Stop Funding the Enemies of Israel-Like Hamas

Israel has no choice but to attack Hamas in Gaza to defend its citizens against the barbaric Hamas attack on civilians.

Hamas killed, raped, kidnapped, and tortured innocent women, young girls, babies, old women, and any civilian in its path during the unprovoked attack on Saturday, October 78.

Israel is bombing Gaza to prepare for a ground attack. The purpose is to destroy Hamas. Israel has vowed to destroy the munitions facilities and Hamas positions.

But what does “destroy Hamas” mean?

Certainly Israel will destroy the physical structures of Hamas and kill as many of Hamas leaders it finds and who are not hiding in other countries. I suspect most higher-level “leaders” have left Gaza, while forcing the Palestinian civilians to remain.

But “Hamas” is also a terrorist ideology. It is rampant in the Middle East. Judging by the rallies in support of Hamas throughout the world, it is rampant throughout the world. At its core it is anti-Semitism focused on destroying the state of Israel. It, like Hezbollah, and other Muslim terrorist outfits, is supported financially and logistically primarily by Iran.

Where does Iran get the money to fund much of the terrorism in the world? Aside from its sale of oil, in January 2016, Obama paid $1.3 billion in interest supposedly to resolve a decades-old dispute over an undelivered military sale, and also gave Iran $400 million in cash.

U.S. paid $1.3 billion to Iran two days after cash delivery – CBS News

Not to be outdone by Obama, Biden in August 2023 released six billion dollars to Iran. Biden reads from the prepared script that it is for humanitarian purposes. You would think that a financial genius like Joey Biden, whose family has received millions of dollars from China, Ukraine, and other countries, knows that money is fungible. Moreover, Iran has said it will use the six billion as it “needs it.”

Iranian president says Tehran will spend the $6 billion released in prisoner exchange ‘wherever we need it’ (

Since Hamas is essentially a terrorist ideology, funded by Iran. Even if Israel kills the current crop of Hamas leaders and fighters, Iran will find others to take their place. Moreover the Hamas leader who planned the massacre is hiding in open sight at his office in Qatar.

The Hamas leader behind the deadliest ever attack on Israel (

The point is that Israel will win the tactical war of destroying the Hamas presence in Gaza. Israeli soldiers and Arab civilians will die. This is the purpose of the Hamas attack: to sow fear in Israel and provoke an attack by Israel that will kill “Palestinian” civilians so that the world turns against Israel. But the Hamas ideology will survive. The Hamas leaders in Qatar and their Iranian supporters will survive. To win the strategic war Israel must stop the funding of such terrorist groups. This means Israel needs the USA and Europe to stop Iran and other countries from funding terrorism, specifically Hamas and Hezbollah.

The flow money from Iran to Hamas, Hezbollah, and others must be stopped, otherwise Hamas will resurface after the war.

In the USA, this means stop voting for corrupt grifters such as Biden and anti-Israel grifters like Obama who give money to Iran. Enforce the sanctions against Iran to stop its oil sales to China and other countries. Tell China that if they buy oil from Iran, or any financial supporter of terrorism, we will tariff all their exports so it cannot sell in the USA.

Further, the two-state idea is dead. Israel cannot exist with a Gaza controlled by Hamas, or any similar terrorist group. October 7 is the proof. Hamas and Iran are not interested in two states which means the survival of Israel. They are interested in destroying Israel and have one state controlled by Hamas.

In conclusion, we must stop funding the enemies of Israel for the sake of Israel, the sake of the Arabs dominated by the terrorist groups, and for the sake of the USA because the enemies of Israel are the enemies of the USA

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