What Worldview’s Got To Do with It

 I write over and over about worldview, “Culture Commands”, subcultures, the Great U.S. Culture War, Human Secularist Totalitarians, and Islamist Totalitarians. That’s just word soup to most Americans. The words are completely and utterly meaningless to most normal folks. Yet, I keep writing these words, because if you have a passing knowledge of them, the street demonstrations for Hamas barbarians across America and the world make sense.

You won’t be like so many befuddled, witless witnesses in the West who are shocked by the size of these demonstrations and the support they have among privileged adolescents indoctrinated by Higher Ed.

What’s happening now began with one of those odd words – Worldview.

You had a worldview by the time you were five years old. Your worldview was that of your culture. If you are an American, that means your worldview and culture is Western Civilization.

Yes, it’s the American Civilization branch of the English-speaking Peoples in Western Civilization. No, the fact that you are Black, Hispanic, Asian, Female, LGBTQIA+, or Trans doesn’t change your worldview. You may belong to the distinct regional, urban Jewish, urban Black, or Tejano subcultures. But, that doesn’t make you “multi-cultural.” Your worldview remains Western Civ.

If you are an unassimilated immigrant or illegal alien, then your culture may fit whatever is your hyphen-American label. Yet, you still are not multi-cultural as educrats imagine and politicians mouth. Only one culture at a time defines a society and its civilization.

If you have assimilated as an American, then your worldview and culture is Western Civ.

The worldview you’ve held since you were five years old even though you didn’t know it existed – defined your culture. Or, even if, as some argue, your culture defined your worldview – you held “the customary beliefs, social forms, and material traits of a social group.” That includes characteristic features of everyday existence.

Like how you talk, what you eat, what you read or watch or sing or play, what clothes you wear, what your house looks like, how your family and marriage work, what you do for work, etc. and etc.

Furthermore, your everyday existence was shaped by events, people, and ideas that can be traced back through thousands of years. Other people on earth are shaped by different events, people, and ideas. Consequently, we are very much the same in our humanity and very, very different in our culture.

Culture Commands. Truly.

All Americans as members, willing or not, of Western Civilization are congenitally influenced by Greek rationalism, Jewish mysticism, Roman administration and law, Christianity, the English Magna Charta, Renaissance, Reformation, English Civil War – all of which happened before our American Revolution – and the Enlightenment. You can trace words and ideas in society like cellular DNA through generations.

When the atheists among us reject “God”, they do so in the context of our shared worldview. That worldview is defined by Judeo-Christian morality and ethics.

The Great U.S. Culture War is the struggle between two Western Civilization worldviews. The traditional Biblical vs. the Human Secularist Totalitarian.

The ideas of our traditional Biblical worldview are the same as they were in the American Revolution. The ideas of the Human Secularist Totalitarians – also known in America as the Left, Liberals, Democrats, Progressives, Greens, BLM, Antifa, Socialists, Fascists, or Communists – are the evolved ideas of the French Revolution.

The Human Secularist Totalitarian worldview divides humankind into a hierarchy of evil oppressors and permanent victims. In that bogus binary system, Israel is the oppressor and the “Palestinians” (aka Arabs) are the victims.

Enter the Muslims. The Muslims across Islamic Civilization have a different worldview from Western Civilization. The Muslims across Islamic Civilization have real diversity of ethnicities and distinct cultures, just as Western Civilization does.

Yet, as a whole and in any particular, Islamic Civilization is antithetical to Western Civilization. It has been the enemy of Western Civilization since the Arab tribes started conquering their Christian and Jewish neighbors. It is the enemy because it must compromise its basic beliefs to co-exist within Western Civilization. Islam seeks to supplant Western Civilization. From 627 AD to 1688 AD, Islam attacked the West with armies and navies.

That isn’t the slander of “Islamaphobia.” It’s the testimony of factual history.

Islam is an identity which includes a religion. The religion is more or less practiced, like all religions, among the almost 2 billion Muslims around the world.

Approximately, 20% of the Muslims are Islamists. They are like the Hamas Barbarians. They are savages. They’re Islamist Totalitarians.

The 80% of the Muslims who aren’t Islamists can assimilate into Western Civilization as long as they don’t believe and follow the actual words of the Koran or Hadiths. If they are as weakly Muslim as Liberal Protestants are Christian, they can assimilate.

But, if they retain their identity as Muslim, part of the Umma, there’s a problem. There’s no free speech allowed to criticize Islam or Mohammed. There’s no separation of mosque and state in Islam. There’s no religious conversion tolerated. Depending on the particular Islamic culture there are strict dress codes for women, intolerance of alcohol, drugs, and dogs, as well as acceptable lying to us infidels.

Consequently, when Europe, Canada, and America allow millions of Muslims into Western Civilization, the West gets some lovely, talented people who assimilate and a significant number who refuse to do so. In fact, those who identify as Muslim more than their new nationality plan to grow their population to dominate every country on earth.

This body of rabid Islamists and Muslim-identity enablers – what per cent is it country by country? – is the implacable enemy of Western Civilization. They march on behalf of the barbarians in Gaza.

Let’s say it clearly – Every mass immigration of Muslims includes Islamists and Islamist collaborators.

Their numbers are a big shock for all the people who welcome “multi-culturalism”, encoded criticism of Islam and Muslims into illegal hate speech, or who are just ignorant or oblivious about worldview, culture, and history.

Guess what? They aren’t going away. They will grow until their population bomb wins and destroys Western Civilization or Western Civilization returns to observant Christianity and Judaism, makes babies, converts Muslims, and dismantles every backward, barbaric, cultural aspect of Islam and its worldview in the West.

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