evil” What we just witnessed in Israel was its Armageddon, where the forces of evil were displayed in full starkness with the purposeful slaughter of thousands of innocent children, elderly, families, the rape and parading of naked women in front of Hamas supporters, while candy was passed out to their children. It is hell on earth!

What we must understand, is that America’s Armageddon is not decades from now, but can likely happen next week, next month, or next year! Americans live in a bubble of bliss. We are very myopic, short sighted, and live in the moment. Few of us plan anything more than a week out, less years, or even decades. If you ask Americans, most believe our freedoms will be sustained forever. Few fully understand or comprehend how thin the line is between tyranny and freedom. Even fewer understand that diligence and constant tending to those freedoms is required and that to ensure freedom for future generations requires that “all” sacrifice.

How America’s Armageddon could unfold – Given the masses of unverified and vetted illegals who have come across our border, combined with a weaponization of our national security apparatus against innocent civilians – it is easy to imagine two scenarios for America’s Armageddon.

Subversives Infiltrate and Attack – In the first scenario, a group of insurgents have infiltrated our country, to undertake specific attacks across the US to disrupt our society. We currently have 1.5 million illegals got aways – that include ten thousand plus thousands of Chinese military aged men (not woman and children, but men). That equates to 30,000 potential insurgents for each one of our fifty states. If only 1% (300) of these illegals are insurgents, and they are used to undertake either coordinated or uncoordinated actions to sabotage and subvert our country, they could cause extreme terror, disruption, and destruction. A mere three hundred insurgents would suck up most of the any state’s law enforcement and emergency response resources to handle, address, and stem complete chaos, panic, and anarchy.

The Compromised, Complicit, and Corrupt – In a second scenario, also very realistic, but a bit more nefarious, we see a collaboration between subversives (think Antifa, BLM, or foreign adversary illegals) which are purposefully aided and abetted by compromised leaders. In this case, we see the purposeful violence and chaos from bad actors quickly lead to the imposition of martial law – not to save the people, but to subjugate them.

If we experience attacks like those that occurred in Israel, our law enforcement, national guard, and military would not only be overwhelmed – but also tossed into complete chaos. The ensuing disruptions would rapidly accelerate into an uncontrolled state of anarchy and chaos. The crisis would lead to the imposition of martial law. The whole country does not need to be attacked, it could be achieved by picking selective states, or a region.

Under total martial law, constitutional rights are suspended. There are no longer three co-equal branches of government. Law enforcement and legal systems are replaced by the military or executive branch elements. Who defines the enemy under martial law? If I have read the law correctly, it is also the president and governor(s) who decide and declare who the insurgents are. Think of that in present day context where every MAGA person is a white supremacist, extremist, or domestic terrorist according to our DOJ/FBI and current president. I could go on, but the potential picture is clear.

Do we not have precedent for such nefarious action? Have we not seen our justice system weaponized against one political party, the attempted soft coup via use of the Steel Dossier, the purposeful undermining of our energy security, the defunding of police, labeling parents as domestic terrorists, and ignoring the law by opening of our borders north and south to whomever wishes to enter? Have we not examples in the draconian and unconstitutional lockdowns, the summer of love, labeling of parents as domestic terrorists, and spying on Catholics on church by our FBI? Did we see a trial run in New Mexico, where 2nd amendment rights were unilaterally suspended? Perhaps.

What can do?

There are several immediate actions that can be taken to preclude such scenarios. Each deserves a great deal of thought and consideration, but with an eye on the approaching storm. They include:

  • State and local governments quickly build, and expand, their state militias and plan for such a worst-case scenario, as it is likely a matter of when, not if.
  • State governors and the people, using the tenth amendment, need to be prepared to fully understand and exercise their legal and constitutional authorities.
  • State governments prepare for America’s Armageddon by preparing continuity of government and operations, for the deployment and control of your national guard troops, state militias, and the rapid expansion and deputization of citizens in support of local sheriffs.
  • All Americans should read the constitution and understand their rights.
  • Educate executive branch employees, and remind them, that their oath is to the constitution, not to a person or organization.
  • Educate the military and our national security apparatus (i.e., intelligence community, FBI, DOJ, DOS, ODNI, etc.) on how to handle unconstitutional or illegal directions or orders; how to report or refuse such direction or orders.

Something Wicked This Way Comes – Be prepared!

Edward L. Haugland, © 2023, all rights reserved.

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