Rashida Tlaib and the Rest of the Usual Suspects Prove the Need For a Strong, Independent, Affirmatively Jewish Israel!

We are being told by the people the credentialed media use as spokesthings, like Representative Rashida Tlaib (D-MI), the now-censured congresscritter from Detroit and a ‘Palestinian-American,’ if such an oxymoron can actually exist, that all the Palestinians want is their freedom. They don’t hate Israelis specifically, or Jews more generally, but just want their freedom. Mrs Tlaib even tried to claim that the mantra, “From the River to the Sea, Palestine will be free!” as not being anti-Israeli at all, but no one actually believed her.

However, there’s an obvious question: do the (purported) leaders of the pro-Palestinian movement in the West actually represent the crowds behind them. The tweet I retweeted from @StopAntisemitism is just one of hundreds they’ve posted, documenting people living in the United States and Canada showing us exactly who they are. The Stop Antisemitism site is doing great work in exposing and identifying those people, and letting their colleges or employers know just who they are, and many have found their way to the unemployment line. If you think that’s a bad thing, just imagine how employers would react if one of their employees was caught on video calling for the death of [insert virtually forbidden slang for Negroes here].

Of course, even those stupid enough perhaps to want to say that kind of thing about blacks are generally not stupid enough to say it on tape, which means that they are at least not as stupid as the anti-Semites!

SHOCK — One In Five Democrats Side With Hamas: I&I/TIPP Poll

by Terry Jones | Wednesday, November 8, 2023

When it comes to the Israel-Hamas war, Americans have made a clear choice: a significant majority support Israel, not Hamas, while an even larger majority now call antisemitism a “serious” problem, the latest I&I/TIPP Poll reveals.

But a shockingly high 20% of Democrats say they support Hamas in the current conflict, despite reports of blood-curdling barbarism committed against innocent Israeli men, women, and children. Just over half of Democrats say they support Israel.

Amid the backdrop of the Oct. 7 attacks against Israel by the terrorist group Hamas, I&I/TIPP asked Americans this question: “Generally speaking, in the Israel-Hamas conflict, do you side more with Israel or Hamas?” The national online poll of 1,400 adults was taken from Nov. 1-3, with a margin-of-error of +/-2.7 percentage points.

Of those responding, 58% sided with Israel, while just 11% supported Hamas, which governs the Gaza Strip on Israel’s southern border. But there was a big unknown, given the polarizing effect the attack by Hamas (which killed 1,400 mostly civilian noncombatants, including women, children, and babies) had on public opinion: 31% “weren’t sure.”

It seems to me that there’s a fundamental flaw in the poll. By asking, “Do you side more with Israel or Hamas,” rather than, “Do you side more with Israel or the Palestinians in Gaza,” the poll might just have given us lower numbers in support of the Palestinians, even though, as I have said before, Hamas is Gaza, and Gaza is Hamas.

Who supports Hamas? Data show a dramatic split by age group. This is significant, since college campuses have been roiled for weeks by pro-Hamas and anti-Israeli demonstrations and violence.

Among those 18-24, essentially the college years for most, just 30% expressed support for Israel, while 17% backed Hamas and 53% responded “not sure.” The numbers for those 25-44 were a little higher for both Israel (46%) and Hamas (21%), while considerably lower for “not sure” (33%).

The numbers change dramatically with advancing age.

For those 45-64, 62% support Israel, with just 6% supporting Hamas. “Not sure” was 32%.

That a relatively small percentage of Americans support Hamas is only partially reassuring: yes, the numbers are smaller than perhaps Twitter — I refuse to call it “X”! — would lead people to think, but with support for Israel highest among older people, it also means support for Israel is highest among those of us who will go to our eternal rewards sooner.

All of this proves one thing: Theodor Herzl was right! The need for a strong, secure, independent, explicitly Jewish nation is absolute! Over 1,900 years of the Jewish diaspora living primarily in Europe showed that the Jews, even the relatively secular ones, could not count on the beneficence of good, mostly Christian people¹ for their survival. Herzl Tivadar, Mr Herzl’s non-Westernized name, died in 1904, long before the Nazis existed, when Adolf Hitler was an unknown 15-year-old. The horrors of the shoah had not occurred, the Nazi government had not come to power, but Mr Herzl saw and studied the anti-Semitic Dreyfus Affair in France, and even that was, at the time, only the last of the anti-Semitic movements in Europe. Mr Herzl’s book, Der Judenstaat, has him “known in Hebrew as Chozeh HaMedinah (חוֹזֵה הַמְדִינָה), literally ’Visionary of the State’,” because he saw the need early on.

Israel is our ally and our friend, the only reasonably Westernized state in the Middle East, but Israel is not somehow subject to our wishes. When it comes to their survival, the Israelis will do what they believe to be in their best interests, not what Joe Biden or the United States or the United Nations try to tell them to do.
¹ – Full disclosure: I am Catholic, and have no known Jewish ancestry, though there’s certainly some in there, somewhere, in that we are all eventually related.
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