Like Benedict Arnold, Biden Is Playing For The Other Team

Imagine if Benedict Arnold had gotten away with his treachery and went on to become the first POTUS.  What if Julius Rosenberg or Alger Hiss became President?  Would we doubt that those “presidents” were working for our enemies?  Believe it or not, some poor saps would still believe these men to be credible American presidents.  We’re seeing such a scenario play out now on the biggest American political scene, the Presidency of the United States.

For those with eyes to see and ears to hear, it is extremely troubling to see and hear all the excuse making for Biden’s policies.  If Biden was working against the best interests of the United States, what would he be doing differently than what he’s now doing?  What has he done to protect and promote our country?  I honestly can’t think of a single thing.  On the other hand, I can count numerous policies that call into question his loyalty to the U.S.   

We’ve had some corrupt occupants of the Oval Office, but none compare to Joseph Robinette.  Fifty years of failing in Washington, D.C. couldn’t have been accomplished single-handedly.  He has had much help along the way. The D.C. Swamp is deeper and dirtier than anyone thought.  Sen. Chuck Grassley just released information that the FBI has been withholding confidential human intelligence from 40 sources confirming the criminal activities of Joe Biden, Jim Biden and Hunter Biden.  The data the Senator has proves two things, that the FBI is a rogue agency and that Joe Biden is corrupt to the bone. 

This massive, unprecedented coverup of Biden’s criminality is the reason he has been getting away with his treasonous activities overseas with respect to U.S. foreign policy.  All the D.C. insider crowd knows this, especially Dem leaders and the so-called “mainstream” media, the lapdog White House press corps.  They all know this president is compromised.

Since first taking office after the questionable 2020 election where he campaigned almost exclusively from his basement, Biden has been implementing anti-American policies.  From undercutting our energy independence to opening our southern border to unvetted foreign invaders to reentering us into the ridiculous Paris Climate Accord to reengaging Iran on the incomprehensively dangerous and stupid Obama nuke deal, Biden has sought to undermine American security both at home and abroad.  And successfully so, thus far.

Now we have international instability from catastrophes directly related to our hapless president’s mismanagement.  How has he worked against our interests?  Let me count the ways.

The best illustration of this is the lead up to the current Israel-Hamas war, not conflict, not incident, but war.  Everyone knows Iran is behind the Hamas bloody pogrom that took place on Israeli soil October 7, 2023, by far the worst shedding of Jewish blood since the days of Hitler.  How, you ask, did our dementia-addled President contribute to that?  Good question. First, he resumed “aide” to the Palestinian Authority, which Donald Trump had stopped, because it wasn’t aiding the Gazan inhabitants but instead was being used for weapons and terrorist training.  Humanitarian aide isn’t intended for animals, yet that’s what it is now used for, the animals running Hamas.

Next, “Let’s Go” Brandon lifted the oil sanctions on Iran exporting its oil.  That created a cash flow boom, estimated by some sources at $30 billion, for the mullahs in Tehran in answer to their prayers to “allah”.  Thanks, Joe.  They couldn’t have done it without you.  Others have estimated that Iran has profited by $80 billion, thanks to Biden.

“Iran has generated approximately $80 billion in revenue from oil sales under the Biden administration,” according to Claire Jungman, chief of staff at United Against a Nuclear Iran, a watchdog group that closely tracks Tehran’s illicit oil exports and arsenal of tankers. A large portion of this oil is shipped into China, which counts Tehran as one of its top patrons.”

World oil prices have spiked since Green Energy Joe put the kibosh on U.S. oil drilling and transporting on day one (Keystone XL pipeline shutdown), which hurts U.S. consumers but helps Iran.  So, Joe lifts Iran oil sanctions and instead imposes them on us.  Does that make any sense if you’re truly looking out for your own country?

We all remember Gen. George S. Biden’s capitulation and groveling surrender in Afghanistan, leaving behind Americans, American allies and American military equipment worth at least $85 billion.  “Gen.” Biden was advised to remove our weapons, Afghan allies and American civilians BEFORE withdrawing our troops.  He didn’t.  We remember the excuses he and his minions made for this decision, “We were obligated to follow Trump’s withdrawal plan”.  Why?  First, that wasn’t Trump’s withdrawal plan.  Besides, he didn’t follow any other Trump policy.  In fact, Amtrak Joey reversed all Trump policies since taking office.  So, the question of why still remains.  Would a true supporter of the U.S., which we presume a President is, do this?  You know the answer to that.

If you’re looking out for American interests, why would you reenter negotiations to allow the world’s biggest sponsor of Islamofascism terrorism, Iran, to acquire nuclear weapons?  Why would you allow pro-Iranian “negotiators” on your team, one of them being a spy for Iran, and another having their security clearance suspended for unannounced reasons relating to Iran?  Do such “negotiations” and negotiators sound more favorable to Iran or to the U.S.?  Which team is which?

To put icing on the terrorism cake, our favorite pretend president unfreezes $6 billion giving the terrorist state of Iran access to these billions of dollars for so-called “humanitarian” purposes only.  Yeah, right.  Those assets were transferred from a secure South Korean bank to the terror-coddling country of Qatar, a close ally of Iran.  BTW, Qatar also houses all the terror leaders of Hamas.  Not important, right?  We can fully trust Qatar that these funds will only be released to the Tehran mullahs for bandages, splints and tweezers. 

With all of that appeasement of Iran, the Brandon Regime then pressures Israel into increasing work permits of Gazans into Israel

“In 2021, there had been a total of only 7,500 exits a month from Gaza, but by July 2022, there had been 35,370 exits.  The massive increase was due to the work permits that the Biden administration had sought and that Bennett, Lapid and Gantz had willingly provided. Prime Minister Naftali Bennett made the decision to increase the number of work permits from 5,000 to 15,000. Defense Minister Benny Gantz assessed the security situation and approved the move which embedded Hamas terrorists into Israel. By late 2022, the number had expanded to17,000.”

Hamas terrorist work permit Oct 7, 2023

How else can our fake president undermine the interests of Israel?  How about demanding a “humanitarian pause” to allow supply trucks into Gaza, uninspected?  How about allowing Muslim partisans to preview and edit your prime-time Ukraine/israel speech for Islamic approval?  How about warning Israel over and over again to fight by the rules of war and not harm the head of a single Gaza civilian?  Terror-loving Joe has done all of these things.

How else can our fake president undermine the interests of the U.S.?  How about opening up our southern border for every Tom, Dick and terrorist to freely waltz across?  How about hiring a pro-Hamas Muslim Democrat political hack, Ammar Moussa, to head your reelection campaign’s Rapid Response team?  How about severely restricting U.S. oil production and promoting foreign oil production, including Iranian oil?  Terror-loving, lunch bucket Joe has done all these as well.

It is understandably hard for Americans to wrap their heads around the idea that their President, their Commander in Chief, their leader is actively working against them and the country they love.  But what other conclusion can one honestly draw?  Denial is not an option.  We must face the unmistakable conclusion that Joseph Robinette Biden is not only corrupt, but is actively working against us, all of us.  He is playing for the other team.  The end of his reign cannot come soon enough.  The longer it continues, the more danger we are all in.



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