Our Great U.S. Culture War Series, No.6b

In this second of two pieces in the sixth of our series – Our Great U.S. Culture War – we finish the discussion of what made America become America. It’s about what was decided at the founding of the Nation that affects you today.

You are a citizen of your city or county, the Commonwealth of Virginia, and these United States of America. In Virginia, you as an individual citizen, are the sovereign of the state. You are the sovereign, not a subject.

You are subjected to the laws of the Commonwealth because you have given great authority and powers to the government of Virginia. Our Constitution stands as your consent to this. It’s likely you don’t remember signing such a consent form? Too bad. In your K-12 public education, the mandatory courses in Virginia and US history and government should have taught you that you, as an individual, are the sovereign of the state in our social contract. And, if you violate the social contract, by breaking the law, you can be punished even unto death.

(If you need to get in touch with your former teachers and chastise them for not teaching you this, beware that they may inform you that you simply failed to learn what they taught!)

You are not White, Black or any other race according to our Constitutions. You are not recognized as any ethnic group, religion, disability, or sexual behavior minority. Constitutionally, you are an individual; a citizen; free man or woman.

The laws which create “protected classes of persons” based on past discriminations and abuses are anathema to our Constitutions. The idea of group rights was rejected by the Founding Fathers. They were geniuses on human nature and history. It’s past time to get rid of legal protected classes of persons. We should start here in Virginia.

Group rights become identity politics. Identity politics becomes tribalism. Tribalism destroys the Rule of Law and reverts to barbarism. Barbarism makes life nasty, brutish, and short (Thank you, Thomas Hobbes).

Today’s Culture War begins by arguing over the first things about American society, culture, nation-state, and civilization. Consequently, the question “Who decides?” is at the heart of every issue in Virginia today. The people challenging our former consensus culture share the worldview of the French Enlightenment and French Revolution. So, they are Human Secularist Totalitarians. They offer a Cultural Marxist answer to who decides.

For example, when High School seniors apply to go to the premier public higher education institutions in Virginia – The University of Virginia or The College of William and Mary – the Democrats, as good Human Secularist Totalitarians want the admissions to be diverse, inclusive, and result in equity. Who could be against that? Except, the Democrats definition for diversity, inclusion, and equity is just the color of a kid’s skin.

(Isn’t it ironic that both the Democrats’ Jim Crow segregation in the past was based on skin color and so is the Democrats’ DEI?)

So, if the color of your skin is the right shade, you will be accepted with SAT scores 250-300 points lower that the kids with the wrong-colored skin. The applicants are evaluated by their political identity groups, not, as individuals purely.

The Democrats reject Natural Law and the Founding Fathers’ idea of individualism. You aren’t an individual. You are pigeon-holed into politically correct groups. Male or Female or pretending opposite of your biology. Black, White, Hispanic, Asian, Native American. Undocumented immigrant or not. LGBTQIA+ or not.

Democrats, if they accept the idea of Natural Law at all, insist it is atheistic in origin, having “evolved” into existence as man ascended from the apes and formed societies.

Believers, including America’s founders, saw Natural Law as a “self-evident truth” and a creation of a creator God to facilitate mankind’s ability to live in harmony with one another.

These ideas matter.

Next Issue

We’ll continue with the requirements for our Republic to succeed. These include religion, an educated and literate citizenry, a free press, the Rule of Law, majority rule, federalism, separation of powers, and equality. The Founding Fathers knew what was needed. Now, we live in an extremely different America. Yet, we can measure how much we’ve succeeded in following the Founder’s intent or not. We can determine what changes are needed to fulfill the Founders’ vision or replace it, in part, with new ideas

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