Go Woke, Go Broke, Die…

Throughout history, men have always served as providers, protectors and defenders of their families, communities and Nations. In times of conflict men fight and if necessary sacrifice themselves for the greater good. However, today our youth are confused by individuals who “believe” one’s biological sex is different than their chosen gender identity. This is unhealthy for both the individual, society and endangers the survival of our Nation. 

This  is evident when when watching news coverage of war in Israel. As humans our natural instinct is to have greater empathy for the children and women who are injured and we consider as non-combatants. While loss of male life is tragic; we understand that’s their duty if necessary.

However, today some men pretend to be women. This creates a psychological dissonance. What we are truly seeing are men who are selfish; caring more about themselves than their communities and nations. They believe they can cast themselves in a different role, one not assigned at birth. This is the modern day method of shirking one’s responsibilities. These humans want all the benefits, but none of the responsibility.

While tragic, total war may force Americans to re-examine this recent modern ideology that men can choose to be women. When men fail to execute their basic human responsibilities of being a provider, protector and defender of their families and communities; a Nation ceases to exist.

We are currently at the crossroads of biology and psychology.  When war becons, humans are forced to dispense with their false notions of reality. Some may be triggered by this core truth. Men were designed by God for a different role and purpose than women.

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2 thoughts on “Go Woke, Go Broke, Die…”

  1. Yet we’re seeing, in Israel, how hundreds of female Israeli soldiers, caught just as much by surprise as the men, rush to their armories, grab their weapons, and run toward the fire, not away from it, and yes, many have sacrificed their own lives to protect their people and their country.

    In Ukraine, a ‘transgender man,’ meaning a woman who is mentally ill enough to understand that she is a woman, nevertheless fled Ukraine rather than obey the wartime law that all men between 18 and 60 stay in the country to fight the Russian invaders. It seems that “he” wasn’t actually man enough to fight for “his” country.

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