Alma’s Wisdom From Tupelo Brake

One of the congress critters vehemently opposed to Jim Jordan was Kay Granger of Dallas, Texas, chairman of the House Appropriations committee. She is an ardent supporter of RINO McCarthy, who was forced by the conservative block, to resign from the speakership. Her son is J.D. Granger, who until last year was the leader of the Panther Island Project in the Dallas-Ft.Worth area.

The Panther Island project is a development and flood control project, that would also develop recreation in this area in Dallas-Ft.Worth when completed. Financing had been hard to come by until last year, when mom’s committee granted them over 400 million dollars to get going. This year, they were given an additional 20 million dollars, with a request in for 60 million more on top of what’s already been received. Mr. Granger stepped down from the leadership role in 2022 to go into business for himself. The project continues.

No wonder mom is angry that her leader was taken out of power. In a fair and just world, the new speaker will get rid of Madame Granger as chairman of appropriations, unless, of course, that he is a fellow McCarthyite. Just thought this a nice story to pass on.

I, for one, wish Joe Biden would stay on the beach in Delaware for the rest of his miserable life. He is no use to anyone, just a dessicated husk being paraded around as if he were a viable human being. He can’t do anything normal or right; we might as well have Charlie McCarthy sitting on obama’s, or jarrett’s, or whoever’s knee, spouting someone else’s words to the people that can bear to hear him.

As with the wretched communist plant obama, I hit the mute button when Biden is dragged to a microphone. My nine barking dogs make more sense than anything ol’ lunchbox Joe ever utters. Just give him some ice cream and keep him away from the cameras.

I don’t know about the rest of y’all but I am mortally sick and tired and absolutely scared to death of the invasion across our border, letting in the scum and terrorists of the world to destroy our country. That is why they are coming, and that’s why the communists in the White House and Congress are doing nothing to stop or control it. This invasion is what they want. It could have been stopped easy as pie when it began. A few good snipers on our side of the border, picking off a hundred at a time, and the rest would have turned tail and skedaddled back to wherever they came from.

It could have been stopped by enforcing the existing laws, completing the wall, and sending back the ones that slipped in. But no one in Congress did a diddly damned thing to put an end to it, because the House leader McCarthy was dancing to the demoncrats tune. We knew the communists in the White House were just seeing their plan working like a well greased wheel, and they had no opposition from the Congress rats elected to protect the American people.

This is invasion going to be the undoing of America. First, the horrible economy is planned to destroy working families in America, and those families are the ones who keep America going. The massive amounts of drugs coming across the border is to enrich China and the cartels and kill American citizens. We are being weakened daily, setting us up for misery.

All those hundreds of thousands of men of military age, coming across our border, ain’t coming here to pick lettuce and strawberries. They are the ones who slip away into the states, joining their comrades who have already been setting up compounds everywhere there’s a good target, like power plants, refineries, food plants.

At the appointed signal, courtesy of cell phones and Facebook, we will be struck all over the nation, so many sites of destructions that there will not be enough first responders to respond. These strikes will disable electric power, food supplies, transportation, und so weiter.There will be chaos, and civilized behavior will be a memory.

If a person like me can figure this out, you have to wonder where all the great thinkers in Washington are hiding, cause they for sure are not admitting to this coming reality. I reckon they think they will be protected from the disasters that will envelope us, so let the peasants die and be done with it.

Those of us who do see what’s coming have trouble convincing people that the America we know is about done. We say prepare your home, stock up on non-perishable foods, have a good supply of water and a water purification kit, have guns and ammunition to protect your family and your possessions. Common sense, but not the way we’ve ever had to live.

Too many think sure, the costs of food and fuel and medicine and electricity and rent are sky high, with no end in sight, but Facebook still works and the cell phones are working and there’s still a ballgame on the weekend, and deer season is about here, so what’s the problem. Do yourself a favor: PREPARE.

And there’s one more the thing I’ve been thinking about: that Squad of Muslim Hussies in Congress needs to meet a John J. Pershing squad. They are treasonous trash, and should be dealt with as the traitors they are. January 6 folks are in prison for nothing and these violent cretins are allowed to sit in Congress, damning us and Western Culture. Well, remove them all in a spectacular fashion, says the mad woman on Tupelo Brake, Louisiana, the South, United States of America, amen.

Post script: a fine young man from Louisiana has just been elected Speaker of the House today. He is MAGA, and is willing to stand up for America. God is good.

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