Climate change is NOT a religion; It’s a cult.

As the smoke clears on Maui and the full extent of the disaster comes into grim focus the priests from the church of Climate Change have begun casting blame for the disaster on the sinners of the natural world for not staving off the effects of what has been happening to the climate of the earth since time began.

Dry winds whipped into a frenzy by a hurricane in close proximity to the Hawaiian Islands provided one of the 3 needed elements to make fire. There is a drought on the Island of Maui which provided ample tinder, the second element. The third element needed was heat. Possible sources of ignition could include downed power lines, an auto exhaust, a cigarette, a fifth grader burning ants with a magnifying glass. Literally one of a thousand anthropological sources. None of that matters though as the high priests of the cult of Climate Change are saying that similar deadly wildfires will be more common as the climate crisis worsens. Crisis my foot.

Apparently there cannot be an act of God anymore. What was once a hurricane, a flood, a thunderstorm, a tornado, or cow flatulence is now a person’s fault, oil industries fault, President Trumps fault or whomever isn’t a baptized practitioner of the faith of green energy.

I was once asked if I “believed” in climate change. No I do not. I’m a believer in God. I’m a Presbyterian. A Christian. A human being. A lover of all the gifts given to us by God from the beginning of time. I am also a scientist, having earned a BS in Natural Resources from The Ohio State University which is now one of the myriad of institutions of higher learning that are more liberal seminary than institution of free thought and enterprise.

The sheeple who have completely given up on thinking for themselves fail to understand or even grasp that screaming “climate change” is a knee jerk reaction meant to blame those who haven’t bitten into the dogma as eschewed by the leaders of the climate change cult.

The earth has been changing in absolutely every way since it formed from galactic dust and gas 4.5 billion years ago. That is an incontrovertible fact. The orbit around the sun changes, the shape of the orbit changes, the distance from the sun changes, the axis of rotation changes, the magnetic poles change, the continents crash together, mountains form, sea levels rise and fall, glaciers advance and recede, species evolve propagate and die off, the composition of the atmosphere changes, the current of the oceans change, the sea temperatures change, deserts form and then become lush jungles, and at the tail end of all of that and more people evolved and took the reigns as the dominate species on the planet.

Why are we dominant? Opposable thumbs and a 1300 cc brain. We can use tools and figure things out. Sometimes. Perhaps one day the sheeple in the cult of Climate Change will realize that the sky is blue. And we can’t do a damn thing about it.

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