More Than Moment Of Moral Clarity

On one day, October 7th 2023, when the Hamas terrorists attacked Israel, the savages created a clear moment of moral clarity. Hamas showed itself as evil. The Israeli victims were innocent. However, it was more than a grotesque, violent, tragic exposition of good and evil. Hamas’s attack illustrates the conflict between barbaric Islamists and Western Civilization.

As each day passes after that moment of moral clarity, the enemies of Western Civilization blur the clear lines of right and wrong. The Human Secularist Totalitarians and the Islamist Totalitarians want to destroy Western Civilization.

They list every grievance since the Theodor Herzl started the modern Zionist movement in 1897. They add emotionally laden language, like apartheid, occupation, colonization, Islamophobia, war crimes, etc., to their narrative. They cheapen their ill-considered call for justice by siding with irredeemable terrorists. Moreover, they call on Israel to stop its war against Hamas.

Like the US shouldn’t have fought back after Pearl Harbor. Or after 9-11. In fact, our role in World War II and the Global War on Terror followed the losses of 3k Americans.

The attack Israel suffered would be like the U.S. losing over 38,000 Americans dead in one day. With thousands kidnapped. Babies beheaded, families slaughtered, women raped..

What would the U.S. do if the Mexican drug Cartels acted as Narco-Terrorists and made such an attack on us?

Consider what the U.S. did when Pancho Villa’s men attacked. On March 9, 1916 Mexican bandits attacked Columbus, NM and the U.S. Army’s Camp Furlong. Ten civilians and eight soldiers were killed. The little town was burned.

President Wilson ordered the Army to pursue the bandits. They did from March 14th, 1916 until February 7th, 1917 deep into Mexico. Ten thousand soldiers from the very small U.S. Army engaged the Mexicans for about 251 enemy KIA and 292 captured. The U.S. lost 65 KIA.

We would, and should, do far worse for far greater effect if that day should come.

Given the invasion of over 7 million illegal aliens since the Biden regime opened the borders, something like what Hamas did – will happen.

It could Putin’s Russians, but probably won’t be given Putin’s old KGB caginess. It could be the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) when they invade Taiwan. It could, actually, be the Cartels if they become too drunk on power running Mexico as a Narco-state and think Americans can be intimidated as well. More likely, it will be 9-11 version 2.0. Hamas, Hezbollah, Al Qaeda, or any Iranian proxy will attack. Sooner or later, it will happen.

How bad will it be? What will their targets be? Will they have a campaign plan instead of a shoot and run? I can’t say, but I’m confident that the attacks will happen.

It’s inevitable for the same reason Americans fought Indian Wars from 1608 to 1890. The tribal people of a Neolithic society can’t co-exist with the people of a civilization that is over 5,000 years more advanced. The tribal people may be lovely human beings in their humanity but they are barbarians or savages in comparison to civilized people. The civilized people may conduct brutal war and oppression against threats, but when the war ends, if Western Civilization wins, all will be better.

Islamists are stuck in the 13th Century at best. In the year 1250 the Imams decided there was no new knowledge to discover because everything was revealed to Mohammed. Islam never had a Magna Charta moment. Islam hasn’t had a Renaissance, Reformation, Enlightenment, or Great Awakenings. Islam as a civilization is 800 years behind Western Civilization. That’s why Hamas acted like savages. Because, compared to us, they are savages. Barbarians.

Ten years ago it was estimated that 20% of Muslims are Islamists who actually believe in the Koran and Hadiths as written. As the worldwide Muslim population approaches 2 billion, that means 400 million Islamists infest the planet.

The other 80% include an unknown quantity of Westernized Muslims who are Muslim in name only. They don’t follow the Koran any more than Unitarians or liberal Episcopalians follow the Bible. They are harmless on their own. They can be good citizens in the West.

The remainder of Muslims pick and choose the parts of the Koran they like. They may not support terrorists. But, they don’t stop them either. These Muslims would like to see the whole world become Muslim, but they aren’t too aggressive about it. Someday, when war comes to their lands, they will have to choose between Western Civilization or Islamist barbarianism.

The size of street demonstrations this past week are indicative of the numbers of foolish – at best – Human Secularist Totalitarians and how many Muslims have immigrated here.

The attack was more than the moment of moral clarity. It was another inflection point in the war Islam has waged against all others since Mohammed’s first genocide in 627 AD. It was a clash between Western Civilization and the barbarians.

Best wishes to Israel in destroying Hamas.

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